Wednesday, February 1, 2017

CNN IN PAIN: I watched a little of CNN, MSNBC and Fox yesterday - just to view the "optics." Here is my conclusion, which is really a question. I wonder how long these talking Cultural Marxist WONKS can keep the expression on their faces like a bad smell every time the subject is Trump and/or one of his actions? 

You people watching the shite all the time are probably clueless to the visual cue your subconscious absorbs like a sponge. The visual message is that Trump is an uncomfortable and painful topic, like the expression you have on your face when circumstances dictate that you have to admit to your best friend, that he is the only stupid SOB who didn't know his wife had been cheating on him for years. It is really hilarious to watch the B-grade acting. Sad part is, most of you are so used to it, so conditioned by it, you don't notice it, you just absorb the message, and wish that Trump would just settle down and stop creating such a ruckus.

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