Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017-The TRUTH and Liberty Manifesto

2016 was experienced by me with "bookends." The whole year had a rational purpose that began and ended in the exact same manner.  December 31, 2015 I wrote the following (Follow link)  if you do not read this link the rest of the article will be without context. 

December 31, 2016 I wrote (Follow link) if you do not read this link the rest of the article will be without context.  Oh wait, you cannot follow that link to "The American Military in Rebellion" because the NSA scrubbed the article and the link does not exist.

Yesterday, 18 hours or so ago I posted an LFTG article entitled, "American Military in Rebellion" now at 6AM January 1, 2017 it does not exist. Why does it not exist? Because the NSA scrubbed it.

I wrote in the last hours of 2016, that I had written well over a million words on Facebook and my Blogs in 2016.  Were you to do an indepth study of my extant writings for 2016, it would fall somewhat short of what my actual and true statistics state.  Why?  That would be the words the U.S. Government has censored.  Words I labored many hours over, to tell the truth, gone, poof - gone.

Read the article linked from 12/31/2015, and understand that the article from 12/31/2016 was the next iteration of this CIVIL WAR POWER STRUGGLE.

Use your imagination and see if you can understand what "American Military in Rebellion" might mean in the context of the article I wrote on 12.31.2015.   It is obvious that the NSA will not allow me to tell you.


The information is there, on my blog IF you take the time to read and read between the lines.

Here is my 2017 Truth and Liberty Manifesto - YOU WILL NOT SILENCE ME.

For context read:

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