Friday, September 30, 2016

Soviet urr . um . .Russian Agent, Fr Symeon aka Butch Robinson

They keep telling us that Russia is attacking us, even the Globalist feigning to be a Trump supporter - Newt Gingrich recently stooped to this false accusation and Psy-opt.
It is the Herman Goering ploy to try to unite the nation behind Cultural Marxist/Globalist policies. To scare us into submission.

Obama's FBI investigating Roger Stone as a possible Russian Agent.
Who is Roger Stone?
( ) One of the people who has openly exposed the Clinton's Crimes and a close advisor to Donald Trump - his "political advisor" till May of 2015. The FBI even ask me questions, wanting to know my ties to the Russian Orthodox Church, and the names of my "Russian Associates" - interested mostly in the source of information for some of my Letters From the Gulag articles.
( ) This is classic Herman Goering (actually Machiavelli) psychological operation. Paint Nationalists and Patriots (people who really love their own country) as fools, dupes, pacifists and traitors to their country and agents of the "chosen" enemy country.

Fr Symeon aka Butch Robinson's Mug Shot:

Fresh DMV Photo, posted here for the NSA/FBI and Facebook/DHS GLOBALIST Facial Recognition software - I WANT you to know who I am. I WANT this face associated with EVERY word I have written on Facebook, the Globalist Data Mining Apparatus and on my several Blogs.  I am PROUD to have been blessed with the knowledge to expose the Globalist Psychopaths, to have participated in the AWAKENING of millions.
"Wow. They aren't even trying to discredit them by calling the(m) conspiracy theorist but trying to implicate them as enemy agents of the USA. By doing this they are proving all the "conspiracy theories" right. I also noticed that Trump's name got thrown around as well. The real enemy of the US is scared and trying to shut down and silence the opposition. This is definitely war.

"Butch Robinson absolutely she (Hillary Clinton) knows what's going on and she knows that her opposition can't be discredited so what's the best way to shut them up than to implicate them as enemy agents. This is just one more step into justifying war with Russia. It's all about the globalist establishment winning no matter what the cost." _ Ambrose Stapleton

"Then I reckon every American patriot is now considered a Russian agent and enemy of the state! " -and Eva Kolosiek

Yes, Eva - especially anyone who realizes that the U.S. CIA/State Department under Obama and Hillary Clinton, created ISIS (just another of the several CIA Jihadi Legion of Mercenaries. And that Russia is NOT violating International Law in Syria and the U.S. is. Those of us smart enough to realize that just yesterday the U.S. State Department THREATENED Russia, threaten to shoot down Russia aircraft and even to attack Russian Cities if Russia did not stop attacking ISIS in Syria. People called me a nut-job when at the very beginning I exposed that ISIS is nothing but the CIA's Arab Legion. Now the U.S. is threatening War with Russia if Russia does not stop attacking ISIS. Guess I wasn't such a nut job after all. ( )

Monday, September 26, 2016

Our Real History, From WWI till Now.

Hillary Clinton berated the "Alt-Right" naming it, claiming that the people who were members of it were "deplorable."  As we will see, the Alt-Right also represent the Alt-History of the 20th and 21st century.  Yes, there is a History of the U.S., written not by the Cultural Marxists of the University of Chicago and other such institution, un-spun by the Cultural Marxist Globalist Psychopaths, that fully explains what can only be acknowledge to have been an INSANE course of domestic and foreign policy covering the last hundred years.

Our Lord instructed us to be wise as the serpent and with Him I say we are fools in this era of massive power of deception though technology and mental manipulation, not to know the tools and methods of the enemies of TRUTH, how they work in the present and how they have worked in the past.

Everything you need to know about 9/11 and the same NAZIS still terrorizing our nation. Twin Towers of Truth [LINK]

Part of the Story of the Cultural Marxist take cover of a huge segment of the Roman Catholic Church told in the Documentary "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing".  I do not have a link to this program aired by EWTN, but here is a trailer, search for it on your Cable T.V. programs. "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing."



This link requires much effort, you have to actually read it. It is the history of the creation of the American Culture of Death by the Cultural Marxists, their aims and goals.  "Where are we?  How did we get here?" The story of Anthony Gramsci [LINK]

The present state of American Governance, Our Ghost Republic [LINK]

The Conquest of and use of the Professions of Psychology and Psychiatry by the Cultural Marxists.[LINK]

The Cultural Marxist's Creation of the New Age Movement.[LINK]

More on the Cultural Marxist Assault on the Catholic Church through the Homosexual Agenda.[LINK]

Vladimir Putin, exposing and rebelling against the Cultural Marxist - New World Order.

What is ISIS?




A Window Into the Luciferian Criminal Globalist Elite - The Kay Gregs Interviews[LINK].

Education turned Cultural Marxist Brainwashing

Sunday, September 18, 2016

What Hell May Human's Imagine?

I heard a wonderful quote today attributed to Admiral Nimitz that I wanted to share, but could not; something blocked me. Now I know what that caution was, so I want to share the quote and the caution.

Here is that wonderful quote:

"God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless."

When I heard that quote, I thought, "This comes pretty close to describing my opinion of Liberty's future in America, from 1993 till 2013." Truthfully it seemed hopeless. People were so brainwashed they had become enslaved and DID NOT KNOW IT.

Being awake to the complete destruction of our Republic, the total collapse of the system of U.S. Constitutional Government, the total subversion of the Free Press having been turned into a massive Cultural Marxist psychological operation of MIND CONTROL, and 99% of entertainment the same; a generation of young people indoctrinated into Cultural Marxism by EVERY institution of education, etc., etc., etc., there was NOTHING I saw that gave ANY indication that Liberty could be saved in America. And frankly even at this late date September 18th 2016, I am not sure Liberty CAN be restored. But rather than see no signs of hope, today I see thousands of signs of hope, merely proving that we are gaining the power to conduct the WAR. Do not be arrogant, the outcome of that war is another thing entirely; we still stand in danger of sinking into a techno-dark ages, unlike in its evil, anything humankind has imagined possible, and in apocalyptic literature, humankind has imagined some hellishly Distopian and demonic futures.

Sadly Admiral Nimitz failed and failed spectacularly. He could face the tension and fear of the cold war, but he could not face the suffering of his own healing salvation. Faced with that suffering that could have saved him, instead he opted for the very Cultural Marxism he CLAIMED to fight. What meaning does it have to face down evil in the world, while surrendering to that same evil in your person and life?

I told one of my sisters recently that people remember us, not for our successes but for our failures. It does not matter how brave our struggle in life has been, we are remembered only for our failures. If you think otherwise, you are naive.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Newt Gingrich and his Globalist Cluster Fart

Newt Gingrich let go with a Globalist Cluster Fart today.  Here is the link to his little speech in the lying Globalist paradigm. Watch it first or my comments below will not have context.

AFTER suckering people in, to make them believe that he is for Donald Trump's America First Agenda, here is Newt Gingrich laying out his GLOBALIST strategy to fight what he calls, "Islamic Supremicism." What he fails to mention, in laying out his ideas about the "failed strategy post-911" is the fact that the so-called Hijackers were SAUDI, and financed by the SAUDIS, and that George W Bush and his entire family are tied at the hip financially to the House of Saud. This is the Neo-Con propaganda that is destroying the world. His suggestion for more troops and more money to fight the Taliban is INSANE. Tell me when the Taliban attacked the U.S? Not until we attacked them, and made them the fall guys for the actions of the CIA and the House of Saud.
The US House of Representatives has passed a bill allowing Americans to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11, days before the attack’s 15th anniversary. The measure passed without objection or opposition, but the White House is threatening a veto.[LINK]

I cannot listen to this propaganda and that is what it is, pure Neo-Con, Globalist PROPAGANDA. Newt praises George W. Bush's "You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists" speech. That wasn't a declaration of War on Jihadism, it was rather the announcement that the New World Order Globalists, would use the title "fighting terrorism" to cover their Globalist atrocities, overt and covert military conquest and GENOCIDE,  just like they used the cover of "national security" to destroy every constitutional rampart the founders erected against Tyranny. No! what Bush in other words said, is "you will bow to the New World Order Agenda, or we will crush you." The proof of it is that the Obama Administration is even at this point of weakness spoiling for War with Russia. That's not in America's interest, that is part of the Globalist Agenda. And don't think I am talking apples and oranges talking about Bush and Obama, because as far as the Globalist Agenda is concerned, which George H.W. Bush purposely named the New World Order, Obama is serving out George H.W. Bush's 7th term as president. The Uni-Polar, One Super Power Controlled World has been the agenda these seven presidential terms. 

Of course Wesley Clark would like to blame the Globalist Agenda on just the Republicans, via a "policy coup" but in real life, he commanded the Globalist Force that against every precept of international law, perpetrated the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Christians in Kosovo allied with Al Qaeda. Yes, ALLIED with Al Qaeda. Do you want to know why Clinton did not pull the trigger the three times they had Osama Bin Laden clearly in their sites?  Because he was ALLIED WITH HIM and the SAUDIS in Kosovo and Chechnya, as they were trying to destroy Yugoslavia and Russia.

BTW, ISLAM itself, as any Islamic Scholar will tell you, is Supremicism, the GOAL of Islam is to rule the world under Sharia - this is hardcore, documented FACT and not opinion. Go Away Newt - People listen to him carefully and Remember George W. Bush using Cultural Marxism, telling you that the "best way for you to fight terrorism, is to GO SHOPPING." and "If you see something say something." Yet, when people saw something and said something, the Government Controlled Media would make a mockery of them.

I remember the lady in a restaurant in Dalton, Georgia, days after 9/11, who heard Jihadis at the next booth, talking about preparing for a bombing attack, who called the authorities and reported it, she was mocked on the National Media, and the "Jihadis" were purposely making a scene to cause discomfort at the restaurant. In Florida the same Jihadis, blew through multiple toll booths. Latter when their license plate was tracked down they said they were making fun of the woman, because she was obviously frightened. At the very least they should have been arrested for Terroristic Threats, but they were charged with NOTHING. The Clock boy is one of the late examples, where the teachers and principle were humiliated in the National Media, DEMONIZED as Islamophobes, and numerous airline employees, flight crews and pilots that have acted, ONLY TO BE MOCKED IN THE MEDIA.

This Cultural Marxism has worked. Trump talks about it again and again about people suspecting terrorists of planning, (The Boston Bombers - the couple that killed their co-workers in San Bernardino  - the military people around the Fort Hood shooter, and many more) who remained silent because they were frightened to be made a fool and demonized in the national media for coming forward.


Here was our Military FORCE posture around the world on 9/11/2001. The Dark color are countries with U.S. Military BASES. The Striped countries were NEW U.S. Military Bases. The light pink are countries where we had U.S. Troops - yes including Russia and China where he had "joint military operations." Only 46 countries in white did not have any U.S. military presence, and this does not cover the COVERT operation that seem to be ubiquitous. It would look some what different today, but it is difficult to get real time statistics. This is a GLOBALIST nightmare, NOT National Defense. This is GLOBALIST conquest, NOT the protection of American National Interests.

Our military budget is 66 percent of the military budget in the entire world. We spend more money on Globalist Domination, than all the other countries COMBINED - yet, when it did not fit the Globalist Agenda, we could not save the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi, nor in 13 hours get help to Benghazi.

Don't buy Newt Gingrich's Globalist Propaganda. We cannot declare War on Islamic Supremacism as he suggests without declaring War on 1.3 billion people. Islam itself IS Supremacist.

[LINK] To Current Military Bases across the globe.

Each Star, represents a U.S. Military Base, we have Iran Surrounded. The same is true of Russia and China, and supposedly THEY are the aggressors. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Newt Gingrich said, "Afghanistan is the kind of country, where if you build enough highways, and you put in enough facilities, you really could radically change the country in a very short time." And what would you have Newt, merely a more powerful MUSLIM Country and who would that benefit? What does it have to do with American Defense of American Interests? It has EVERYTHING to do with the CIA's Drug business, I grant you that and if you want to call the Opium Trade a vital American interest you might be right. Also tell me Newt, who is operating the mines in Afghanistan? Oh, that would be our great buddies, the RED Chinese.
How, could this be the same man who said in 2012, when he was running for President, "There is fundamentally no difference between moderate Islam and radical Islam, they are both the same and they want exactly the same thing, and want to accomplish the same goals: the destruction of the democratic way of life, and the imposition of Islam and Sharia Law. They just have two different ways of accomplishing their goal." Do you think that could have been said for POLITICAL reasons.

We have spent six TRILLION DOLLARS, on military efforts in middle east, including Afghanistan and Iraq, and Gingrich calls this "trying to do it on the cheap." Do you think that possibly, just possibly MONEY wasn't the problem, but Globalist Conquest was?

Wow, he criticizes Paul Bremmer for "trying to redesign and re-shape" Iraq, and explains why that did not work because the Iraqi culture (that was thousands of years old) was complex. But he proposes that Afghanistan would be a paradise with a few highways and facilities. Philosophical inconsistency MUCH?

He describes the situation with the Kurds in the North of Iraq, without the context of the Kurds in Turkey, which mirrors the situation with the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, people who see themselves as Kurds and not Turks or Iraqis.  The Turks will fight to the death to keep the Kurds from ever uniting in a single country.

Gingrich suggests that "occupying Iraq" with a massive force was a good idea. That is idiocy. WHY should the U.S. occupy Iraq? Give me a national security, national defense, American interest reason. NO This is Globalist BULLSHIT.

Tell me you Globalist Psychopath, Newt Gingrich, WHERE was the American SPY PLANE, flying with its transponder OFF? What was its vector, and location, when the Russian fighter jets, buzzed it and caused it to change it direction?

WHAT would be our reaction to a Russian Spy Plane with its transponder off, seconds from entering American Air Space be?

We have nearly 40 American Bases surrounding Iran, half of which can launch cruz missiles and reach the Iranian Capital in a matter of minutes, not to mention the Navy Cruzers even closer. Tell me Newt, how many Iranian Bases surround the U.S?

If a "free society" has some magic mo-jo, that guarantees we will win, Newt, as you state, please explain the invaded countries of the E.U. to me? Please explain the Omni-Surveillance NON-CONSTITUTIONAL National Security Police State of America to me.

According to 2010 Pew Research Here is the breakdown of the population of Hindus, Jews and Muslim in America. Read the graph carefully and realize that the population of the LGBTQXYZ community is in the same range.  Ask yourself, why Jews, Muslims and Gays are ubiquitous on every T.V. show, and Hindus are not and in the news you would think by measure of coverage Jews, Muslims and Gays were 40 or 50 percent of the population. 

If you want the understand - have the NERVE to face the truth and understand the true cynicism of Newt Gingrich's pitch for the old "Project For the New American Century" Globalist Conquest Plan, I DARE you to actually read the text and watch all the videos linked on the page, linked here.

Also discover WHERE WE ARE and HOW WE GOT HERE

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Time Not Wasted - We Have to Educate

Call no man father - really?  Here is a collection of writings by a Georgia Prison Inmate, a man I lead to the Orthodox Christian Faith 20 years ago.  His daughter forwarded them to me this morning.  At the end I returned some information to affirm his clear perceptions.  I have not corresponded with him in 6 years, and that was the only communication in a decade.  If you have read my writings, you will recognize that this fellow is my spiritual/intellectual "son."

Remember he is handicapped by seeing only the Cultural Marxist Media, and he has been reading and exposing the Agenda Clearly.             

#29 8-27-16 The Silence of " Black Lives Matter "

Mississippi has lost two white nuns, who were giving their lives --- time and energy --- to assist the poor ( mostly black ) with health care that would otherwise have been unavailable to them. A black man has been arrested in the double murders.
The myopic vision of " B.L.M. ", focusing only on white police shootings of blacks, demonstrates a lack of concern for all other lives taken violently and unjustly, whether black on black murders or black murders of whites ( as is the case in Mississippi ).

It is a shame that we only hear from and see " B.L.M. " when there is a black death from police actions, which may or may not have been justified. Where is your voice to the black community now ?

There was a black man in Louisiana who posted a text message during the height of the deadly floods there, played by Fox News. He asked where the boats and rescue vehicles of the " B.L.M. " were, " If they really cared about black lives --- ".
Maybe these latest events will awaken the supporters of the "B.L.M. " organization, that focus on hate, revenge and riot over blacks being killed by police, is not the organization designed to help the black causes, but foments more friction between the races and promotes anarchy.

The riots and threats against police by the " B.L.M. " organization has existed only because of current " politically correct " attitudes by our President and his followers. It will not always be that way. People of understanding will be dismayed every time a senseless violent murder takes place, no matter the race of the victim(s).
Those in Mississippi who lost the nurses/nuns, who were serving the poor community, feel the pain of those murders. The pain in the community is not lessened because those murdered were white, not black. Until we get back to common sense and regain the spiritual truth that God created man, all races, in His image AND holds every life equally precious, we will continue supporting racism, whether through the K.K.K. or the " B.L.M. " ( opposite sides of the same racist coin ).
Our nation has become divided by hyphenated citizenships ( African - American, Muslim - American, etc. ). Until we feel the same loss and anger over EVERY PERSON who loses their lives from violence, we can be assured our reason and ideas are still tainted with a racism we hold. Our responses to death and injury reflect who we really are, even if others cannot clearly identify our true character. Reflect with open eyes !

God does not allow the murders/martyrdom of His saints/nuns to take place unless the shedding of their blood can make a positive difference in other's lives. As an example: There was a monk in Rome who died trying to stop Gladiators from killing each other. The monk's death shocked those in the Coliseum so much, it caused the end of those deadly contests.

Maybe the murders/martyrdom of the white nuns by a black man will shock the supporters of the " B.L.M. " organization into recognizing that the murder of anyone, of any race, is an offense and crime against all who hold life as something precious and sacred. Would anyone in the " B.L.M. " have the audacity to say the white nuns' lives were of less worth and importance than any black killed by police ? Are the lives of white policemen of less value than the white nuns ? Unless we allow God to show us the truth about the value He puts on every human life, born or unborn, we will not have a correct understanding about life or death. Learn what Jesus did so we could have an eternal life. Then, maybe we will understand.

#28. 8-27-16 How difficult can it be, Mr. Trump ?

In dealing with Latinos, let EXISTING LAW determine the policy. Latinos came to the U.S. mainly to escape lawlessness and the poverty caused by lawlessness. But once in the U.S., they want their lawlessness ( of entering our nation illegally ) overlooked. What hypocrisy. Lawlessness is not cured by the passage of time nor the law made void. When a foundation of seeking citizenship is based on lawlessness, there is NO foundation.

American citizens who want citizenship for illegal aliens are supporting a lawlessness that caused most Latinos to flee their third world nations. If lawlessness is destroying the country they fled, why would they encourage that same lawlessness in this country ( except for the obvious self-serving reason of benefiting themselves OVER the good of the nation ) ?

The " tail ", the Latino voters, should not be able to " wag the dog ", a nation that has become rich and desirable based on the rule of law and order. Compromising our position on law and order is acceptance of evil/lawlessness. It is when voters choose self-serving agendas, whether legalizing illegal aliens or voting for entitlements/privileges, that causes the destruction of a Republic/Democracy. When monocracy allows voters to vote themselves into the Treasury, the Democracy fails and the nation becomes socialistic ( the road that leads to national collapse every time ).

Immigration and associated laws are within the purview of the Congress, not any candidate hungry for votes. A candidate who suggests any course on immigration that is outside existing law is exposing themselves as one who panders to the lawless.


#25. 4-25-2016. THE MASKS COME OFF

With the new agreement between Cruz and Kasich, along with the " old establishment Republican party machine ", we no longer need to be confused about whether to vote for a Christian, an entrenched Republican " home boy "/ Kasich or profound change through Trump.

Cruz, Kasich and the " old establishment Republican party " have chosen to become one homogeneous glob to combat the will of the Republican voters, who have or will vote for real change ---- Trump.

Cruz nor Kasich care anything about what they have said they stand for morally or politically in their speeches. Their actions demonstrate surrendering their individualities and personal interests for a new direction for our nation, for a self-serving opportunity to become the Republican nominee ( not by the will of the majority of Republican primary voters, but through a submission to the control of the " old establishment Republican party machine " --- with old party ideas, agendas and convention rules ).

How loudly do Cruz, Kasich and the R.N.C. have to scream their message : " We do not care about the votes of the majority in this party. We will select a person the Party ( not the people ) wants to carry on old establishment ways and agendas ". When will the people see they do not have a voice in the Republican party, but are unjustly relegated to be silenced sheeple/ blind followers ?

Nothing is so offensive in an alleged democracy as having political voices muffled or silenced, which is exactly what Cruz, Kasichn and the R.N.C. have conspired to do ( to stop Trump ).

George Washington's farewell address of 1796, warned us of party politics ---- parties will put their agendas and people before the will of the people or good of the nation. Guess we are now paying the price for not heeding his sincere warning.
Look what the Democratic Party is offering as their best for our nation, Hillary, with her bag full of scandals and corruption. She can only offer four more years of Obama/Democratic policies.

The Republican's are hoping to field a candidate who will reflect the continuing impotent " old establishment " policies, which cause gridlock and accomplish nothing ---- maybe Romney or Rubio .

The fact that the R.N.C. has fought against Trump from the very beginning, reveals a party that is not interested in real solutions for pressing problems, nor do they care about a majority of Replubican voters who see Trump as the one who best, though not perfectly, represents their political positions.

At least we do not have to guess any longer about Cruz really being an " outsider " of the Republican Party. He can not be anymore of an " insider " of the Republican party than he has chosen to become by joining the conspiracy against Trump and his majority of supporters. Wonder why Trump calls Cruz a liar all the time ? Is it not time for Trump supporters to send Cruz, Kasich and the R.N.C. a clear message: " If we, Trump supporters, have the majority of the delegates/votes going into the Republican convention, we demand Trump to be our Republican candidate. If our votes/voices are usurped through a conspiracy of Cruz, Kasiac and the R.N.C., we will use our votes/voices to stop EVERY Republican running for any office at the state, city, county or national level. MESSAGE SENT !


#22. Muslims using welfare to fund terrorism and promote Islamic agendas.

The Wall Street Journal, on August 6th, 2016, reported the terrorists in France used $ 56,000 in welfare benefits to finance their attacks ( used to promote the Islamic agenda ). It is certain the same tactics are presently being used by Muslims in the United States.

If an investigation was launched into how Muslims used welfare to support additional wives and families to physically propagate, our eyes would be opened as to how our welfare programs are being used to weaken our nation financially while assisting those wanting to overthrow us. Look at what is happening in Irvine, Texas and Dearborn, Michigan.

Muslims are NOT attempting to blend in with Americans and our culture. They are forming groups within cities that replicate the culture of the third world nations from which they came. Those nations are at war and being destroyed by the same Islamic culture they are establishing in the U.S..
Have we become totally blinded by the " politically correct " propaganda about " tolerance ", so that we will witness our nation being overrun and are too intimidated to say or do anything about it ?

Muslims do not support our laws; they want sheria law to govern them and us. They want to make the whole world one Islamic state by any means ( lies, cheating, intimidation, wars, terrorism, etc. ). Read the Koran, Sura 9, to grasp what the world domination of Islam is all about.

The Christians in Iraq and Syria have experienced the betrayal personally of Muslim neighbors who appeared to be tolerant and friendly for years. But when the Sunni rebels, ones fighting to overthrow Assad, gained control of areas in Syria, they drove out the Christians or killed them, destroyed Christian churches and allowed Muslim neighbors to loot and possess all the Christians' homes and property. Exactly the same thing has happened, and is happening in Iraq. Syria and Iraq are cradles of Christianity for over 2,000 years.

Of interest is the U.S.A. assisting the rebels/opposition to Assad financially and militarily ( the same ones killing Christians and confiscating ALL their property ). The Obama/Hillary agendas are to bring Muslims, in mass, into our nation. Only an educated voter can stop that plan and save our nation, Constitution and religious freedoms. Insist any politician, who represents you at a county, state or national level, read the 9th Sura in the Koran BEFORE considering any rule, regulation or law regarding Islam or Muslims. Our nation's freedom depends on it. You have been warned. Now act !


Unfortunately for Hillary, she does not understand separation is demanded by reason, discernment and God, Himself, in various circumstances. So, we need to look at the separation Mr. Trump is promoting and not promoting. Then we will look at the separation Mrs. Clinton is promoting and not promoting.

Mr. Trump and Pence are putting a distinction between liberal Justices and judges, who are destroying the Constitution by spurious interpretations and judge-made-laws, from Justices and judges who honor the Constitution and apply the intent of the original drafters to current cases.

Mr. Trump is separating illegal aliens/immigrants from those who have followed the law to become American citizens or entered the country with work permits, through enforcement of EXISTING LAWS on immigration. He and Mr. Pence are " law-and-order candidates ".

He is wanting to separate those who wish to cross our borders illegally from those who cross at designated points of entry ( thus, the wall ), while making it more difficult for terrorists to enter through our porous borders.

The Republicans are recognizing the need of separation for bodily privacy of both sexes, from those who choose their sex mentally at various times and want to enter bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and sports leagues of opposite genders. God would agree with that moral separation ( from His words ).

There is a separation between sacramental/traditional marriages and same-sex marriages, allegedly made lawful by spurious interpretations of the Constitution by liberal Supreme Court Justices. God would agree to that moral distinction.
Republicans and Democrats are wholesomely divided on the issue of murdering unborn babies ( again made lawful by misinterpretation of the Constitution by liberal/Democratic Justices ). God made a distinction between those positions when He wrote, " Thou shalt not kill ".

There is a necessary political and social separation from the two racist organizations: " Black Lives Matter " and the " KKK ", both on opposite sides of the same racist coin. President Obama and Mrs. Clinton support and promote the racist group, Black Lives Matter, as if killing white police is not their main objective ( see the five policemen killed in Dallas and the three in Baton Rouge ). Mr. Trump supports law-and-order policies, which by its very nature supports police who are to control every racist hate-group, no matter the groups' agendas. See the writing: " BLIND TO THE PLAIN FACT: ' BLACK LIVES MATTER ' AND THE ' KKK '--- OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE SAME COIN ".

Republicans want to constitutionally separate church and state, not drive God from our lives, schools and public gatherings. The Democrats are attempting to control what churches can, and cannot say, do, or exercise individual religious consciences. The liberal Justices have barred God from our public events, schools and administration of Christian businesses. Yes, there is a need of division and distinction on whether to obey God's laws and principles or obey man's laws which opposes righteousness.

Republicans believe in the right of association and assembly, also the right not to associate nor assemble. Having " politically correct " associations forced upon a free people is denying the right NOT to associate. God has told us all L.G.B.T. lifestyles are an abomination to Him and those who practice such things will be eternally lost unless they change. We, Christians, are not allowed to accept directly nor tacitly, sinful lifestyles, ALL sinful lifestyles, not just L.G.B.T. lifestyles. A voice from heaven said, " Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities ". ( Rev. 18: 4&5 ). We are required to separate ourselves spiritually, maybe physically, too, to avoid sharing in the " politically correct " approval of murder/abortion and L.G.B.T. lifestyles, amoral behavior and Godless living. This is an explanation of the Republican position, not a sermon.

Hillary/Democrats allege Mr. Trump is trying to divide white and black races. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Obama was dividing the races and inciting conflicts throughout his two terms ( long before Mr. Trump was considered a viable candidate ). Mr. Trump has included all races in his appeal to make America ( and Americans ) great again. Americans are Americans regardless of race in the Trump/Pence philosophy and practice.

It is Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton who have come up with titles of races which promote individuality, separatism, divisions -- by espousing dual nationalities, exceptionalism, and ego expansion ----- by terms of African-American, Muslim-American, a distinction by a religious/political designation. Mr. Trump's " American " is inclusive and without dividing distinctions, no hyphenated citizenships.
Who is allegedly the cause of divisions between men and women, Trump or Hillary? Does Mr. Trump have a " man card " or does Mrs. Clinton have a " woman card "? See the writing: " HILLARY CLINTON'S ' WOMAN CARD ' AND WHAT IT REPRESENTS ". One quote: " The ' woman card ' of Hillary Clinton is first a political tactic to have women vote for her because she is a woman. That bond of women to her is to be more highly influential than a woman's intellectual discernment of policies by both candidates. That simplistic tactic appears to be an insult to discerning women's intellect and reasoning ability in politics. Is she not really saying, ' Vote for me because I am a woman; no need to consider my character or positions on political issues. We women all think alike and have the same interests' "? ( Also see #13 writing about women's choices and the physical / spiritual consequences ).

There is a distinction/separation between those who want the existing laws enforced by respected police authority ---- ( Trump and Pence ) AND those who refuse to enforce existing laws, like those on immigration and lawful police responses to damaging riots/anarchy ---- ( Obama and Clinton ).

Blending races, all economic levels, all lifestyles, all educational and skill levels into one socialistic society is a Democratic plan/platform which must be separated from the Republican form of government upon which this nation was founded. Pure water is needed for life. Dirt/ground is needed for food growth and foundations. A blend of those two good things makes both effectively worthless, likewise, blending of traits of Americans, their individual lifestyles, morals and consciences render a societal swamp/miasma. We can tell from reason and experience that mixing, amalgamating, commingling and uniting some things can be bad or impossible ( light with darkness, good with evil, right with wrong, godless Democratic platforms and ideas with God and life-honoring Republican platforms and principles); just as we can discern separation, division, severance, disassociation and bifurcation can be good, necessary and salutary, individually and as a voting block.

The Trump/Pence ticket is attempting to unify the Christians and morally concerned citizens to stand against the Democrats/Hillary for their attempts to destroy the Constitution, religious freedom, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom from having the amoral lifestyles/ " civil rights " of the L.G.B.T. forced upon all citizens.

Hillary, on the other hand, is speaking behind the podium in " Black Churches " ( a term that is an oxymoron; there is only one Christian church which is attended by all races ). She is appealing to that block of black voters on terms of what political/social/economic advantages she can give them if she is elected president. Hillary wants to separate those Christians from their moral and religious foundations so they will vote for a Democrat who supports killing babies/abortion, supports and promotes all L.G.B.T. agendas, encourages Justices and judges to destroy our Constitution by liberal social engineering through judge-made-law ( negating religious freedom, speech, association and right to bear arms, etc. ). She is creating the most serious type of separation, usually reserved for demons: the separation of Christians from their God and His will, which has temporal and eternal consequences for them and Hillary. Ironically, some blacks want to believe Hillary's promises of favor, while seemingly ignoring her proven reputation for lying, also failing to remember the broken promises of another Democrat, who is of the same race, Obama. Are they really expecting a lying white Democrat, Hillary, to do more for their country and race than the black Democrat, Obama? Yes, a very strange stage for voters.



Democrats want to show Mr. Trump is uncompassionate and unreasonable regarding his policy restricting immigration of Muslims and others from nations steeped in terrorism and/or war. At the same time, Democrats can show the " old establishment Republicans " are more in line with the " politically correct " position of President Obama/ Hillary ( allowing Muslims into our nation in mass ). The " Trump Republicans " have identified the wrong direction and thinking of the Democrats and " establishment Republicans " by making Trump their nominee, not Ron Paul nor John McCain. Old establishment Republicans will fight against change, the essence of what Trump stands for. Who can doubt Hillary wants to continue the same Obama policies that have harmed us at home and abroad ---- same, same, same, etc.?

Have the Democrats, Ron Paul, John McCain and voters not read the ninth Sura of the Koran to learn of the agenda of all knowledgeable/ devout Muslims ---- world domination by every possible means ( lies, manipulation, threats/ intimidation and violence )?

Why the Democrats and some Republicans want to allow Islam to overthrow our nation from the inside is a mystery to me and other patriotic Americans. Just how many attacks on Americans do we have to experience since 9-11 before we will acknowledge Islam is at war with us and all others who will not convert to Islam?
It is not an act of compassion to allow illegal aliens to cross our borders, nor to allow Muslims into our nation, whose political and religious agenda is to destroy our way of life and its concomitant freedoms. " America First " demands we protect ourselves and families from EVERY source and attempt to destroy our Republic, even if what we do to protect ourselves appears to some others ( inside and outside our nation ), as uncompassionate or unreasonable.

Mr. Khan knows exactly what he wishes to accomplish through his speech and conflict with Mr. Trump --- the Islamic agenda of destroying America from within by causing division and confusion about Muslims. There would be no confusion if we would read from their Koran what the goals and purposes of all fundamental/radical Muslims are, PERIOD.

The Democrats and Mr. Khan keep pushing something different than 100% American ----- Muslim-American, African-American. It is divisiveness to put a nationality ( or a quasi-political/religious designation ) with the plain term, American. Either one is an American or not.

Mr. Trump is for ALL American citizens. He is not for hyphenated citizenships.
Until our borders are secure and our immigration laws enforced efficiently and efficaciously, we must not subject ourselves to likely harm.

Mr. Khan held up our Constitution and spoke as if it should be applied to Muslim immigrants. Our Constitution is for ONLY American citizens. Mr. Khan knows from his legal practice to whom our Constitution is to apply --- more deceit.

Mr. Khan is assisting the Democrats, the ones who want to destroy the Constitution ( the same Constitution his son died to protect and defend ). That same Democratic Party supports and promotes L.G.B.T. agendas ( the lifestyles that God and Allah call abominations; Muslims are to kill anyone in those perverted lifestyles ). Mr. Khan surely knows of Allah's judgment on Sodom and its homosexual practices : Koran, Sura 2 - 78-85; as do Christians, Holy Bible, Genesis 19: 1-- 29. Christians nor Muslims want the nation in which they live destroyed by God or Allah. So why has Mr. Khan chosen to assist the Democrats who have a Party Platform which is antithetical to his exclaimed love for the constitution and tenets of Islam? A greater good could be accomplished if Democrats would flood the nation with Muslims --- remember the single most important agenda in Islam is world domination, by any means or methods.

Mr. Khan's son was an American of whom we may all respect and honor. That honor does not automatically go to his parents, especially when what they propose is contrary to the very purpose their son's life was given, to uphold and protect the Constitution, America's freedoms and our way of life.
Look at the Republican and Democratic platforms, Mr. Khan. Align yourself with your strongly held beliefs, but do not deceive other Americans by your hidden Muslim agendas.


The American people have a clear view of the " KKK ". Republicans nor Democrats seek the support of that racial organization, while honoring the rights of that organization to exist and speak their beliefs. That organization is not exempt from the existing laws regarding " hate crimes " and " hate speech ". So how is the " Black Lives Matter " organization able to promote hate crimes and murder against police without the backlash of society against known racist organizations ?

We have heard a lot about " political correctness " from Mr Trump. But have we really grasped the influences of " political correctness " on our subjective thinking ? Can we disdain the racism of the " KKK " while tacitly accepting the racism found in the " Black Lives Matter " organization and believe our thinking is objective ?
One group hates blacks, Jews, homosexuals, etc., for no other reason than they exist. The other group hates police, primarily white police, just because they are police [ some of whom have killed Americans, ( twice as many whites as blacks ), in their line of duty, justifiably and unjustly ].

Inclusive hatred, without individual and personal culpability being considered, adds up to the same shameful conclusion --- blind racism. No, I am not buying into the propaganda that racism can only be a position of discrimination of whites against blacks. Senseless hatred for any generic group or race is of the same ilk --- racism.
We know enough about the " KKK " , through exposure over decades, to discern their purposes and goals, unlike the newly founded " Black Lives Matter " organization.

Let us look closer at what we know already. The group, not unlike other effected Americans, are concerned and distraught over misuse of police authority, especially over fatal encounters. The BLM has chosen to focus ONLY on police actions against blacks, evidently choosing to ignore the police misconduct against all other races ( which I believe is the real issue nationwide ).

There is no doubt President Obama, Hillary and the Democrats have accepted and are pandering to the BLM and giving them a voice in the Democratic convention. I witnessed the BLM members taking over the podium at one of Bernie Sanders' rallies, showing me the lack of respect of the BLM for Mr Sanders, rules of courtesy/order, and the Democratic Party, itself. Likewise, Hillary was interrupted by the BLM supporters on several occasions, as if they couldn't understand Mr Sanders, Hillary and the Democratic Party was already pandering to them ( as well as all other black agendas ).

There are posters at BLM protest marches/demonstrations/riots which say: " No justice, no peace ". The " justice " sought by the BLM seems to have a different definition than the legal term with which we are familiar.

" [J]ustice " appears to mean a conviction of any white person who kills a black, regardless of facts supporting justification " at law ", as determined by juries or the court, itself. The BLM group is in good/politically powerful company in the rush-to-judgment in black deaths --- Obama, Hillary and Sanders --- before the justice system has a chance to work.

In the Treyvon Martin shooting, Mr Obama took the position that he could have had a son like Treyvon. The protests before the trial of Zimmerman and cries for " justice ", decry the BLM's rush-to-judgment without germane evidence, as the " not guilty " verdict revealed. We see the same protests/riots in Ferguson, to protest the justified killing of Mr Brown ( as determined by local prosecutors and supported by the concurrent Justice Department investigation, led by Attorney General, Eric Holder ). Why those justified killings are still being used by the BLM as examples of why their organization is needed, still confounds me.

I am no longer surprised when an organization, private or governmental, adopts a name that is antithetical to its real purposes. The National Security Agency deprived U.S. citizens of their personal security/privacy by unconstitutionally seizing, unauthorized, communications, allegedly under the auspices of the " Patriot Act ", which also tromped upon other constitutional rights of real patriots. The Social Security Administration set up a government fund that the government has raided, removing the "security " of retirement funds from aged/retired citizens. " Obama Care " has shown he has not " care[d] " about insurance plans citizens wanted to keep, but thrust upon us government-mandated coverage that was not wanted nor needed, adding stifling unnecessary expense ( or a government fine for refusing to be a forced participant ).

Now we come to another antithetically named organization: Black Lives Matter. Do black lives matter as one-third of the black race has been murdered by abortion since Roe v. Wade? Do black lives matter in ghettos and large cities where black-on-black crime takes more black lives than any other causes, including police homicides ? Does Black Lives Matter have any interest in the living blacks, who need better education, job opportunities, pay, secure/decent housing, freedom from government welfare programs, OR only the dead ones killed by white policemen ( which might or might not be justified )?

President Obama had a chance to heal much of the racial tension when he gained the support of many white voters. His agenda was different ---- to cause more division and racial strife. Can anyone doubt racial division and tension has greatly increased under Obama's policies? The pseudo-title of African-American may be pride-engendering, but it, too, was designed to cause division. How? When anyone is designated " an American ", that is the privileged term of unspeakable honor and dignity every citizen adopts. African-American designates something different than other Americans, and Obama knows it.

Our first President recognized the unifying importance of our " national capacity " name of " American ". President Washington, in his farewell address of 1796, said, " Citizens, by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local [ or foreign ] discriminations ".

You can find numerous statics which show the decline of blacks in every capacity during Obama's presidency. But what you will not find is how the BLM organization is being manipulated to further the grand plan of the government to micro-manage every American's life. The members/supporters of the BLM feel important with the modicum of political power they have been temporarily granted; I say " temporarily ", because when they have unknowingly accomplished the government's purposes, the BLM will have all their influence/political power removed.

The BLM is now causing great civil unrest, with protests/demonstrations/riots that reflect anarchy. If enough actions of anarchy appear in enough major cities, Obama can declare martial law, freezing rights, stopping the current presidential elections. The secondary objective is to discredit local police departments; thus, making them ripe for being nationalized or micro-managed by federal oversight. States' rights and constitutions must be negated before socialism can control wealth and ALL governmental functions.

It should be no surprise to us as the " New Black Panthers " seek to affiliate with another radical police-hating organization: " Black Lives Matter ". If you are surprised, it indicates you do not see the BLM for what it is; the " New Black Panthers " do.

Does the BLM see what results are being yielded by their actions and policies? Encouraging assaults or murder of policemen, yield shootings like happened in Dallas. When policemen know they are being targeted, it makes them more likely to use deadly force, with even less time to consider real risks. That equates to MORE black deaths at the hands of officers, NOT LESS.

The police are aware that 46% of police being shot are by blacks. Now the BLM wants that percentage to increase. What really happens when police are put at risk? They, like all normal people, will try to avoid high risk situations; thus, the " Ferguson Effect " comes into play ( where police avoid standard criminal prevention and respond only after a crime has taken place ). The sky-rocketing murder rates among blacks in inner-cities is the product of Ferguson and the political backlash. Is that what the BLM intended to accomplish, more black-on-black murders? Intended or not, that is the result. The BLM may not have been able to foresee those results, but those manipulating that organization certainly did. The BLM members have an informed choice to make now: enjoy the political perks and power until you are discarded by those who are in power; OR, recognize you are being played for a fool and do not play the game any longer.

I encourage the BLM to accept the truth and change the policies and actions of their organization to make black lives matter, now and in the future. I would not share this information, except black lives and all American lives are so precious in God's sight and mine.

Prophet Benson wrote a book earlier in his life, titled, " The Enemy Within ". I read it in 1988, but his prophetic warning was for this day, even this very hour. He said there would be a time when our Constitution " would be hanging by a thread ". He stated the Mormons would come through at that hour to save the Constitution; this is the hour and election which will determine if Mormons will let that divinely inspired document be destroyed or given a chance to be restored.
It is the godless ultra left socialists/Democrats who can finish destroying our God-breathed Constitution. They have soiled our Constitution through liberal Supreme Court Justices' manipulating interpretations, refusing to consider the constitutional provisions within the meanings as originally drafted ( by God-fearing men, as demonstrated by their words, " One nation under God ") and making judge-made-laws.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and all supporting Democrats want to continue the trend of godless Socialism. Who, but the demonically inspired, could find in our Constitution, the rights to kill unborn babies, which Mormons see as spirit-children who have chosen to come into families? Who but the godless Democrats and their Liberal-appointed Justices could find a right within the Constitution to desecrate the sacrament of marriage, whether for time or all eternity, determining marriage was equally meant for same-sex couples?

The Democrats have been pushing for L.G.B.T. civil rights while concurrently restricting the religious freedom and the right to live a life according to our religious convictions ( which are allegedly protected constitutional rights ). The President and his Attorney General have put schools, universities and all public institutions on notice that federal funds will be withheld from anyone not complying with the mandate to enforce L.G.B.T. civil rights. Under that mandate, which Hillary has promised to continue, a person determines mentally what sex they are and may change their mind at any time --- not being bound by the sex determined on their birth certificates. That policy allows males in female bathrooms, showers and to play in the opposite sex sports leagues ( females having the same options ).
What could be more damaging to a family unit than having L.G.B.T. agendas forced upon it? Same-sex couples have adopted over 270,000 children. What chance do those children have who grow up with two mommies or two daddies?
To my great dismay, I hear of poll numbers that show Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump in a dead heat in Utah and among Mormons. It is hard for me to believe Mormons could be so confused and disoriented that some would risk losing our Constitution, freedom of religion, rights to bodily privacy, and right to bear arms by considering a vote for Hillary ( or against Trump ).

Whatever Mitt Romney is spreading about Mr. Trump, you must not look only at Trump and his baggage of the past. Look at what you will lose if you vote Democratic for any spurious reason, associating yourself with the godless policies I have stated above ( just a few of them ). A vote against Trump is a vote for Hillary. Refusing to vote for anyone is a vote for Hillary. Presidents are elected by the electoral college, but congressional races depend on individual votes, as well as state, county and city contests.

Your vote would allow our Constitution and its protected rights to be saved, if you voted Republican, including Trump. He has already submitted a short list of constitutionalist judges to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. Constitutionalist Justices are the only way to protect our constitution, religious freedom, rights to privacy, and right to bear arms --- Second Amendment. If one more liberal Justice is appointed by Hillary, the constitution will be destroyed by a majority of liberal Justices. Trump will appoint around 400 Federal judges in his first term, if elected. He has said all those judges will have to be " pro life ", the only presidential nominee to ever make such a positive declaration. God will not heal our nation if we continue to kill the unborn ( 60 million since Roe vs. Wade ) and actively or tacitly accept the L.G.B.T. lifestyles and agendas. God has told us what it will take to have Him heal our nation, which is on its death bed morally and spiritually --- ( 2 Chronicles 7:14 ).

When I was saying the Democrats are demonically led, it was not a guess nor an unsupportable revelation. By their fruits you can know them: legalizing the murder of the unborn; giving homosexuality an acceptance as just another lifestyle ( which God calls an abomination and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah as a warning to us ); defiling the sanctity of marriage and stopping the fruit of marriage --- children; refusing to recognize God's creation of male and female, ( He created no in-betweens and no variable sexes mentally ). There are NO pro life Democrats by definition.

As further substantiation of demonic/occult direction, Hillary has used the occult, a necromancer, to consult regularly with the familiar spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt to counsel her and Bill. Doubts ? Enter " Clinton and Roosevelt " for your search, no need to just believe me. Is that who you will allow to run our nation by not voting Republican? Many Mormons have wisely voted Republican in the past. Please hold true to your wisdom and knowledge.

Please do not be deceived as to the gravity of this election. It is not the time to make a political statement about your impression of Trump or be wrongfully misled by Mitt Romney.

The selection of Mike Pence as Trump's Vice-President should clarify any doubts about Trump's ability and wisdom to select associates who value Christian principles and values. In Mr. Pence's own words: " I am a Christian, Conservative and Republican, in that order ". God has blessed the works of Pence's hands as he served as Governor of Indiana. Governor Pence supported Ted Cruz in the primary, like many of you. Now, he sees the only clear path to preservation of Christian values and our Constitution is through Mr. Trump's presidency.
Our Constitution is hanging by a thread and our Christian lifestyle is at risk. Act Mormons, with Wisdom !


The " woman card " of Hillary Clinton is primarily a political tactic to entice all women to vote for her because she is a woman, in a sisterhood. Hillary is counting on the appeal to women, by a woman, to be more influential than a woman's intellectual discernment of policies and characteristics of both candidates.
That simplistic tactic should be an insult to discerning women's intellect and reasoning ability. Women have the intellect and reasoning ability to consider political policies and qualifications of each candidate. She is really saying, " Vote for me because I am a woman; no need to consider my position on political issues or evaluate my character. We women all think alike and have the same interests ".
Hillary's " woman card " represents an affiliation with women who are like her. But what does being " like her ", really represent ? A woman like Hillary will promote abortion; promote and accept L.G.B.T. agendas ( homosexuality ---- as just another acceptable life-style; same sex marriage as honorable as traditional/sacramental marriages; civil rights of the L.G.B.T. to be enforced on all state and federal institutions which receive federal assistance, meaning: those who consider their sex different than the sex on their birth certificates can enter bathrooms, showers, and play sports in the opposite sex leagues ); supports " Black Lives Matter ", which promotes racial attacks and murder of white policemen; uses occultic practices to call up the dead through a necromancer, specifically, a familiar spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt ( for guidance for herself and Bill ); supports liberal judges to make " social engineering " through judge-made-law, altering the purpose and intent of the Constitution; eschews rules and laws which protect national security ( e-mail server scandal ); openly and flagrantly lies to the American public through the media about her actions, as refuted by F.B.I. investigative reports; uses official positions to solicit funds from foreign nations to influence our nation and enrich the Clinton Foundation ( around 125 million dollars ); is bribed by Wall Street for favors ( paying her $ 125,000 per speech ). The list could go on and on, but have we not heard enough ?

How can women, who are wives or mothers, relate to Hillary when she accepts and promotes policies which will expose children to the opposite sex by her L.G.B.T. standards and concomitantly desecrates traditional marriage? Maybe all women and mothers do NOT think like Hillary.

The " woman card " allows Hillary to verbally attack Trump. However, any criticism of Hillary by Trump, is taken as a criticism of ALL women.
The " woman card " was used as a way of raising funds for Hillary's campaign. But how many knew what the " card " actually represented ?

God's creative glory was demonstrated when He created a man and woman. He didn't create any in-betweens; man imagined and acted them into existance. Do not let Hillary's " woman card " diminish your glory or purposes, ladies ( the real ones ). Guess the females, who see themselves as male, do not qualify for her " card ", or maybe they do. Hillary has made even the most simple things confusing, like sex being determined in the mind of the person, which is unknowable to all others.
One of the negative results of sex equality, as envisioned by President Obama and Hillary, is to have our daughters registered for a draft, like our sons. When Ms Lynch, a soldier in Iraq, was captured by Muslims, she was sexually abused every way imaginable ( which is allowed in Islam ). Is that the type liberation women want for their daughters ?
So who insults the dignity and glory of women more, Hillary or Trump ? Please consider your answer carefully. The morality and health of our nation is found in your answer and through your vote.


#15 RUTH BADER GINSBURG : POLITICIAN; SOCIAL ACTIVIST ( but sitting as a United States Supreme Court Justice )

Ms Ginsburg has given us a rare opportunity to KNOW her political views by her caustic verbal attack on Mr. Trump. Who, in their right minds, would not have known Ms. Ginsburg is a Democrat, ultra-liberal and a social engineer, based on her opinions in cases before the Court in which she now sits ? She, too, has " come out of the closet ", in which she was NOT well concealed.

Ms. Ginsburg took the opportunity to influence as many people as possible to oppose Mr. Trump and indirectly support the far-left-leaning Mrs. Clinton, a person with the same social engineering as she ( promoting L.G.B.T. agendas and destruction of the Constitution by liberal interpretations and judge-made-laws ).
Did Ms Ginsburg really think she could put out all that diatribe against Mr. Trump and walk away from the consequences by an insincere retraction, not about what she said, but admitting she should have never used her influencial government position to create bias against Mr. Trump? She is too well educated not to know exactly what she was doing and trying to accomplish. If, by her vilification of Mr. Trump, she can influence enough voters to prevent Mr. Trump's presidency, she will have accomplished her goal of having Mrs. Clinton, as President, appoint more liberal, social engineering Justices ( which would have a majority by which to totally eviserate our Constitution ).

Justice Ginsburg has heard and read numerous legal cases and briefs in which the maxim: " a bell once rung, cannot be unrung " has been cited. She knows an arrow, once shot, cannot be recalled. She has knowingly and deliberately " shot the arrow" and " rung the bell ". She should be impeached for her abuse of office, not only for influencing the political process unprofessionally, but because she is openly attempting to negate the Constitution by liberal interpretations AND bypassing the legislative process by making judge-made-law ( binding, socially engineered decisions --- L.G.B.T. agendas and contrary opinions on every freedom of religion and freedom of conscience cases ).

She, like Mrs. Clinton, believes she is wearing the same Teflon® suit where no consequenses stick for deliberate avoidance of rules, protocols and laws. Her appointment as a justice is for life, UNLESS she is impeached for malfeasance of office. Being a political advocate for Mrs. Clinton, dismembering our Constitution, making judge-made-law and failing to recuse herself when totally based/opinionated in cases to be decided ( e.g. performing a same-sex marriage for two of her male homosexual friends BEFORE the highest court decided a case on same-sex marriage, which set the law as precedent for all states ), are sufficient grounds for impeachment. No, I do not believe Mr. Obama will take any action against Ms. Ginsburg, any more than he would support criminal actions against Mrs. Clinton for her flagrant breach of national security for her convenience, financial benefits and secrecy from oversight by government-watch organizations through the Freedom of Information Act ( which allows non-classified records to be accessed from government agencies, but not private e-mail servers ).

As a final thought, Ms. Ginsburg follows the Jewish religion as Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton follow the Christian religion; they don't ( unless there is a different Bible being referenced ) !

#10. Have we forgotten Who the God of gods is and Who is over all worldly authority?

Here we sit, saddened and frustrated by the attacks on our religious freedoms ( allegedly protected through our state and federal constitutions ), but not using the Supreme Political Contact, our Father, to correct or replace the judges, state or federal, who have been given their authority/position by our God.

Yes, many of us have been led into fervent prayer for our nation ( a national weekend for prayer taking place this coming weekend), but are our prayers being focused on the ones in authority over us in the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government --- state and federal ? Even the corrupt President, Obama, could not take our nation on this path of destruction and death if ungodly judges were not in place [ from the highest levels of the Judicial Branch, the United States Supreme Court Justices, to the Obama pawn, appointed as the United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to the judges at the U.S. Appellate courts and District Court judges ( and all those counterpart positions of authority at the state level )]. Our God can correct those He has put or allowed in authority over us. He can remove the evil authorities ( from their positions of authority and even from physical life ). But we receive not, because we ask not ( specifically -- bringing up names of those Justices and judges who are making " judge-made laws ", while negating the protections found in our various constitutions, state and federal ).

Are we willing to use the influence our Father has given to His children? We, the Christians of this nation, are the only ones who have the undivided attention of our God and Creator. We are the only ones God has empowered to bring healing to our nation --- 2 Chronicles 7: 14. It doesn't seem to matter about all the unbelievers and corrupt authorities in our nation; change/healing must take place by actions of those "- - - called by His name ".

What are we going to do about our obligations to God and how are we going to use the authority of " believers "? Those are the questions and solutions now placed before us. Our nation's healing depends upon us and our obedience to God. Guess we know where the buck really stops.

#23 ( written the day Gov. Deal vetoed the religious freedom bill ). THE SIN OF SILENCE AND LACK OF ACTIVISM

Do you see what is happening in Georgia as our Governor, Deal, has chosen money and accolades of secular men and businesses over morals and approval of God and His angels?

Governor Perdue was brought to the nation's attention by the media's reporting that Georgia's Governor was praying with the people of Georgia for God to send rain, to end one of Georgia's worst droughts. The secular media indicated they would watch to see if the prayer ended the drought --- which was forecast to continue.

Rain came quickly and often ---- replenishing rivers, lakes and arid farmland. We have not had a severe drought since the united prayer was made. The media did not see fit to follow up on if the prayer worked; it would have made God appear to be real and beneficent.

Georgia could have passed through a drought like California is experiencing, along with the forest fires ( destroying millions of trees and numerous homes ), lack of water and bug manifestations. Wonder how much money California lost in agricultural failures, costs of fighting forest fires, tree loss, water rationing, losses in tourism to forest parks and lake recreation ? But at least California was able to keep most of its businesses that were not ruined because of the lack of water, fires, etc..
The movie companies could still put out films, that ordinarily promote homosexual agendas or secular humanistic themes. They also did not have to seriously consider the possibility that a living God had taken a shot across California's bow with the long drought --- to awaken the people to His power and sovereign control of nature. But Governor Brown came close --- saying nature was coming against California AND was winning the battle. If Mr. Brown had used the word, God, instead of his idea of random " nature ", California could have been on a road to long term healing.
Whether God sent rain because of the hurting California Christians' prayers or just decided to give some relief because of His mercy, we do not know.

Georgia's Governor should have learned to trust and follow God's way from Gov. Perdue's faith and prayer. But Gov. Deal has chosen to yield to worldly economic pressure and loud " politically correct " thinking in vetoing a bill to protect the moral choices people of faith MUST make to follow " the Way, the Truth and the Life ".

May God smile on those in North Carolina who voted their faith in refusing to allow perversions to overrun their state, people and families. Their Attorney General should be fired so he can work for the A.C.L.U. or homosexual organizations. He has sent a message to the people and legislators of North Carolina --- " I will not support moral legal positions of those I am to represent ".

My thanks goes out to the Georgia legislators who stand for a moral rule of law, no matter the final result of the bill. God knows those who acknowledge His ways and those who think they can achieve good for the state by pandering to godless businesses and support of the morally depraved. Being an enemy of God is not good business for an individual or state or nation.

In the not-so-distant future, all individuals will be forced to make a life-changing decision. We will be able to " buy or sell " IF we turn away from the living God and serve the Antichrist. Our decision to remain faithful to the living God can mean our eventual starvation ---- like the 100 million Orthodox Christians under Stalin and Lenin.

If economic considerations trump obeying God's law now, we do not have to guess about whether we will receive the " mark of the beast ", to be able to do business --- buy or sell, and chose to become an enemy to God.

If Georgia lost a lot of economic benefits from standing on godly morals, how great would be our eternal blessings. Has Gov. Deal forgotten or ever known Jesus' teaching on economic benefits and eternal consequences? " For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul ? Or what small a man give in exchange for his soul "? ( Matt. 16:26 )

A nation or States' leaders can lead their people into blessings or curses. We can see how President Obama and the United States Supreme Court have promoted homosexual agendas. The God over His creatures ( created things ) has shown His anger against those who promote, accept or tacitly approve of sexual lawlessness. God has not run out of fire and brimstone that He rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah. ( Genesis 19: 1-29 ). Our fire insurance in Georgia will make little difference if God executes a similar judgment on immorality here.

Why are Christians so silent ? Let the list of businesses which stepped forward in opposition to Christians and morality, be the list of businesses we faithfully boycott. We can make a difference if we will be proactive. Drive businesses away that want us to become enemies of our Creator/God or boycott them until they change their moral thinking. Take a stand ! They did.

Questions ---- Thoughts
#1. Businesses cannot exist without people. People can exist without businesses.
#2. Who do businesses think they are when they put economic pressure on the government and people of Georgia to accept their immoral position on perversity ?
#3. Is it not sufficient, Gov. Deal, that the representatives of the people of Georgia see religious freedom too important to ignore ?
#4. I forgot ---- who elected you Governor of our state, the people or businesses in Georgia ?
#5. If businesses do not want to stay in a state with morals, California might be just right.
#6. Would stockholders approve of spending millions of THEIR dollars for you to relocate because Georgia does not agree with your " politically correct " thinking on promoting perversion and homosexual agendas ?
#7. We permit the perverse lifestyles to live among us without forcing our moral beliefs upon them. Why is it not fair for us to live our Christian lifestyles free from coercion by the immoral ?
#8. If businesses with faith and morals offend you, seek businesses that accept your lifestyle. Is that not simple ?
#9. Prejudice only exists in the perverted minds of those who have determined their rights to display perverse lifestyles trump the rights of the religious citizens of Georgia. Wrong thinking !  +++

Here is the information I sent back to him:

Deidra Dose-Nothe

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