Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Biggest NON-Reported Story of 2016

Did you know that in Marrakesh, Morocco, on November the 7th, 2016 opened the sequel to the Paris Global Warming Conference? Did you know that gathered there were representatives from 202 Nations ready to make the Globalist Goals of the Marxists, the Law of the World, by binding international treaty? Here is the good part. They gave Eco-militant speeches all day on election day, November 8th, and adjourned on the 9th CRUSHED, no treaty, no agreements and not even a statement to the press.

The average person does not have any idea the size of the America destroying bullet we barely missed. The Marxists, the eco-terrorists knew that Hillary Clinton would be elected and would create by executive order under the laws of National Emergency the protocols of the Treaty, knowing that ratification by congress or non-ratification by congress meant nothing. The language would have been that the Treaty would go into effect so many days after signing and would be counted "ratified" if congress did nothing, and congress would have done nothing. And as I said, If they did pass a resolution of non-ratification Hillary would have implemented the protocols JUST AS Obama did the Paris Agreement.

This is probably the biggest non-reported story, not reported by the CIAmerican Media, of 2016.

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