Monday, September 26, 2016

Our Real History, From WWI till Now.

Hillary Clinton berated the "Alt-Right" naming it, claiming that the people who were members of it were "deplorable."  As we will see, the Alt-Right also represent the Alt-History of the 20th and 21st century.  Yes, there is a History of the U.S., written not by the Cultural Marxists of the University of Chicago and other such institution, un-spun by the Cultural Marxist Globalist Psychopaths, that fully explains what can only be acknowledge to have been an INSANE course of domestic and foreign policy covering the last hundred years.

Our Lord instructed us to be wise as the serpent and with Him I say we are fools in this era of massive power of deception though technology and mental manipulation, not to know the tools and methods of the enemies of TRUTH, how they work in the present and how they have worked in the past.

Everything you need to know about 9/11 and the same NAZIS still terrorizing our nation. Twin Towers of Truth [LINK]

Part of the Story of the Cultural Marxist take cover of a huge segment of the Roman Catholic Church told in the Documentary "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing".  I do not have a link to this program aired by EWTN, but here is a trailer, search for it on your Cable T.V. programs. "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing."



This link requires much effort, you have to actually read it. It is the history of the creation of the American Culture of Death by the Cultural Marxists, their aims and goals.  "Where are we?  How did we get here?" The story of Anthony Gramsci [LINK]

The present state of American Governance, Our Ghost Republic [LINK]

The Conquest of and use of the Professions of Psychology and Psychiatry by the Cultural Marxists.[LINK]

The Cultural Marxist's Creation of the New Age Movement.[LINK]

More on the Cultural Marxist Assault on the Catholic Church through the Homosexual Agenda.[LINK]

Vladimir Putin, exposing and rebelling against the Cultural Marxist - New World Order.

What is ISIS?




A Window Into the Luciferian Criminal Globalist Elite - The Kay Gregs Interviews[LINK].

Education turned Cultural Marxist Brainwashing

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