Saturday, February 4, 2017

Who Commands the CIA? This is an excerpt from an hour-long interview on the Cobert Report. But this definition of the CIA (and it should be expanded to other three letter intelligence groups as well) is accurate. The CIA ceased to be an arm of "Administrative - that is Presidential Power" decades ago and became controlled by the entities this fellow rightly names as "The State" which I call the DEEP STATE or Shadow Government. You can bet this activist Judge who blocked Trump's Travel Ban, is, as many judges are, controlled by the CIA/Globalists.

Doug Valentine's statement that the CIA's activities are all "overseas and not here in the United States" is, of course, a joke.

The CIA has been very active in the control of American Elections from county commissioners, and city aldermen to Presidents. - Let us not kid ourselves. (Research, The American Legislative Executive Council - ALEC, which has written 90 percent of all state laws for decades.)  The Republican and Democrat FAKE parties have been an extension of CIA-DEEP STATE power. A control mechanism is their funding to the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, foundations owned by the Republican and Democratic parties respectively, funds from the National Endowment for Democracy a FAKE NGO, owned and completely funded by the Federal Government, a huge slush fund controlled by the CIA.  The National Endowment for Democracy is also the recipient of funds from USAID.

This is just part of the Domestic Power of the DEEP STATE, since the same corporate/CIA functionaries, Valentine mentions, have controlled EVERY election in the U.S. for decades, with the exception of the 2016 election where Trump defied and beat the RIGGED SYSTEM. THIS is what Trump was talking about when he was talking about the RIGGED ELECTION System.

Have you noticed how powerless your vote is? [LINK to Princeton Study]
Princeton University documented this rigged system, proving that the will of the people of the U.S. had not been expressed in public policy in 40 years. The rigged system was also exposed by Dr. Lessig of Harvard University, researching the flow of money into politics, proving that "the one percent of the one percent control all local, state, and federal elections." This is documented by accounting for the source of the money in politics just via public record, not to mention the hidden and subversive monies. Trump and the Truth and Liberty Movement in 2016 BEAT the RIGGED SYSTEM, but by NO MEANS have we destroyed this system. It is fully in place, today.

The WAR has just begun, and the supposed "most powerful man on the planet, the U.S. President" is anything BUT. You need to learn this, so that you can understand the landscape of the battle and the need for RAW POLITICAL POWER that only the Truth and Liberty Movement can provide Trump. Sit back, think you have won, and you have lost and will not get another chance to mount a significant battle.

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