Saturday, December 3, 2016

The International Cultural Marxist Attack on The Orthodox Church

Read this link and then let me explain it to you.
How Orthodox Christianity Became the Spiritual Home of White NationalismBy Katherine Kelaidis November 30, 2016 [LINK]

The Roman Catholic Church has been the target of the Marxists in America for seventy-five years, complete with the American Communist Party flooding the Roman Clergy with Marxist-Perverts in the thousands as early as the 1930s. (Public Record - book by Bella Dodd, who was former head of the American Communist Party) The Orthodox Catholic Church has remained under their radar, viewed I think as merely a colorful form of Roman Catholicism.

As we saw the other day, the European Union has begun a systematic attack on the Russian Orthodox Church, and now we American Orthodox are being attacked by the Marxists of the "Religious Dispatches" of the Annenberg Foundation of the University of Southern California as the "spiritual home of White Nationalism."

This is the result of the Trump Election, as they try to lick their wounds and anatomize their stunning DEFEAT, and look to the voices that were most influential against them to destroy them. The question for them as Cultural Marxists is "How can we defame them? Delegitimize them? Demonize them?" This is straight from the Marxists, Saul Alinsky, and Antonio Gramsci, directly from their playbook.
As to the Charge of Orthodoxy being White Supremacists or the "welcome home" for the same:

What absolute LYING DRIVEL! The Cultural Marxists and their useful idiots know no bounds of decency. Probably the most valued Saint of Orthodoxy to WHITE American Converts is Saint Irenaeus, who so early refuted all of the heresies we see in different forms challenging the Church today. Most of us "WHITE" converts know that he was a redheaded black man, his mother a Celt and his father African. Although, Orthodoxy has appreciated local cultures, and never tried to be a (cultural melting pot) never expecting a Russian to adopt Greek sensibilities, or visa versa, finding rather our commonality in the Life of the Church, yet as a church we are probably the most racially diverse Church in the World, matched only by the racial diversity of the Roman Catholic Church.

The basic lie hurled at Conservative Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians, anyone who believes in Traditional Christian Moral Values, was stated succinctly by Mike Pesca in the Cultural Marxist Rag, "Slate" . . . "Basically, the alt-right is a group of thinkers who believe that Western civilization is inseparable from European ethnicity—which is racist, obviously." i.e White Supremacy/The Master Race! It has nothing to do with race and these Cultural Marxists know it. Anyone who objects the modern hedonistic Culture of Death, to them fits this category. It is the present Cultural Marxist BIG LIE.

Context: The Cultural Marxists are servants of the Luciferian Globalists. Orthodox Catholics have been philosophically and morally opposed to the Marxists and the Globalist agenda from the start, understanding their grand plan as yet another Tower of Babel Distopa, but it was not until recently that we started getting in their way.

I exposed the Cultural Marxist infiltration of the Kevian Patriarchate, both in the U.S, Canada, and Ukraine, in the 1990s and the CIA's plot to take over Ukraine, my first article on the subject was in 2007. By 2010 the CIA Patriarchate (The Kevian Patriarchate - of which I was a member under Archbishop Alexander {Bykowetz} of Detriot) was being pressured by the CIA operatives, to kick us both to the curb and they did. It was financially advantageous to them. And as we see, every prediction I made happened in the subsequent years, costing thousands of lives. Except, their ultimate plan FAILED. Instead of creating an enemy of Russia on Russia's border, they merely created another failed state, just chaos, one in which Russia has as much control and sway as the weak puppet CIA Government. This was the result of American Orthodox Faithful communicating with Faithful Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and Russia, and teaching them the CIA's role in their Church's disunity and national calamity. By demographic and natural resources, Ukraine ought to be a near paradise or at least a stable and prosperous Nation. Instead, it is a weak vassal state of the CIA. We Faithful Orthodox got in the CIA's way.

Communication between Orthodox Christians in America and Russia, America and Ukraine, America and Syria, America and Iraq, America and Egypt, has CHANGED HISTORY in the last six years. And by changed history, I mean thwarted the Cultural Marxist/Muslim Globalist plans.

It was Orthodox Christians in America who with the Coptic Orthodox of Egypt, uncovered the real reasons for Benghazi, and DESTROYED Obama's credibility abroad, including among his Sunni Brothers. Obama's credibility was so destroyed on the international stage that in the exact same location in Germany a mere three years apart, he gave speeches to nearly a Million People, and the second speech, after we exposed Benghazi, less that five thousand showed. (There is not comparative collapse on the world stage in history, except Hitler pre and post WWII. )

This exposure lead to the Egyptian UPRISING where they threw off their Muslim Brotherhood President with whom the Globalists and Obama had gifted them. WE created THIRTY-THREE-MILLION PEOPLE standing in the streets of Chiro and Alexandria, for weeks until the CRIMINAL MB government fell and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was placed in CHAINS.

It was communications between the Syrian Orthodox Christians in Syria, and the Syrian and other Orthodox Christians in the U.S. that got the word out about the False Flag Gas Attack and destroyed Obama's cover to bomb Damascus; we stopped it by only a few hours, but Orthodox Christians communicating with anyone who would listen in the U.S. created an aware American Population who were 95% AGAINST Bombing Syria.

I could tell you much more, but I will stick with what is commonly known and this includes information concerning this presidential election. Suddenly, the Cultural Marxists have awakened, wounded from their election defeat, and first, they smear us as "Russian Agents" "Russian Propagandists" now they smear us as "White Supremacists." Next, these Luciferians will be claiming we are actually FAKE Catholics and real Satanists.

Thank Holy God, Holy Mighty, the Holy Immortal ONE, that HE allowed us to get in the way and screw up the best-laid plans of the Luciferian, Cultural Marxist/Muslim Globalists.

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