Thursday, January 12, 2017

Everything REALLY IS a LIE. CIA Election Rigging

All of the pearl clutching about the possibility of Russian interference in the U.S. election has been both comical and frustrating for me, knowing that innocent people are naive enough to believe that foreign interference in elections is NEW.  Besides the Red Chinese financing of Bill Clinton and the Saudis financing Hillary Clinton, there is this:

Here is a summary of the CIA's manipulation of foreign elections for just a short period from 1965 to 1975 as revealed by the Pike Committee Report, which was so "sensitive" it was never released by the committee but was leaked to the Village Voice, (which caused Daniel Schorr no small heartburn - he was "targeted" for some period afterward - threatened with the espionage act, etc).

We find, for example, that interference in the revered “free electoral processes” of other countries was the largest covert action category, thirty-two percent of the Forty Committee's approvals (end note on the Forty Committee ***) comprising twenty-nine percent of approvals were for media and propaganda operations in which American government sponsorship was to be hidden. Twenty-three percent of approvals were for paramilitary operations involving secret support to foreign armies and irregular military groups in the form of finance, training, and weapons supplies. Still other CTA covert action operations involved CIA funding of a “plethora” of CIVIC, RELIGIOUS, PROFESSIONAL and TRADE UNION ORGANIZATIONS. (Caps mine)

Following were paragraphs of specific expenditures in what would amount to billions of (inflation adjusted) dollars, and specific countries and elections, plus overt and covert military operations, most in violation of international law. And the MAJORITY of these election operations were not aimed at "enemies" but "allies." It really disclosed how the Post-WWII Vassal States of Europe were controlled, by not just U.S. military presence via NATO, and strong U.S. Military presence, otherwise, but by covert control of elections and use of paramilitary to keep the puppets in line.  It revealed that the CIA owned outright, the largest circulation newspaper in Italy for instance.

So, watching the "shock" that countries meddle in the elections of other countries coming from the people who made it an ART FORM, is really comical in its irony and frustrating that many people are STILL forty years later DUMB SHEEP, lapping up the psyops like it is Truth from the Gospel.

*** The Forty Committee, was composed of the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence. - this committee was required only for certain larger actions in certain specified countries. The CIA has FREE REIGN otherwise. And notice that ever this higher priority was approved at the "assistant and deputy" levels - for plausible deniability.

BTW, CIA Director Casey, in 1981 actually argued before Congress that the Government had the right to plant false stories in the press to mislead the American people - he actually made that argument. Today it is the LAW, and in the last 48 hours with the CIA LEAKED FAKE STORY smearing Trump, you have seen the LAW in action. It was a massive political slander, and the Director of National Intelligence made no apologies merely confirmed that the story was "unsubstantiated" which is code for FICTION.

BTW, it would be important to note, that the illegal overthrow and attempted assassination of Khadafy in 1981 was considered a "scandal." And Twenty-five years later, CIA OVERT/Cover bullying had become so common place we find Hillary Clinton BRAGGING about the brutal execution of the same man.  Remember? "We came, we saw, he died." Think about what that simple fact means, that America has become so disregarding of International Law.

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