Saturday, December 3, 2016

True Patriotism False Patriotism, Feit/Counterfeit

Saint Maria of Paris, the Russian Orthodox Martyr to the NAZIS, said that there are two types of Patriotism, one true, the other false. She said that the false type of Patriotism was marked by false love, love of country that wants to see the nation dominate, at the cost of other nations and people. It is a false love of nation that makes people become monsters in the name of Patriotism. The true form of Patriotism is reflected in the people that will do anything to protect their fellow countrymen, and at the same time be equally focused on the type of nation, the society is creating, and thus working for, striving to create a nation that more closely reflects the Love of Christ, honoring the dignity of its own people and where at all possible living peaceably with all men.

I see great patriots every day expressing the False love of country, willing to use any means to "make our country Great" and vanquish all competitors. There is no difference whether this False love of country is called America or NAZI Germany or Red China, they are all equally dangerous. On the other hand, the kind of Patriotism that seeks to create a good society, a humane society, no matter what form of government it may be, is preferable to what is false, even if what is false glitters like a "shining light on a hill."

I very much appreciate Franklin Graham's words. To me, he is a rare individual who greatly outshines his famous and good Father, Billy Graham. 

- The Orthodox Philosopher.

John Robert Fulton, the right kind of Patriot.

Dear Friends and all of President Elect Donald J. Trump Fantastic Fans.

Here is a letter from Franklin Graham Son of Billy Graham.

God is never surprised. The election of Donald Trump shocked the pundits and Washington elite and even some of the candidates's own voters---but it is God who cleared the way for him, whether he fully realizes that or not. That's because, whichever person had been elected the rise and fall of a nation's leaders happens under the sovereignty of God, who is often working in larger ways and with a longer perspective than we can know. The Bible says, "Wisdom and might are his. And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings" ( Daniel 2:20--21, NKJV).

No one should think that electing Donald Trump will fix our country. America is still a sin-saturated and divided nation, and Trump himself is a leader with human flaws. Elections matter, and this one will have lasting consequences, but only God can heal and restore a nation---- and that comes through committed, faithful prayer.

We as God's people can have a huge impact if we take our responsibility seriously and are diligent " always to pray and not lose heart" Franklin Graham asks all of us to Pray for Donald Trump.

Ask God to use this man He has allowed to be put in place, despite human shortcomings, to further His great purposes in the nation and the world. God Bless and Protect Mr. Donald Trump and his precious family and God Bless The United States of America.

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