Sunday, September 18, 2016

What Hell May Human's Imagine?

I heard a wonderful quote today attributed to Admiral Nimitz that I wanted to share, but could not; something blocked me. Now I know what that caution was, so I want to share the quote and the caution.

Here is that wonderful quote:

"God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless."

When I heard that quote, I thought, "This comes pretty close to describing my opinion of Liberty's future in America, from 1993 till 2013." Truthfully it seemed hopeless. People were so brainwashed they had become enslaved and DID NOT KNOW IT.

Being awake to the complete destruction of our Republic, the total collapse of the system of U.S. Constitutional Government, the total subversion of the Free Press having been turned into a massive Cultural Marxist psychological operation of MIND CONTROL, and 99% of entertainment the same; a generation of young people indoctrinated into Cultural Marxism by EVERY institution of education, etc., etc., etc., there was NOTHING I saw that gave ANY indication that Liberty could be saved in America. And frankly even at this late date September 18th 2016, I am not sure Liberty CAN be restored. But rather than see no signs of hope, today I see thousands of signs of hope, merely proving that we are gaining the power to conduct the WAR. Do not be arrogant, the outcome of that war is another thing entirely; we still stand in danger of sinking into a techno-dark ages, unlike in its evil, anything humankind has imagined possible, and in apocalyptic literature, humankind has imagined some hellishly Distopian and demonic futures.

Sadly Admiral Nimitz failed and failed spectacularly. He could face the tension and fear of the cold war, but he could not face the suffering of his own healing salvation. Faced with that suffering that could have saved him, instead he opted for the very Cultural Marxism he CLAIMED to fight. What meaning does it have to face down evil in the world, while surrendering to that same evil in your person and life?

I told one of my sisters recently that people remember us, not for our successes but for our failures. It does not matter how brave our struggle in life has been, we are remembered only for our failures. If you think otherwise, you are naive.

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