Wednesday, January 4, 2017


You people who are bold over and in love with this guy, who think he is on your side, are being PLAYED.

Whenever you see someone rise out of nowhere, and suddenly be all over the CIAmerican Media, that person is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Because of the paradigm shift in consciousness created by the Truth and Liberty Movement; people made READY for Trump's arrival, Trump's campaign caused the glaring exposure of an ARMY of controlled opposition SLUGS, you thought held Conservative and/or Christian values, who were really, and had been from the beginning, Trotskyite Globalist Puppets. So now the Trotskyite Cultural Marxists have to shift gears and they are using this guy, OUTSIDE the slave collar of "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" since Political Correctness is collapsing.

This fellow is the next iteration of Controlled Opposition, merely a sophisticated mouthpiece, and he is at the stage of "gaining your trust" and "making you like him" and "making you trust him." He is a homosexual CLOWN, literally - that is his profession a Comedian - he is schooled in psyops and playing you like the pied piper.

You know ALL of American Publishing is owned and/or controlled by the Luciferians/CIA. Why would they be offering a "wheelbarrow of money" IF this slug were a TRUTH Teller? IF he actually was a member of the Truth and Liberty Movement, IF he held even a HINT of Christian Values OR true moral values? No, instead he is a sodomite who brags before your children about his LUST for Black Men. His job is to make your children believe that "Gay is Good" "Gay is Good" even that "Gay is Cool" and not only that that LUST FOR BLACK MEN TYPE GAY is HEROIC and not the sick lifestyle it is. WAKE UP IDIOTS!

You have been ButchSlapped-TruthBombed.  Get over it! Better yet, Learn from it.

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