Friday, January 13, 2017

The Counter-REVOLUTION Fifty-Three Years in the Making!

WE WIN! The Globalists have been TRUMPED!
Did you know that the attempted Coup by the Globalist Cabal comprised of the American Shadow-Government/NeoCons/NeoLiberals/Muslims/Marxists we have seen played out since the election, is the second failed coup in America in the last One Hundred Years?

Notice the groups left out of the list of Coup participants? (1) Christians and (2) the majority of American Citizens.

The first failed Coup happened during the Roosevelt Administration when seeing the cadre of Communists surrounding Roosevelt, and his Dictatorial actions during the War and his criminal conspiracy get America into the war when the VAST Majority of Americans were against it, Patriots were moved to action. In answer to this, a group of dissident military men and industrialists, including the president of General Motors, attempted to overthrow Roosevelt. They were discovered and stopped, but never charged or brought to trial, because Roosevelt could not have the facts they knew that were censored from the American people and World Press ever to see the light of day in a courtroom. (This is FOIA documented fact.)  You never learned this in your fairytale history class, but research it, it is true.

In the same period, there have been three successful Coup d'etats (a revolution from forces inside the government) best signaled by the assassination of John Kennedy, the Impeachment of Richard Nixon, and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. IN each of these the anti-American Globalists retook control of the country from challengers.

Kennedy was taken out because he challenged the Globalists directly.

Nixon was taken out because he went to war with the CIA. Somehow, himself being a CIA invented person, personally groomed by Allen Dulles, he could not fully realize or accept his "puppet role" status and attempted to take command of the CIA.  The CIA at the time was the most powerful entity of American Governance. (Not so today - though they are still DEADLY).

They attempted to take Reagan out, not because of a threat he posed to the Globalists, but to place their anointed prince in office, The Grand Master, George H. W. Bush. AS happens Reagan was cowed and Bush acted as co-president for 6 of Reagan's 8 years and then President for 4 years, at which time, the New World Order was firmly established.  AT the same time the CIA was weakened, mostly by atrophy and began to be used as the "patsy". 

Next, they placed their cocaine-addicted CIA-created wonder boy in office, the bastard son of one of the Rockefellers, and IMMEDIATELY they started cowing American Christians (which is the majority of the American Population) by immediately killing a few, nearly one hundred in a very public and brutal display.

Then came the Grand Master's son, the idiot George W, followed by the Totally CIA INVENTED PERSON, Barack Obama, whose entire life and family history is FICTION.

The fact that the Truth and Liberty Movement NEVER stopped educating the public over the last 50 years, even though the shadow government, The Gestapo of the Globalists (the CIA), assassinated some of us, exposed and shamed some of us for personal sins, destroyed our businesses, compromised our families, poisoned us with psychotropic drugs, infiltrated our numbers, pretended to be us, monitored us and harassed us, used every weapon against us, - we had broken the spell of the false CIA created consciousness enough, that when Donald Trump adopted US, years before he decided to run for president, and learned from us, and then spoke TRUTH to the American people, enough were awake to create a FIRESTORM, capable of OVERWHELMING the FAKE Globalist Controlled election system, with RAW POLITICAL POWER, witnessed in TENS of THOUSANDS of PEOPLE STANDING in line at Trump rallies, and IN and outside of Rally venues, almost every day for 18 months. THAT POWER is the POWER of the Truth and Liberty Movement, who the Globalist Criminal Media now calls "Fake News."

Everything I have just stated is FACT of history. Now, I am going to conjecture.

Seven Days Out:
The Globalist cannot assassinate Trump, or cow him by poisoning him, (not conjecture, they tried to chemically confuse him - remember the aggressive reporter and the "pen" and Trump's flat-footedness for two weeks following - I had a video of the woman "arming the poison injection pen and chasing after Trump" and the NSA took it down.) That happened when Trump was just a candidate for the nomination and tens of millions were not yet sure they were going to support Trump. It cannot happen now, without the Globalists committing suicide. I think this ridiculous Golden Shower story which BLEW UP in the Globalists' faces is the last psyop - media psyop that is, that they have in their arsenal to play. However, they have set in place a geopolitical False Flag Operation on the Russian border.

Obama fully intended to create direct combat between the U.S. and Russia, hoping it would quickly spiral into nuclear conflagration, but he waited too late, and the military commanders will not obey his orders. The danger is some CIA compromised elements in NATO - so for the next seven days it is still a danger, but not likely. Still, if you hear of an incident on the Polish/Russian or Latvian/Russian etc, border, you will know its implications.

If Trump survives for seven more days, we will have Created a Counter-Revolution and wrest the power of the Visible Government from the Globalists for the first time in 53 years. And since in reality, this Election has been the first battle in a CIVIL WAR, we will have won the FIRST battle decisively and left the Shadow Government divided and at war with itself, demoralized, greatly damaged, exposed and discredited. And this includes the CIAmerican propaganda media.

I wrote during the Egyptian Counter-Revolution, when the Egyptian People 33 million strong were standing in the streets in the two major cities in Egypt, effectively shutting down government and commerce, to throw off the Muslim Brotherhood Dictatorship, the MB/CIA/Obama had installed via his "Arab Spring" that even though that particular strategy could not work in the U.S. for strategic and tactical reasons, it was still the model for our counter-revolution, in that millions of people had to STAND UP.  It seemed an impossibility at the time. After all, Egypt just has the two major cities.  What the Truth and Liberty Movement in the U.S. was able to effect, with Trump as the Rallying Cry, was our version of those 33 million people standing in the streets for three weeks.  We, on the other hand, stood at the rallies, and spent billions of collective hours, controlling the internet dialectic, controlling the blogosphere, stepping around the CIA-controlled Media.  I, for one, was able to attend one Trump rally, but wrote over one and a half million words on multiple media, during the campaign, in support of Truth and Liberty and how Trump fit into the coming Counter-Revolution.  We networked, to use a 1980s term. And we made laughing stock of the FAKE polls, the FAKE news, the FAKE AND LYING political statements from Globalist puppet.


Written by Archpriest Symeon Elias (aka Butch Robinson).

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