Saturday, January 14, 2017

Inauguration Powder Keg

From "The Hill"
"President-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural committee has raised a record $90 million to cover the steep costs of next weekend's festivities, the Associated Press reported.

"That far outpaces President Obama’s $55 million in 2009 and $43 million in 2013, the AP reported."

What can we learn from this?

(1) Donald Trump's America First stance is twice as attractive to the Americans capable of raising this money in two months, than the previous Cultural Marxist, Cum Bah Yah, New World Order, Multi-cultural, Globalism of Barack Obama.

(a) Because this is a REAL transfer of power, not a fake "transition" from Globalist Blue to Globalist Red
(b) Because the Marxist Leftists who are losing power are violent and employ street thugs and mobs
(c) Because conservatives posed no real threat to Obama in 2009 and 2013,
(d) Because the Globalist Oligarch Psychopaths would love to see Trump assassinated:

the size of Trump's inauguration festivities is in every way TEN TIMES SMALLER than Obama's grand parades, shows, and parties, but PRIVATE security costs, above what is provided by the government agencies, that CANNOT BE TRUSTED, are exponentially higher. The actual cost of Trump's festivities is only several million dollars, the rest of that 90 million is for private security, and payments to some public organizations, that is reimbursements for security provided.

THIS is what a REAL transfer of power looks like, it is not pretty, it is not a party, it is the expression of RAW POLITICAL POWER, backed by masses of people ready to take out any criminal actors.

I am very suspicious that this tape from Project Veritas, released yesterday, applies to the event and circumstances I have outlined above. When we add to this the fact that Obama has fired the commander of the National Guard, who will be in command of 15,000 Guard Troops deployed for Inauguration Security, effective DURING the Inauguration event, well this is hardly paranoia.

The Video may not apply, O'Keefe could be talking about Pizzagate or some such. But all and all Friday, January the 20th, in D.C. is going to be a very tense day, a powder keg with a very short fuse.


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