Friday, September 2, 2016

Vladimir Putin - Traitor to the New World Order

These three videos are of course "propaganda." 

But in TRUTH, what does that mean since EVERY SECOND of T.V. you watch and ALL of the so-called, NeoCon Right, and most of the Alt-Right media on the internet are propaganda sources as well. 

This fellow is part of the Zeitgeist Movement, which means he is a New Age pagan, skeptical of all things "religious," not realizing that his religion is perennial paganism - or better stated "nostalgic ancient paradise-ism" - the belief that in pre-history mankind existed with massively advanced technology in paradise and "religion" spoiled everything.  

Yet, his perspective has caused him to do a better job of truth telling than 85% of the so-called Christian sources,  (which are either Neo Con or Cultural Marxist) and 100% better than the Zionist sources. These three videos Part I, II and III show a progressive understanding emerging over a period of about 18 months , which tells me that rather than the message being static, trying to punch a single point, that he is sincerely seeking to explain what he can as events unfold, the unfolding events change the story etc. It the processes 90 percent of what he says is TRUE. Compare - 95 percent of what you get from the CIAmerican Media is FALSE. 

BTW don't waste time on his "Holographic Discourses" series, it is New Age Bull Shit. But in these three videos, about Vladimir Putin betraying his New World Order Masters, cutting his strings, and intelligently battling them, he has the story in its correct context, and exposes a great many things in the context of Putin's rebellion, the CIAmerican media will NEVER tell you.  I have been saying for years now, that were it not for Vladimir Putin rebellion, any chance we as Americans would have had to restore Liberty would already have passed, and we would be under the thumb of the Globalist, as would the Russian people. 

If you want a quick lesson in the correct context to view the massive destruction in the Middle East, and American poverty (the continued American depression) this presentation is very good.  BTW, Donald Trump is battling the exact same power structure as Vladimir Putin is.  I don't paint either one as SAINTS, but rather as men willing to put it all on the line to keep humanity from world slavery.


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