Monday, January 30, 2017

The extreme DISCIPLINE of Donald Trump.
Last year I used the example of a poor unfortunate degenerate Lotto winner, who upon taking a one-time payout of his portion of a Billion-plus dollar win, shortly overdosed on cocaine and died. The carnage the Lotto money is to those suddenly wealthy, including their increased suicides is ubiquitous.

Butch Robinson
January 30, 2016 ·

I recently wrote about the discipline that is evident in Donald J Trump's life, to have a net worth in the Billions and to be clean and sober. Fundamentalist kooks hate him because he isn't "religious" enough for them. But he is clean and sober, and open to all the temptations money can buy. Besides that, he has raised three grown children that are clean and sober, responsible, educated and articulate. For you religious fanatics, Jesus Christ said, that you must judge a man by the fruit of his life.

Wealth for an undisciplined, unprincipled person is a death sentence.

Trump's extreme DISCIPLINE was evident in the campaign where he worked a pace few 70 years old men could physically, mentally and emotionally handle. His extreme DISCIPLINE was evident after the win, where he did not rest upon his victory, but worked every day to (1) form his new government and (2) fend off the multiple attempts to overthrow the election results and undermine his legitimacy. Now you have seen a week and a few days of his Presidency and in potency, that is RAW POWER expressed for the GOOD, expressing the WILL of WE the PEOPLE, accomplished more, and set in motion more, than the previous NINE Presidential Administrations COMBINED. This is PROVED, documented with evidence by the Princeton University study in 2013, NOT mere opinion. This is what the Counter-Revolution looks like, "for now" we are WINNING.

Thank God for this extremely Disciplined man, Donald J. Trump. May God sustain him in strength and wisdom.

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