Thursday, January 26, 2017

The REAL History of the Obama Years.

How do we grasp the opportunities of the present, unless we understand the "context" in which Trump's election falls?  Writing on the fourth business day of the Trump administration, seeing all he has accomplished, or at least set in motion, on the first three complete days, it would be easy to give into euphoria and believe there is time to rest.  There is NOT time to rest.

As I wrote in the article "
The Counter-REVOLUTION Fifty-Three Years in the Making!" [LINK]

If Trump survives for seven more days, we will have Created a Counter-Revolution and wrest the power of the Visible Government from the Globalists for the first time in 53 years. And since in reality, this Election has been the first battle in a CIVIL WAR, we will have won the FIRST battle decisively and left the Shadow Government divided and at war with itself, demoralized, greatly damaged, exposed and discredited. And this includes the CIAmerican propaganda media."

This is very true, in the last six days we have seen this played out before us. BUT (big BUT) the structure of the DEEP STATE, some call the Shadow Government, I call the Luciferian Globalists, remains standing and is very strong.

The most powerful of the structure is our Marxist Central Bank, called the Federal Reserve. [LINK]

During the last eight years, I have said to you many times, that Obama was a Puppet.  He was a totally Deep State Invented person, with a totally fake history, groomed for his "role" and held in check by blackmail, seduction, and flattery.  Obama hated being president.  He loved the perks of being president, thrilled in the limelight of Hollywierd, and Cultural Marxist Society, but actually functioning in office, he HATED it.  Why? Because past getting to play the privileged master, the ring-leader of a Bacchanal, when the partying stopped, in REAL matters, he had to BE the dutiful puppet, and that angered his prideful ego and wounded his psyche

This is the best and most accurate historical overview of his years as president.  It is a very sad history and one you will recognize, and need to BURN into your memory. Why? Because, the DEEP STATE, the Luciferian Globalist Structure STANDS, and we cannot defeat it without KNOWLEDGE. THIS is the enemy we have to defeat. Understanding how it functions, and how Obama was it Puppet, will have you understand the REAL WAR, for our country, the one that Donald Trump CANNOT fight alone. 

Wayne Madsen, who in 2003 uncovered information in a classified congressional report that contained information linking the September 11 attacks to the government of Saudi Arabia and the Bush administration through financial transactions with the hijackers.  He was savaged by the CIAmerican Media, character assassinated, etc., etc., yet thirteen years later we know what he said was true, now documented in public record.  I share that to put context to what he "tweeted" yesterday:

“CIA quietly ordered to sever working relationships with Soros & his NGOs in Europe, elsewhere" 

I give this full credit and believe it to be true. This represents a struggle between Trump, a NON-puppet, and the Gladio Plan B, CIA structure much in George Soros' control, which has wrecked havoc in the Balkans, in Kosovo, in Ukraine, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa, and in the Middle East, and has as its gold the conquest of Russia. I have written many times over the last two decades that you cannot tell where Soros ends and the CIA begins, all his NGOs are so embedded in CIA operations. Soros is just one head of the Hydra that is the DEEP STATE, the Luciferian Globalist Structure, which has to be conquered for America to survive, and liberty to reign.

Obama:  A Legacy of Ashes


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  1. Your deep state knowledge is invaluable to us all.


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