Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dodging the Hillary Purging

Had Hillary been elected, the purging of Christians would have begun.

One hundred years ago was what the Russian's call the October Revolution. There was a mass slaughter of the country's Christian Priests and all but a very Churches were shuttered, many destroy.  Russia had withstood the Muslims for a 13 hundred years, but the was the revolutionary Godless Atheists, and Communist Jews, that took her down and all but completely destroyed the Russian Orthodox Church, leaving a permanent wound in the Russian psyche. Ultimately, upwards of 60 to 80 million died, not to mention the 20 million who died in "the Great War" WWII.  Russia today is a shadow of who she could have been had she been faithful to God, and avoided the purging.

Moscow, January 25, Interfax - 20,000 priests were executed in
1917-1918, chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society Sergey
Stepashin said at the session of the organization committee for the
events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution.

He also cited the information saying that there survived only four
working hierarchs in the country in 1920, one hundred of 60,000 churches
still worked.

Stressing that "nothing like this has ever happened in the world,"
Stepashin called the Russian revolution unique as it was directed
against the Church.

"From all revolutions carried out in the world, it was the only one
directed against the foundations of religion, against the Russian
Orthodox Church, in fact against our culture. It hit the backbone of the
Russian nation, buried the bloom of the nation - several million
people," he said.

You would be foolish indeed, not to understand that had Hillary Clinton won the election and the Luciferian/Marxist Globalists were able to complete their Globalist System, which as I reported, they were poised to do via their Climate Conference in Morocco, [LINK] which convened the day before the election, and disbanded the day after the election its members shocked and dejected. They were poised to codify the Paris "Accords," which was a mere discretionary agreement, into International Law, and that with the other Trade Treaties and the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement,  the complete Marxist Globalist Structure would have been in place. All American Sovereignty would have been destroyed - and the purging of Christians would certainly have begun. 

That purging would have had a different appearance than the mass violence of the Russian experience, but over a decade or so the effect would have been the same, with one major difference.  The present Marxist Pope would have declared a "New Day" for the "New Church" with "New Morality" and a "New Gospel."  And hundreds of thousands of Cultural Marxist Priests, Cultural Marxist Protestant and Evangelical Leaders, and hundreds of MILLIONS of Lay people would have fallen in line.  Oh! You think there are not so many Cultural Marxists of these categories for this to have happened?  That is because you do not understand that Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness are synonyms, identical, twins, one and the same.

The Christians who remained faithful to Christ would NOT have been immediately drug from their homes, or their Churches shuttered, but they would have been LOVINGLY and SWEETLY ostracized, treated as a SICKNESS to be pitied, and contained. Those who were too vocal would be suicided, character assassinated, drugged, poisoned, chemically lobotomized without their knowledge or consent.  If you think this is an overly dramatic depiction, you have not been witnessing the parade of "Peace and Light" Loving DEMONIACS, who have been demonstrating HELL-in-turmoil, because their guaranteed VICTORY turned to dust in a single hour, and the LOVING, "Peace" and Warm "Light" turned into MURDEROUS RAGE, which has not yet found its bottom, nor exhausted its killing energy. 

Faithful Christian, shunned by the Counterfeit Christians would have been left unprotected facing Jihadis and psychopathic Atheists and Sexual Predators and Pagans and would have been regularly prosecuted and jailed for speaking the truth or trying to defend themselves and their families against the onslaught.

It would have been different than the Russian experience indeed, but in carnage, it would have been the same.  Look at the "carnage" the people of Chicago have to endure under the oppression of the Cultural Marxist/Israeli Dual Citizen, Saul Alinskyite, Rahm Emanuel. That is a microcosm of what was to come.


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