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Newt Gingrich and his Globalist Cluster Fart

Newt Gingrich let go with a Globalist Cluster Fart today.  Here is the link to his little speech in the lying Globalist paradigm. Watch it first or my comments below will not have context.

AFTER suckering people in, to make them believe that he is for Donald Trump's America First Agenda, here is Newt Gingrich laying out his GLOBALIST strategy to fight what he calls, "Islamic Supremicism." What he fails to mention, in laying out his ideas about the "failed strategy post-911" is the fact that the so-called Hijackers were SAUDI, and financed by the SAUDIS, and that George W Bush and his entire family are tied at the hip financially to the House of Saud. This is the Neo-Con propaganda that is destroying the world. His suggestion for more troops and more money to fight the Taliban is INSANE. Tell me when the Taliban attacked the U.S? Not until we attacked them, and made them the fall guys for the actions of the CIA and the House of Saud.
The US House of Representatives has passed a bill allowing Americans to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11, days before the attack’s 15th anniversary. The measure passed without objection or opposition, but the White House is threatening a veto.[LINK]

I cannot listen to this propaganda and that is what it is, pure Neo-Con, Globalist PROPAGANDA. Newt praises George W. Bush's "You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists" speech. That wasn't a declaration of War on Jihadism, it was rather the announcement that the New World Order Globalists, would use the title "fighting terrorism" to cover their Globalist atrocities, overt and covert military conquest and GENOCIDE,  just like they used the cover of "national security" to destroy every constitutional rampart the founders erected against Tyranny. No! what Bush in other words said, is "you will bow to the New World Order Agenda, or we will crush you." The proof of it is that the Obama Administration is even at this point of weakness spoiling for War with Russia. That's not in America's interest, that is part of the Globalist Agenda. And don't think I am talking apples and oranges talking about Bush and Obama, because as far as the Globalist Agenda is concerned, which George H.W. Bush purposely named the New World Order, Obama is serving out George H.W. Bush's 7th term as president. The Uni-Polar, One Super Power Controlled World has been the agenda these seven presidential terms. 

Of course Wesley Clark would like to blame the Globalist Agenda on just the Republicans, via a "policy coup" but in real life, he commanded the Globalist Force that against every precept of international law, perpetrated the slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Christians in Kosovo allied with Al Qaeda. Yes, ALLIED with Al Qaeda. Do you want to know why Clinton did not pull the trigger the three times they had Osama Bin Laden clearly in their sites?  Because he was ALLIED WITH HIM and the SAUDIS in Kosovo and Chechnya, as they were trying to destroy Yugoslavia and Russia.

BTW, ISLAM itself, as any Islamic Scholar will tell you, is Supremicism, the GOAL of Islam is to rule the world under Sharia - this is hardcore, documented FACT and not opinion. Go Away Newt - People listen to him carefully and Remember George W. Bush using Cultural Marxism, telling you that the "best way for you to fight terrorism, is to GO SHOPPING." and "If you see something say something." Yet, when people saw something and said something, the Government Controlled Media would make a mockery of them.

I remember the lady in a restaurant in Dalton, Georgia, days after 9/11, who heard Jihadis at the next booth, talking about preparing for a bombing attack, who called the authorities and reported it, she was mocked on the National Media, and the "Jihadis" were purposely making a scene to cause discomfort at the restaurant. In Florida the same Jihadis, blew through multiple toll booths. Latter when their license plate was tracked down they said they were making fun of the woman, because she was obviously frightened. At the very least they should have been arrested for Terroristic Threats, but they were charged with NOTHING. The Clock boy is one of the late examples, where the teachers and principle were humiliated in the National Media, DEMONIZED as Islamophobes, and numerous airline employees, flight crews and pilots that have acted, ONLY TO BE MOCKED IN THE MEDIA.

This Cultural Marxism has worked. Trump talks about it again and again about people suspecting terrorists of planning, (The Boston Bombers - the couple that killed their co-workers in San Bernardino  - the military people around the Fort Hood shooter, and many more) who remained silent because they were frightened to be made a fool and demonized in the national media for coming forward.


Here was our Military FORCE posture around the world on 9/11/2001. The Dark color are countries with U.S. Military BASES. The Striped countries were NEW U.S. Military Bases. The light pink are countries where we had U.S. Troops - yes including Russia and China where he had "joint military operations." Only 46 countries in white did not have any U.S. military presence, and this does not cover the COVERT operation that seem to be ubiquitous. It would look some what different today, but it is difficult to get real time statistics. This is a GLOBALIST nightmare, NOT National Defense. This is GLOBALIST conquest, NOT the protection of American National Interests.

Our military budget is 66 percent of the military budget in the entire world. We spend more money on Globalist Domination, than all the other countries COMBINED - yet, when it did not fit the Globalist Agenda, we could not save the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi, nor in 13 hours get help to Benghazi.

Don't buy Newt Gingrich's Globalist Propaganda. We cannot declare War on Islamic Supremacism as he suggests without declaring War on 1.3 billion people. Islam itself IS Supremacist.

[LINK] To Current Military Bases across the globe.

Each Star, represents a U.S. Military Base, we have Iran Surrounded. The same is true of Russia and China, and supposedly THEY are the aggressors. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Newt Gingrich said, "Afghanistan is the kind of country, where if you build enough highways, and you put in enough facilities, you really could radically change the country in a very short time." And what would you have Newt, merely a more powerful MUSLIM Country and who would that benefit? What does it have to do with American Defense of American Interests? It has EVERYTHING to do with the CIA's Drug business, I grant you that and if you want to call the Opium Trade a vital American interest you might be right. Also tell me Newt, who is operating the mines in Afghanistan? Oh, that would be our great buddies, the RED Chinese.
How, could this be the same man who said in 2012, when he was running for President, "There is fundamentally no difference between moderate Islam and radical Islam, they are both the same and they want exactly the same thing, and want to accomplish the same goals: the destruction of the democratic way of life, and the imposition of Islam and Sharia Law. They just have two different ways of accomplishing their goal." Do you think that could have been said for POLITICAL reasons.

We have spent six TRILLION DOLLARS, on military efforts in middle east, including Afghanistan and Iraq, and Gingrich calls this "trying to do it on the cheap." Do you think that possibly, just possibly MONEY wasn't the problem, but Globalist Conquest was?

Wow, he criticizes Paul Bremmer for "trying to redesign and re-shape" Iraq, and explains why that did not work because the Iraqi culture (that was thousands of years old) was complex. But he proposes that Afghanistan would be a paradise with a few highways and facilities. Philosophical inconsistency MUCH?

He describes the situation with the Kurds in the North of Iraq, without the context of the Kurds in Turkey, which mirrors the situation with the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, people who see themselves as Kurds and not Turks or Iraqis.  The Turks will fight to the death to keep the Kurds from ever uniting in a single country.

Gingrich suggests that "occupying Iraq" with a massive force was a good idea. That is idiocy. WHY should the U.S. occupy Iraq? Give me a national security, national defense, American interest reason. NO This is Globalist BULLSHIT.

Tell me you Globalist Psychopath, Newt Gingrich, WHERE was the American SPY PLANE, flying with its transponder OFF? What was its vector, and location, when the Russian fighter jets, buzzed it and caused it to change it direction?

WHAT would be our reaction to a Russian Spy Plane with its transponder off, seconds from entering American Air Space be?

We have nearly 40 American Bases surrounding Iran, half of which can launch cruz missiles and reach the Iranian Capital in a matter of minutes, not to mention the Navy Cruzers even closer. Tell me Newt, how many Iranian Bases surround the U.S?

If a "free society" has some magic mo-jo, that guarantees we will win, Newt, as you state, please explain the invaded countries of the E.U. to me? Please explain the Omni-Surveillance NON-CONSTITUTIONAL National Security Police State of America to me.

According to 2010 Pew Research Here is the breakdown of the population of Hindus, Jews and Muslim in America. Read the graph carefully and realize that the population of the LGBTQXYZ community is in the same range.  Ask yourself, why Jews, Muslims and Gays are ubiquitous on every T.V. show, and Hindus are not and in the news you would think by measure of coverage Jews, Muslims and Gays were 40 or 50 percent of the population. 

If you want the understand - have the NERVE to face the truth and understand the true cynicism of Newt Gingrich's pitch for the old "Project For the New American Century" Globalist Conquest Plan, I DARE you to actually read the text and watch all the videos linked on the page, linked here.

Also discover WHERE WE ARE and HOW WE GOT HERE

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