Monday, January 30, 2017

THE NEW CIVIL WAR IS REAL: Part Deux - Here is UNZ and Politico agreeing with me that we are in a new Civil War - people you have to take this seriously, or we will snatch defeat out of the very jaws of VICTORY.

How appropriate that George Soros has chosen for the American Civil War, (Color Revolution) the color pussy pink. YES, it is appropriate, and we are fools if we do not take these pink pussies seriously. This is the Marxist trying to REGAIN the reigns of the Visible Government. Understand they hold control of the "institutions" of the Deep State intelligence swamp, with its Gestapo Powers, the Deep State Media you know as CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc., etc., and all the major newspapers and book and magazine publishers. They have BILLIONS of dollars that the Marxist Obama funneled to them through the corrupt TRILLION Dollar stimulus package, BILLIONS of which are unaccounted - disappeared into thin air, like 16 years ago 2.5 TRILLION of Pentagon money went "POOF" and the unaccounted money was announced on September the 10th, 2001 and the NEXT DAY 9/11/2001 a missile hit the Pentagon, and KILLED, the auditors who had discovered the loss of the money, and destroyed all the records they were using for the audit, leaving NO CHANCE we will ever know the fate of that money. Of this unfathomable slush fund, they financed Gladio B, financing all the subversive movements from Israel to China, taking control of Central Asia, billions of which financed ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Nusra, the Syrian and Lybian and Ukrainian revolutions, brought us Benghazi, plundered the Lybian military arsenal and the Lybian's GOLD reserve, which was HUGE, and NOW they have gone to work on America. Do you really think that they are willing to "stand down" because of the ACCIDENTAL lost of ONE Election? IT IS TIME TO STAND UP! AND NOT THE TIME TO CELEBRATE, folks WE ARE AT WAR.

A “Color Revolution” Is Under Way in the United States

You have been #ButchSlapped-TruthBombed.  Get Over it, or better yet, LEARN from it.

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