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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Q Psyops Truth or Fantasy

In my last video I shared with you a NSA Psyops Video, which was about the Q Plan, the so-called "Great Awakening" that is indeed a battle stratagem of the Trump Administration and prescient and primary to the present battle inside the borders of the U.S., and Globally in terms of conquest of the puppets of the Globalist Luciferians and maybe some of the Luciferians themselves. As to the Globalist Luciferians themselves, we have not seen any of them taken down yet though was have seen some of the retreat and/or be stymied. (that is frozen, blocked, halted, confused.)

For instance we saw the Queen of England officially embrace Brexit, which means in their convoluted system of governance, whether the anti-Brexit people like it or not - and the Globalist including the Queen DO NOT LIKE IT, it is now the REAL law of Great Britain, which has ramifications for the rest of the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and a host of island provinces. 

Now in the middle of that NSA Q Psyops video I included in my last video was a BIG LIE.  I hoped against hope that one of you, at least one of my nearly 7k subscribers would say, "Hey, wait a minute! That statement is a lie."  But no.  Many of you opined, and I mercifully deleted the most arrogant and ignorant comments, as some of you are BLINDLY anti-Q.
When you engage in WAR you cannot engage in ideological blindness. When you do you will weaken your side and you will lose.

But not a single one of you caught the BIG LIE.  And really, it was a merciful LIE, in that it exposed and pointing out the origins and purpose of the entire video.

I'm not going to replay the whole video since they were cleaver to place music behind it and claim to copyright so as to make money via everyone who shares the video - if you want to see it you can watch my last video or go to STG-Report channel - the powers that be have made his copy of the video go viral. They are shadow banning my version. The original source is a channel Joe M, with virtually no content. Now, Here is the lie.


Do you realize that the NSA thinks you are that stupid?

What if I told you that most of you are that stupid - really the right words are nascent and ignorant - stupid is pejorative.  Nascent means young and innocent and just not exposed to the knowledge and ignorant means having missed the opportunity to learn the facts.  It may be STUPID not to take the opportunity to learn, but that is a subject for another discussion.

How many of you know the history of the NSA, that it, at one time, was a single room with two decoders working in the dungeon basement of the CIA? That's a historical fact, which I don't think is still classified. Yes, it was classified for a long time.

Joe M, the assumed creator of this video actually told two lies.  One was about the NSA and the other was about the Defense Intelligence Agency.  He conflated the two and claimed they were recently created.

Fact the National Security Agency was broken away from the CIA Basement in 1952 if memory serves and the Defense Intelligence Agency was formed in 1961 almost a decade later. 

The NSA is 66 years old, and the DIA is 57 years old. If I am wrong, disprove me.  Yet this psyops master told you that this "military defense apparatus" called the NSA, which he conflated with the DIA, was formed in response to the crimes of Obama, The Bushes, and the Clintons.  Isn't that a quaint little fairytale?  What a better way to absolve yourself of all guilt for the Globalist Conquest of our Government than to claim you were not part of it, didn't exist at the time, had no part in it.  But the audacity to claim that you were formed to SOLVE the problem . . . that is the BIG LIE and the reason I have on multiple occasions told you that Q and the Q created Great Awakening is NOT the answer. 

Why would he tell you this fairytale? Was it necessary to the rest of the story he was telling?

Hear me: the answer is a big and resounding Nooooo! It was not necessary.  So why did he tell this lie?

It is like I told you in the last video, he and many of your fellow "Liberty fighters" and "Truth Seekers" will be satisfied with, hope to be satisfied with a better class of Totalitarian Master . . . they are preparing you for the false perception of a new and benevolent Totalitarian Master. 

You doubt me? Go back and listen to the glowing way he describes the total destruction of the 4th Amendment, that is the protection against unlawful search and seizure.  He is telling you, that violation of privacy is a very good thing and has saved you.  In fact he told you to just relax because they had recorded everything, everywhere, all the time. Do you feel reassured by that?

If you buy that idea you are a triple, qraduple FOOL.

Now listen to me closely and see if you can understand what I am saying.  I would rather Hillary, Obama and the Bushes are deposed and live scott free than to see one of them indicted and convicted on NSA information.  That is illegally gathered information sucked up by an omni-surveillance totalitarian police state.  Criminal or saint, vs the Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Police State, I choose the Criminals and the Saints over the ILLEGAL STATE.

Can you comprehend what I am saying?  It mean that IF Obama, Clinton and the Bushes are taken down by illegal gathered omni-surveillance, and we cheer, then WE have accepted as legitimate and just the total destruction of the 4th Amendment - in fact we would be cheering it destruction and calling the people who took it from us, HEROES.  NONE of the NSA, DIA WONKS are patriots and heroes, unless you skew the definition of Hero and Patriot as to have NO meaning.

In the process of the NSA painting itself as a GREAT HERO, and hoping you are that stupid, this week we learn that they have erased one hundred and sixty five MILLION, with an M - illegally recored phone conversations.  Which phone conversations do you think those were?  Common sense tells me they are the conversations that tie the NSA to the Rothschild, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Carter, Johnson, Ford, Nixon Criminal Cabal. 

Here is Trump's reaction

Is it reasonable and rational? Yes, if they hold the complete record, that could be trusted to at least be REAL, once they start to censor it, it is no longer real. At that point even the RAW History, the RAW Data is spun for effect, designed to paint a desired picture. 

Trump said, "Everything in Washington is a lie" and in that reality nothing has changed.

Blessings to all of you and especially to my patreon supporters. Knowing my efforts are worth the cost of a Starbucks latte to you is important to me.  And of course a few of you are more dedicated and your contributions are worth passels lattes . . . do you remember that rarely used word, passel?  For you young people it means "things of indeterminate number."   Again thank you all for listening and participating in our little Bond Robin school of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

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