Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Day In The LIFE

Today, Labor Day - 2016 - I called Leon Todd an idiot, and rightly so.

I spent time communicating with trusted FB friends, Rex, Ambrose and Eric - a Roman Catholic, an Orthodox Catholic and a Jew. - and I witnessed LIFE to Joann Price; I wished my 46 year old son, Keith Robinson, who is twice the man I will ever be, a Happy Birthday, and prayed with Martha M, who is struggling with anger and cancer. I answered txts about false information from one sister and listened to two hours of anger and grief, deep, deep grief from a friend ( don't do phone well.)

I prayed with a priest for 20 minutes or so after he made confession. What a precious soul he is, giving his whole life to others. How could he come to selfish me, to make confession!

I posted articles on face book, I hoped would "inform and educate" and rode 12 miles on my bike in 92 degree heat.

I sat in front of Starbucks, a place I HATE, with someone I love and drank a cup of dark roast and watched a beautiful 50ish woman sun bathing on the Starbucks patio, another one , a third my ages joyfully flirt with me, and another asked my prayers. (I was wearing a blue shirt and khaki pants, why would she assume I was a priest?)

I poked my sister-in-law in the ribs, as she and the other sister-in-law were trying to position a new piece of art on the wall. She threatened with with mortal danger, as my wife giggled and mocked.

I discovered a flat tire on the lawn mower and inflated it. Smoked my pipe and watched the sunset, waved to my neighbor, and threatened their 4 year old son who keeps tossing bricks at my dog Bob, who weighs less than a brick.

I watch two beautiful little girls playing in the park with their mother, as I rested in the shade.

I played the piano for fifteen minutes (about all that can hold my interest at the moment) and fed energy to my two seventeen year old dogs. I noted that when it was bed time they sprinted up the stairs like pups.

I celebrated in solitude at dawn Saint Patrick's Prayer, and the old roman liturgy, breaking every canon and celebrating Mass in solitude - except saints and angels were present - then I napped, as everyone else woke up.

I talked with J.J. on the phone for an hours, and prayed for him for another 20 minutes, saying only, "Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy."

I watched the ChemTrail Planes cover the sky today, and my friend who denied their existence, look up, in front of Star Bucks and admit their existence, and ask questions. And while those questions were being raised, my sister from 700 miles away phone me to tell me that even though she had just seen me, she missed me. Do you know how precious that is?

I read a note from my grandson, who was spending a day by himself and another from a cousin who was bragging about her garden - and it is BEAUTIFUL.

My beautiful wife laughed and made fun of me at least three times today, and I discovered that someone I love deeply was in prison on hellish charges.

I watched Hillary Clinton debase herself for her ambitions, a sick and sad MEAT PUPPET, wanting to hate her, I secretly wished for one day of her time, to witness LIFE to her, while she is dying. Okay - I admit it. Tears filled my eyes and I wept - NOT in an emotional sense - but truly from my heart - for Hillary Clinton. God has given the world her example now - she is reaping - and it is hard to watch. Lord, I hope in your mercy, I never have to REAP.

I saw Saint John Maximovitch today who smiled at me, as I related Alexandr Solzhenitsyn's words, interpreted by a faithful Roman Catholic. I picked up the tiny vial of oil from the lamps that burn eternally at Saint John's Tomb in San Francisco, and after anointing many hundreds, and pouring out its content to many, many times, it is still full.

I looked at the shoddy lawn of our new house (new to us 16 years old) a mansion really - not like my sister's REAL mansion, but a 4000 sq foot luxury barn. And thought about the Gaither Band's chief roadie, who bought it new. I took a moment and prayed God's mercy on him and his family and Bill Gaither for his beautiful Jesus Christ honoring life, creativity, compositions and art. As much as I write about the confusion of the Evangelical movement, here I am in a Gaither House? <smile> that beats a house of ill repute many fold.

My little dog Bob - grandson of the Champion "Buddy" (Gabby Robinson) crawled up on the arm of my chair and napped with me today.

Teresa P. messaged me today, and I was reminded why I love her so. Why do I love her? Because she is a genuine Christian Warrior. Like Phyllis Schlafly, who reposed today (MEMORY ETERNAL) so thankful that she reposed by natural causes surrounded by family, unlike her dear friend Nancy Schaefer, a friend also of my sister, who was SUICIDED by the NWO. Nancy's husband DID NOT murder her and commit suicide, THEY were SUICIDED by the New World Order. Nancy Schaefer and her husband (please forgive me for not remember his name) were CHRISTIAN MARTYRS - assassinated by the Globalist Psychopaths.

So, how do we end a typical day in the life of the DEAD MAN, who died twenty-five years ago. Well this entry will do.

A Personal Testimony On Orthodox Easter

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