Saturday, December 31, 2016

Writing the Literature of Truth and Liberty

On Facebook and my blogs, I wrote One Million Thirty-NineThousand words in 2016. I'm certain I wrote as many words last year in support of Truth and Liberty. That is the equivalent of writing a 3000-word essay every day. People wonder why I am impatient with them when they try to post trivial nonsense on my FB page or make stupid comments on my blogs.

Here is my motivation for writing so much. Years ago I read the arrogant words of B.F. Skinner, in his book "Beyond Freedom and Dignity" which described the methods of the MIND WAR, the Behaviorist Psychological Conditioning tools used in education and media to DUMB DOWN the American Population. That book was published in 1971, and I read it as a Railroad Engineer two years later on a trip from Atlanta to Chattanooga. It shook me to my core as I recognized the Luciferian ground upon which it was written, and the massive acclaim this demonic psychologist garnered from the sick academic culture. Skinner said that people held the notions of Freedom and Dignity only because they had read the "literature" of Liberty. I began to write my sermons and thoroughly research them, and research the state of politics and education. After Charlotte Iserbyt published her book, "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Americans" between the two books, I was on FIRE to make the LITERATURE OF LIBERTY so voluminous one would have a hard time missing it.

I wrote under many different names for Church newsletters, and underground Militia newsletters. Seeing and perceiving the MEANING of Ruby Ridge and Waco, and experiencing the governmental conspiracy to suppress nearly free energy, having by then read every word of the Pike Committee hearings of the House, and the Church Committee hearings of the Senate, the full text of Vatican II and hundreds of other volumes, I knew that only REAL INFORMATION, containing REAL facts of our history and FACTS about the Marxist enemy we faced and still face, that covers its actions via infiltration in the work of MEGA-Capitalist Foundations and their spawn,
the so-called "Think Tanks," and through Cultural Marxist funding of college and university academia, the grooming of operatives via "fellowships" etc, and now K-12 indoctrination, the only answer was to be willing to be viewed as a "fanatic" by the brainwashed, and smeared as a "Conspiracy Theorist" by the CIA. I took my spiritual discernment and my lower genius I.Q., and turned it, not to "movements" that are ALWAYS quickly subverted and controlled, but to the simple spread of information.  I intended always to be "shocking" but not for the sake of being shocking but to create permanent memories, breaking through the person's own hypnotically induced false consciousness.  I was always satisfied if I made someone angry enough to kill me or at least wish me harm, knowing that sooner or later, that seed would be fertilized by their own painful circumstances and produce FRUIT. In this process, I cannot count the hundreds of times that people have returned to me to "teach me" what they did not ever recall I had taught them FIRST.  I would always act surprised and then ask leading questions causing them to dig deeper. Now, in 2016 I have been thoroughly vindicated. 

I wrote a complete book in 1993, gave it to my brother, a friend of Newt Gingrich, and an important man in his own right, he turned me into the FBI as a possible Uni-Bomber suspect, because what I wrote was so shocking to him, and it put me under constant FBI monitoring.  A few years later, witnessing the Clinton Crime Family operate with impunity, he came to me and apologized profusely. I was told by a close associate of my brother, after his repose a decade later, that my brother thought I was crazy, but later came to view me as a Patriot and hero. He wasn't telling me anything I had not witnessed in his own words to me.

George Orwell said, "In time of Tyranny, speaking the Truth is revolutionary." What I was exposing was so "controversial" that for a period from 1993 until 1996 and then 1996 to 2003 the FBI assigned to me undercover agents to be my best buddy, one following the other. I knew who/what each was on the first day, and let them think I was clueless. Then I took them for a ride, challenging everything they thought was true. The first FBI wonk became a huge Patriot and truth-teller in his retirement.

During the time of FBI harassment, we as a family experienced many no-knock covert searches of my home and papers. Finding "bugs" old style listening devices in our home was commonplace. What was the crime of which I was suspected? I was suspected of telling the truth and the truth is dangerous to regimes built on the BIG LIE. Somehow, I managed a middle line where they did not kill me or plant evidence and imprison me. Some around me were not so lucky. Every day for the past 40 years I have been willing to DIE rather than shut up. The greatest surprise of it all for me is that the odds are ever increasing that I may live long enough to die of natural causes.

Even today, on New Years Eve 2016, the CIA/NSA/FBI whatever WONK, harassed and mocked me via private message on Facebook. IT is a badge of HONOR. I wrote:

"One of the Cultural Marxist Government Wonks who monitors my writing and loves to taunt me via private message just told me that I "must be stuffed with pride having helped sway the ignorant mob to turn out for Trump."

"I told him, "I feel no pride in success less the work become a Pyrrhic Victory and merely a vain effort, or that I become deluded believing the victory mine and not the Lord's. On the other hand, you may know for certain, I would have most certainly felt shame and grief had we lost. It would have been hellish shame, knowing hell and the demon possessed, like yourself, had won and grief beyond comfort, knowing that hundreds of millions would needlessly suffer as the result of our failure. 2016 brought "a BLOW for life," knocking the wind out of the culture of death. It was just one blow, so prepare yourself, there are hundreds more to come."

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