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The Russians Are Coming - The Groshi Is Flowing! by Steve Wingate

Steve Wingate
Political Commentator:
The Russians Are Coming - The Groshi Is Flowing!

WAR is a profitable business. I’ve always wondered who benefits from war. It's not me. It's not you. There’s no doubt it's not the men and women in uniform that return from the combat zone with bodies disfigured and emotional scars that will follow them for what is left of their lives.

It appears as though there's a new boogieman each week. This week its Saddam Hussein with his weapons of mass destruction. Then it’s Gaddafi, of whom Hillary Clinton giggled while she boasted, "We came, he saw, he died". The disgusting part is how Gaddafi was sodomized while being executed. The following week the new boogie man is North Korea. Then a few weeks later it is the Iranian government. Oh no, it's President Putin without a doubt. No, it's Assad! He's conspiring with Putin to gas the citizens of Syria after having success in winning the war against ISIS. We can go after these two men together. Two for the price of one. That’s a good deal for the American patriots that love to rally around war. Oh yes it will boost Trump’s ratings in the polls with the mid-term elections coming up. Let’s not forget too that it will also get the Mueller investigation off the front page for a few hours.

I don’t have any personal knowledge of Iraq’s gold castles designed by Saddam Hussein. Also, as expected I can’t verify that Qaddafi did all of these terrible things our government told us he did. Most Americans are still trying to figure out what is the real reason our government assured its voters that Iraq was better off without Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. The ones of us with half of a brain are trying to understand why Syria’s president Assad would take pleasure in “gassing his own people” after winning a civil war that protected the very people that the west is accusing him of killing. What I will assume is that in all of these countries there's a robust interest in American being there so that a few elite can benefit. As long as they persuade the uninformed American voter that loyalty equals patriotism and America needs to ‘save’ these countries from their awfully wicked dictators. I cannot verify of all of those cases however there's one country under siege by America that I'm fully aware of and know the facts.

I do know personally about Ukraine and how the USA financed chaos there that has divided eastern Ukraine from the west and has separated the Russian talking populace against the Ukrainian. I lived there 6 years. I am married to a Ukrainian. I know Ukraine. My company had 70 great Ukrainian employees before we were pushed out by the Ukrainian mobsters. In the course of recent years I've observed how the western warmongers have taken advantage from the disarray that they financed there. My personal knowledge of my government’s actions in Ukraine has influenced me to question the vast majority of what my government says with regards to another boogie man is out there that we American patriots need to attack and kill.

Keep in mind, Ukraine was once known as the breadbasket of Europe. Customarily it has an educated workforce that is exceptionally cultured in the arts. Ukraine has one issue however. Many top reliable sources say that it is the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN EUROPE.

Go ask my previous employer Alliant Techsystem (Kiev) who put $20,000,000.00 into Ukraine and was pushed out and more than 400 Ukrainians lost their jobs. Go ask the Swiss investors that put several million dollars into the acclaimed authentic Londonskaya Hotel on the Black Sea in Odessa, Ukraine and was pushed out. Would it be a good idea for me to say ask me in regards to our business that had 70 great Ukrainian employees and wound up getting our building taken in battling with the 5 mafia groups in our city?

In addition to the fact that Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe the government in Kiev has turned into a legitimate dangerous arm paid and supported by the USA to drop bombs each day on the general population of Donbass region of Ukraine. This is going on while the USA continues to send Ukrainian millions so they can continue to battle the general population of Donbass Region. To this date the USA has sent over $5,000,000,000.00 (as in billion) to Ukraine.

While McCain was recording the coup going on in the street with his cell phone with a big smile on his face several police were being clubbed, burned, beaten or shot to death in the course of the riots. Molotov cocktail was supplied to the American financed rioters and these were thrown at policemen

and anyone that stood up to their lawlessness. The American financed rioters used trucks, iron bars and a whole arsenal of potentially lethal weapons, sprays and actual guns such as hunting rifles, handguns and shotguns.

It was as bestial an affair as any of us would ever hope NOT to see. These rioters were utterly sadistic in their determination to mane and kill. Ultra-violent thugs to whom human life lost all meaning and all concepts of human decency had been long scraped from their diseased consciences. Many of these soulless sadists joined the Ukraine Armed Forces after the American financed coup and were sent east toward the pro-Russian population that they hated with a passion, those they called the Moskals.

It is not uncommon to see videos of Ukrainian children being indoctrinated in such hatred and sent to camps where they learn how to kill anyone that goes against the Nazis that push Ukrainian nationalism. Look at the Odessa atrocity where a crowd of Ukrainian nationalist attacked a pro-Russian group. They forced the pro-Russian group into a large trade union building that had many floors. The Ukrainian nationalist followed them into the building clubbing, strangling and shooting them until many of them lay dead. Then these Ukrainian nationalist retreated back outside, barring the doors closed and set the building on fire with Molotov cocktails. Many of those trapped inside tried to crawl onto the window ledges to escape the flames. They were then shot at from below. Some jumped to their deaths. Others jumped and survived only to be clubbed to death by the Ukrainian nationalist below. Although many of the images of the burned corpses are available on the Internet reaction by the western press and the American politicians were all but none. I know all of this to be true. I lived 90 miles from where this happened.

Yet in November of this past year congress voted to send $150 million more to Ukraine and then again March of this year congress voted to supply $47 million in arms to Europe’s most corrupt country Ukraine. They are supplying Ukraine 210 American-made Javelin missiles along with 37 command launch units. In addition to that the United State is spending millions on training Ukraine’s forces on how to use them.

Every time the president of Ukraine screams “The Russians are coming” “The Russians are coming” the US throws more money at the most corrupt country in Europe. The most amazing part of this is that in 2015 Kiev signed the ‘Minsk Agreement” which stipulated a ceasefire and a special constitutional status for the people of the Donbass Region. Since signing the agreement Kiev has refused to honor it by continually dropping bombs most everyday in civilian neighborhoods killing grandmothers and children. There are several videos are on YouTube showing Kiev’s army shooting up a school.

Yes. My fellow American did you know that we finance the bombs that are being dropped EVERY night on the beautiful people of the Donbass region while you and I are sleeping. Yet not a peep from the press or the western government. Sad to say but supporting war in the USA is equal to being a patriot. If war were needed – I would support it. But to finance chaos and murderous corrupt governments like I know (first hand) that is in Ukraine all while blaming it on the Russians is not too smart.

When the USA financed the overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected president four years ago a segment of right-wing Nazis (this is not a misprint) gained power in key positions in the Ukrainian government. New laws were passed outlawing the speaking of Russian language, etc.. Just curious what would happen here in the USA if we outlawed speaking Spanish. It would not be a pretty sight.

These new laws prompted rebellions in certain areas of Ukraine in 2 key areas. In the providence of Crimea and in the southeast region of Donbass.

It is told by our lying media and government that Ukraine is being mistreated and Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union again. Lets all go to WAR with Russia! Remember we are patriots and better support war or we are traitors! Two points we should consider when looking at the situation in Ukraine and our sponsoring of this corrupt country.

-Putin is the president of a country with 11 time zones. I hardly think that he has interest in corrupt Ukraine.

-Russia has had it’s Black Sea fleet in Crimea for decades and Putin did not invade the territory there and not one shot was fired to take over Crimea (as he’s being accused of). The truth is the people in Crimea saw the new American financed Nazi government in Kiev and wanted to pull their country out from under Kiev’s wing. 95% of the people of Crimea voted to go with Russia. Of course, the boogie man mentality lying government in the west will tell you different.

As previously stated Ukraine was once called the “Breadbasket of Europe”. When you drive across this beautiful country you will see nothing but miles and miles of cultivated farmland. That is not the case in the Donbass Region. The Donbass Region has several million people. The coalfield there extends across the east to Russian territory, is the fourth largest in Europe, with extractable reserves estimated at over 10 billion tons. The region around the city of Donetsk makes up only 5 percent of Ukraine’s territory. About 10% of Ukraine’s population lives there - but they produce 20% of gross domestic product and about a quarter of Ukraine export volume. The rest of the country is dominated by agriculture.

It is common knowledge that a few elite controls most of the wealth in Ukraine. It is not uncommon to enter into most businesses (even clothing stores) and see a muscular young man dressed in black sitting next to the front door with a machine-gun by his side. The law of the jungle works in Ukraine. The strong devour the weak. My partner and I bought a building, put hundreds of thousands of dollars into it and we fought with the local mafia (government) for 3 years. They used a number of excuses to try and push us out so that they could come in and take our investment and use it for themselves.

I have no doubt that this is what has been happening in the Donbass Region of Ukraine. After America financed the coup there the strong (mafia from the capital city of Kiev) wanted to come into that region and take over the mining industry, factories etc.. No doubt. Ukraine had a population of 50 million+ when I lived there. It would surprise me if they have 30 million people now. The place is corrupt. The economy has gone to the tank since the American financed coup. National observers say that 100,000 people are moving out of the country every month. Ukrainians feel that there only hope for survival is to leave their homeland.

Now, this brings me to our boogieman hysteria that’s being portrayed in the news media and both sides of our government. Who’s the aggressor? Putin or NATO? Do your research and see how NATO is circling Russia with its troops. Anytime Russia has military exercises close to its border it is in the western press that they are the aggressors. If it was not so serious it would be laughable how our government is trying it’s hardest to get into a war with Russia.

The facts are that the USA has not won a serious war since WW2. The truth is that America did not win that war. Actually the Russians did. 37 million Russians gave their lives to win that war. Funny thing is that I never remember my (late) father talking about this when he would get emotional with his patriotic speeches. Actually, I don’t remember being taught in school about Russia’s sacrifice in WW2. Oh yes, we go into small countries and push dictators out thinking that it is America’s interest and we are going to find weapons of mass destruction (cough, cough). But to win a serious war. We have not. So if all of you American patriots enjoy the drumbeats about Russia, Putin and how he’s the boogieman in Ukraine. Maybe or maybe not

Putin is a bad guy. I’m not debating any of that. Who knows? I do know that after all of the crap that he’s been put through by the western world he’s shown that he’s very level headed and refuses to shoot off at the mouth and send threatening tweets in the middle of the night. America should count that as a blessing that is for sure. I keep hearing that Putin was a member of the KGB. WOW. My wife was a Soviet Pioneer as a child. Most Germans were part of Hitler’s army. That was the times. This is 2018. To keep throwing that in Putin’s face is meaningless.

Which is worse? Putin (allegedly) doing the bad things that he’s accused of or America arming the Ukrainians so that they can continue to drop bombs on the civilians every night while we are sleeping soundly in our homes? If you don’t believe me then do research and see the documented videos online that are being put on YouTube by the great people of Donbass Region trying to protect their

homeland from the puppet murderous American financed government from Kiev. If you get your head out of the sand and do research you will see that over 10,000 people have been killed since the USA financed the coup in Ukraine 4 years ago. Even as late as last night during the night some innocent grandmother or child was blown to smithereens by Kiev’s Army while sleeping. Yet not a peep from our government or the press…

Top sources state that America has sent Kiev more rocket launchers that they are planning an all out attack on the civilians of Donbass in the weeks to come. Thank you America for saving the Ukrainian people from awful Putin or should I say thank you America for financing the innocent civilians whose homes are being bombed by some munitions manufacturer here in the USA.

Please God save us all from this madness. Revelation 13:10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Not sure, but this might explain why we have so much unnecessary killings going on in our schools, malls and streets in our country… Makes me wonder.

Steve Wingate
Political Commentator

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Keep Telling Yourself that Jeff Sessons Isn't Compromised.

Jeff Sessions' DOJ Files Appeal to Protect Bill Clinton's Records & Intel of Monica Lewinsky Scandal; Wants Records Kept Secret – True PunditTrue Pundit

by admin

Politics Security

Jeff Sessions’ DOJ Files Appeal to Protect Bill Clinton’s Records & Intel of Monica Lewinsky Scandal; Wants Records Kept Secret

The Swamp.
The Trump administration is again fighting for greater secrecy in a Clinton-focused investigation: this time, the independent counsel probe that explored President Bill Clinton’s relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
A raft of court records from grand jury-related proceedings related to the investigation have remained secret for two decades, but last month a federal judge — acting on a request from CNN — ruled that the vast majority of the files should be made public.
But early Wednesday, the Justice Department appealed that decision to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The move is likely to delay the release of the request information for months or longer.
The Justice Department had no immediate comment, but court filings indicate that government lawyers made the broad assertion that the court lacks authority to release grand jury records for reasons of “extreme public interest” or any other reason not specifically detailed in federal court rules.
Chief U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell disagreed, ruling that the court had “inherent” power to disclose grand jury information for other reasons.
Justice Department attorneys did not object to unsealing some information already made public in a report Independent Counsel Ken Starr sent to Congress in 1998, but Howell said some matters had been so thoroughly aired in the report that there was little point in keeping the related records under wraps.

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