Friday, January 6, 2017

Nostalgia for WHITE Christian America - CIA LIE.

The CIA Propaganda Rag, the Washington Post, keeps painting Trump's election as Racial. This article says that Trump "played" White Evangelicals. He must have "played White Catholics" as well since the majority of them voted Republican for the First Time in 50 years. However, he also "played" BLACK Evangelicals, and Hispanic Evangelicals, and Catholic of every minority, since he drew more of their votes than any Republican in Modern History.

The headline does not say nostalgia for "Christian America" - which I think may have an element of truth to it, but "Nostalgia for WHITE Christian America," when as stated, Trump gained more minority votes, Blacks, Hispanics, Legal Immigrants of all sorts, than ANY Republican Candidate in Modern History.  The Racial slur is a CIA meme meant to de-legitimize Trump's Administration, which we all know is about Racism and Hatred.

Do we have Nostalgia for WHITE Christian America?

No we do not. 
Do we have Nostalgia for just CHRISTIAN America? Not really. 

Rather, we have HOPE for a Christian America, free of Jihadism and violent Marxism, less confounded by drugs and alcohol, a place where PEACE gained in faithful prayer, replaces the massive pollution of the psyches (souls) of our population by LEGAL psychotropic drugs, and soul destroying Illegal poisons; where moral character is taught in schools and crime rates are reduced. This is the picture Donald Trump painted in his campaign speeches.  

THINK! If you remove the several Democratic strongholds in the U.S., the vast majority of American Medium and Small Towns, and Rural Areas are the SAFEST SPACE on EARTH. 
This is statistical FACT. 
THAT is the influence of the residual Christian Culture there.  

Why would we NOT, HOPE for the CREATION (not restoration) of a Culture of LIFE, that respects the true God Given Rights of EVERYONE. We understand this simple reality, proved in history that must be repeated, stated most succinctly by G.K. Chesterton, "Only Christianity is capable of creating a Society, where both the Christian and the Pagan may safely play." Marxism cannot do this, Communism cannot do this, Socialism cannot do this, Paganism cannot do this (look at the Podesta emails), Islam cannot do this, Atheism cannot do this, Anarchy cannot do this, Libertarianism cannot do this, neither can Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, etc., etc.  This is the history.

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