Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year's Eve

To all my friends and strangers in the Truth and Liberty movement, especially the most deplorable of deplorable "hobbits." 

In 2016, We have been shown a mercy of God and deserve to celebrate and spend time in thanksgiving, WITH the caution given by Steve Bannon, Trump's top policy advisor, "This is just the bottom of the first inning." He uses friendlier terms than I do. I say we have merely won one battle in a new Civil War - and even that is not actually won for the next 20 days.

BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped challenge the Luciferian Globalist Cartel and dared to throw off their Politically Correct SLAVE COLLAR and speak TRUTH to power regardless of ramifications. 

Special Thanks to Donald Trump for stepping into harm's way. Without his courage, the TRUTH and LIBERTY Movement would still be marginalized. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are no longer marginalized, we are an ARMY ENGAGED.

Please continue reading about the nature of the WAR we face.

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