Friday, January 6, 2017

Personality Shake UP at FOX - Why should you care?

My News Feed is clogged with Idiots who "partly awoke" and friended me during the months of the Campaign Season, who are already going back to sleep, crowing about the "personality" changes at FOX. What IDIOTS. Why is Fox shaking up its lineup? Because their last bunch of PSYOPS MASTERS were exposed as PSYOPS MASTERS during the election, so much so, like I said multiple times during the election, "that even the DULLARDS" can see it.

So now, the Propaganda Network, is giving you a new batch of PSYOPS MASTERS, and you are bleating like SHEEPLE, THRILLED that the one you discovered to be FALSE and FAKE, merely CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, (after you had watched them lie to you, UNAWARE, for a decade and a half), and what does it take to put you back to sleep, trusting the Political-Controllers? Idiots, just New Personalities at Fox.

WAKE UP! or in a short time, you will be as stupid and asleep as you were two years ago when they were telling you that a Republican Majority in the Congress was going to protect you, when in fact, that majority you elected gave Obama EVERYTHING HE WANTED. And some of them griped and complained that Obama was not a big enough WARMONGER! Remember, according to FOX, they were going to restore "checks and balances" and force Obama to follow the Constitution.

How about when FOX LIED to you in 2012 and told you that the Globalist, Trotskyite, Cultist, Dhimmi Apologist for Islam, the Puppet of the New World Order Psychopaths was REALLY a Christian and a Conservative.
How about how FOX HYPED the Benghazi Hearing as if they were not a psychological operation to defuse your anger and confuse you with multiple conflicting stories. I told you when they were first announced that the result would be the exoneration of OBAMA, for two and a half YEARS they paraded the psyops SHOW in front of you, and in the end, the committee produced a WHITEWASH document doing EXACTLY as I said it would, EXONERATING Obama.


WAKE UP PEOPLE. Fox may be telling you some true things at the moment, but that is not their goal, their goal is to sucker you in and once again make YOU LIKE and TRUST them.

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