Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Great Leftist Warrior Cowers in Fear.

Check out the great Leftist Warrior, who now cowers in her own home, filled with unfounded demonic fear. When you confront evil it flees. She was confronted and she fled. This spineless woman, willing to attack you and me as racist, homophobic, islamophobic, white supremacists, etc - and we did not run and hide for fear, instead we marched for TRUTH and LIBERTY. The woman dares to talk about "coping skills" in her classroom as she slandered you and me and all the Truth and Liberty Movement as TERRORISTS, only to discover herself cowering in her own home devoid of any spiritual coping skills. Were she skilled she would have stepped to the debate like a WARRIOR instead of skulking off wrapped in paralyzing FEAR.

This stupid dyke who has been brainwashing generations of impressionable young people is not a victim of Terrorism, as the CIA-Washington Post claims, but is merely EXPOSED for the spiritually vacuous COWARD and BULLY she has ALWAYS been. Over the years, how many Christian and Conservative students has she BULLIED with her Cultural Marxist LIES, painting them as "haters" etc.?


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