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"The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"

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Book Report - anyone who loves Liberty needs to understand what is contained in this book. It clearly and thoroughly documents from public record the literal war against us, a war against liberty, waged by our own government against us, our children and grand-children. 

Charlotte Iserbyt, in her book "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - A Chronological Paper Trail" - gives an extremely documented record of the system to destroy the American Population's powers of reason. The aim to make every individual pliable, malleable, post-human, unable to communicate with clarity, unable to listen outside the false Dialectic the Government creates for them, unable to discern fact from fiction, truth from lie. Rather they have become willing to simply think what they are told, if they are told the source of the information is a Responsible Public Person (Government figures and retired government figures and/or Academic or Technical Expert).

This has been an active campaign, where our public schools, many private schools, and most of academia, in fact, has turned from education to what can only properly be termed, "values brainwashing."
If you doubt that you, yourself have suffered from the Dumbing Down of education, I challenge you to take this 8th-grade test from 1912. Administer it to your eighth-grader and watch them stare at it like an aborigine confronted with the Rosetta Stone.

What is more pernicious is that in every area of business, education and culture, those who conform are rewarded, those who resist are ignored. If resisters gain any popularity while being ignored then they are actively suppressed, and still, if this does not work they are attacked, exposed to character assassination (private sins exposed)and/or a false narrative is constructed to supplant the truth.  We have seen this suppression happen on the political level with Ross Perot, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingirch and a host of others. We have seen the promotion of those following the agenda in the promotion of George Bush as "Patriot" as he was taking the final steps to dismantle the Republic and in the two Obama Campaigns, devoid of substance and history of even the candidate himself. And also in the last Republican Primary and election where all words were removed from meaning, all facts of history ignored as meaningless.

So at this point anyone with a "national platform" especially some of the people who pretend to tell this story are most likely provocateurs and disinformation agents, herders as it were, dividing the herd and moving their opinions and actions as needed. Four of the five people I have just named at this point may not and probably are not truthful voices.

One sees this disinformation campaign in the mass confusion of conspiracy theories in pop-culture. The competing stories are mere disinformation, offered so that when truth is told, and well documented, it will be immediately rejected as 'conspiracy theory.'  For those who have retained sanity, there is a PUBLIC RECORD that still may be viewed and understood. But the reading of the record requires sanity, because the history and political science publishing industry is for the most part, part of the agenda machine.
If you think this isn't real, that in the last 40 years education has not turned militant, anti-American, post-human secularist and anti-liberty and that it cannot be documented in public record, think again. Ms Iserbyt documents it.

In the introduction of her book Ms Iserbyt writes:
IN 1960 PRESIDENT DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER RECEIVED A FINAL REPORT FROM HIS COMMISSION on National Goals entitled "Goals for Americans." The 372-page volume recommended carrying out an international, socialist agenda for the United States. This report, following on the heels of the 1955 White House Conference on Education’s use of the Delphi technique, served to carve in stone the use of dialectic methods in public policy making through the use of results-based “planning” by consensus, not consent.(emphasis mine) This also may have marked the beginning of restructuring America from a constitutional republic to a socialist democracy."
Remember the weird "consensus meetings of the Occupy Movement in the Summer of 2001" those approved were given voice, those with any contrary view where shouted down and not allowed to speak. Even heroes of the old Civil Rights movement were treated like trash. This is consensus in action, where minority or even majority dissent is forbidden.  

The entire system is based upon these three tools:
• Hegelian Dialectic (common ground, consensus and compromise)
• Gradualism (two steps forward; one step backward)
• Semantic deception (redefining terms to get agreement without understanding).

Any area of history of the last decades show ONLY these tools in operation in Academia, Government, Social Planning and social distortions, Foreign Policy, The Media, the resultant ECONOMIC DECIMATION, even in the distortions of Christian and Jewish Liberal Theology and the resultant God is Dead movement, and Post-Modern Scientific Atheist Movements.

Whether you can grasp it or not it is a documented FACT that in 1999 when Ms Iserbyt published her book, we were a Constitutional Republic, we had been so, for all the years since the Constitution was ratified. That Republic had suffered some damage to its foundations, but the concept and function of that "form of government" limped on, though it was being drowned and supplanted by a competing Socialist system.  A mere two years later we had become fully a Socialist Democracy (an actual dictatorship with window dressing of plebeian democracy) and we remain so to this day.  Few can grasp this. Why? The brainwashing tools just listed, created the collective dumbing down of our people. It currently means there are few left who grasp or even are still left capable of grasping the reality of current history and events. The rest simple believe what they are told, "we are a constitutional republic just going through a rough patch, people are hurting out there and only the government can solve the problem." Even when exposed to the documented record proving that not to be the case they cannot accept it. Why? Because no "official source" is clearly saying it.  Their dumb-downed reasoning say, "If it were so, surely they would tell us." They see themselves as intelligent, well informed people, they watch the news and stay informed. But also they feel automatically entitled to already know the truth. This flows from the egoism created by the dumbing down process, where they view themselves as rather the center of reality, where nothing of true import would or could happen without their knowledge and approval or at least acceptance. The idea that there are people who are working against their self-interest is foreign to them, UNLESS the official sources identify those enemies for them. And sometimes when those enemies are identified, they are not enemies at all, merely resisters to the agenda.  Such was the case with the Orthodox Christians of Kosovo, who were painted enemy so the agenda interests could take control of massive mineral resources.

Charlotte, speaking for an hour giving an amazing amount of history.  She mentions Antony Cyril Sutton several times. If you want to understand the Real History of the 20th century, ALL his books are mandatory. "
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution" (1974, 1999) "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (1976, 1999) "Wall Street and FDR (1976, 1999)"

On this issue of Republic to Dictatorship, when the legal reality of the situation was presented to "Bill" a normally intelligent Missouri business man who seems normal in every way, an intelligent, thoughtful person, who views himself as active, political and a patriot, his reaction was extreme "Normalcy Bias" - totally inability to even view and entertain much less understand the current U.S. History.  The conversation when like this. 

Bill was responding to a video of Michelle Bachmann talking about the very real Organization of Islamic States, the second largest and second most powerful international body in the world and the Anti-Blasphemy Treaty they are trying to get ratified at the United Nations which will make telling the truth about Political Islam, a felony, an international crime in the jurisdiction of the World Court in the Hague.  Immediately the facts were dismissed. Why? Because the common meme is that Michelle Bachmann is crazy.Here is the video. Nothing she says is not FACT. 

 Bill speaking - Bud, I can get a camera and develop a video and say all sorts of things. Lat night we were debating whether science is good or not, and then you see this wacko driveling her line of whatever, and it comes up as truth. Sorry bro, but it is hard to believe the sky is falling when someone just shouts it. Piano man, we are all smarter than that. All due respect ya know.

Piano Butch - Bill, disprove a single fact in this one paragraph I've attached and I will listen carefully and be glad to be proved wrong. (I changed the subject from the O.I.S. and the blasphemy treaty to the present state of our dictatorship.)

 (The Attachment)

Tyranny in America - For Dummies:

Political Science 101:
Dedicated to the truth-teller Congressman
Dr. Larry McDonald who was assassinated
by a joint operation of the CIA/KGB

The history goes way back - 1939 I think the original creation of the Emergency Powers Act. It saw several additions and strengthening over the years and under the Clinton administration it was drastically strengthened. I screamed. Then there was the Kansas v Hendricks SCOTUS precedent in June of 1997 allowing for the indefinite detention of a person ruled SANE, but a danger to society, who had served out his sentence. SCOTUS ruled that for the "public good" Kansas could hold him. (There went the Bill of Rights) That is the precedent upon which all the so called prophylactic laws are based - I screamed - nobody listened. Then following 9/11, George Bush declared a state of national emergency 9/14/2001 which effectively suspended the constitution, and a category of people who could be held prophylactically to include "Islamic Terrorists" - things appeared normal, but Bush kept renewing the state of emergency and handed it to Obama, 2010 Homeland Security expanded the category of potential terrorist to include anyone holding conservative views, vis a vis gun-control, abortion, christian morals, nationalism, even veterans, etc. In June of 2012 Obama changed the definition of those who could be arrested without charge, held indefinitely without right of habaeus corpus to any deemed "a threat to national security" Which is the exact same power Joseph Stalin held in the old USSR where he murdered upwards of 80 million people. The NDAA this spring cancelled the Posse Comitatus Act - allowing for U.S. troops to be deploy for police action INSIDE the U.S., it authorized armed drones, wiretap without warrant, and gave Obama the power to kill any citizen deem "a threat to national security" etc., etc., etc. June 28th 2012 the Roberts court removed ALL constraints from Federal coercion - allowing for coercion via taxation. IT IS OVER - the media has been reporting fake news for a decade, this season's political campaign has been a kabuki play guaranteeing the election a NWO candidate - Romney or Obama etc.   

Bill speaking- Butch, sorry bro but how do you disprove the unprovable  in the first place? It is impossible. (emphasis mine)
Piano Butch - Nothing in that list of FACTs is anything but public record, so your question is without context, Bill.

Bill - Bro, that is pretzel logic. It cannot be proved or disproved. It simply makes no sense. How do you prove or disprove something that makes no sense? There is no tyranny except what these guys think up. I can make things up, then try to disprove/ prove anything I wish in that world. Simply put, it is non sense, sorry.(Notice first that Bill says "it makes no sense" - that is another way of saying "I cannot compute that. Since I can't process the information it must be the information's flaws. Why? Because I am an intelligent person, living a normal life, and beside, if something that monumental happened they would tell us about it. You can't do something like that in secret.  Therefore it is without reason and cannot be proved or disproved." - This is classic and clearly demonstrates the degree to which the dumbing down has been successful). 

Piano Butch speaking - The objective LEGAL state at this very moment in this country is just exactly as the article says, whether you can grasp that or not. What you think is "Liberty" in which you operate and do business at the moment has been LEGALLY reduced to Privileges and Licences allowed by the Government. I understand your shock and rejection, taking what is objectively LEGALLY true, and trying to make it some nebulous un-reality - that is called the Normalcy Bias and you are experiencing it. 
Present end of conversation - 
By the way, Bill's reaction is usual. He sees himself as perceptive yet is unable to "process information" outside of the paradigm he has been conditioned to accept as reality. Anything that does not fit what the "experts" in the media have said has to be foolish, crazy, insane, etc., etc.  In other words, fact outside that paradigm trigger the "normalcy bias." 

The Normalcy Bias - It is Post America and No One Can See It.

It is hard to get the mind and emotions around the reality of what is actually happening - It is actually a shock mechanism called The Normalcy Bias - people just keep doing what they are doing unable to believe that the reason for doing it is gone.

 I saw it when I was Railroad Engineer 1971 - My train took the rear end off an automobile on a crossing in East Point, Georgia - luckily there was only one person in the car. As we walked the train back to where the half-car was sitting we kept hearing someone trying to crank a car - you know the sound of a starter turning over a motor. When we got to the car the man was still sitting in the front seat. He had his seat belt on and was very lucky to be alive. But he was sitting there looking embarrassed and was turning the ignition trying over and over trying again and again to crank half a car. He looked at me and said, "I'm sorry fellows. Just give me a minute and I will get out of your way."
 I said, "Sir, have you looked at your back seat?"
 He said, "Why?"
I said, "Because it is not there." He turned, saw the back of the car missing and immediately passed out from shock. That is the Normalcy Bias and the entire country is suffering it at this very moment, the Constitution is voided, the political process is a mere show, mere theater to keep the lid on, while all are still locked in the Right/Left political paradigm pretending that Obama v Romney has meaning. 

On 2/14/2001 George Bush declared a state of national emergency under the Emergency Powers Act -few people understood what that meant. I had warned for years about the dangers of the Emergency Powers Act but suffering the Normalcy Bias - people refused to hear. It handed dictatorial powers to the president and it has constantly been renewed - we have been operating under a constant state of emergency ever since.

How do you think that Obama has been able to do so many things that are immoral and appear illegal, yet all the law suits filed against him are dismissed?

NEXT: The Patriot act authorized the arrest without charge and indefinite incarceration without right of habeas corpus of anyone suspected of being a "potential terrorist" In 2009 Homeland Security expanded the definition of "potential terrorist" to include you and me - (I have all the documents) and in June of this year Obama changed those who may be arrested without charge to anyone deemed "A threat to national security." That is the same power Joseph Stalin exercised. 
 Did you ever wonder how Obama could void bankruptcy laws and give GM to the unions and rob the shareholders? How he could by executive fiat order dealerships closed and a thousand other "seemingly illegal and unconstitutional acts"????

 Read this article - NOT as if it is a rant but as if the words have meaning - this isn't about "emotion" it is about fact. BTW in June Obama declared a state of "International Emergency" which allows for intervention INSIDE the U.S. by the U.N. using foreign troops. 

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The Sharia Compliant NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Axis  is the present form of the silent war upon Christianity and Judaism in America, by the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite's (SDE) "New World Order." (NWO)

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