Friday, November 16, 2012

Obama The Bloody - it is all on HIS head.

Make no mistake. The blood already spilled in Gaza and Israel, and the bloodbath that is likely to shortly occur in Gaza, with terrible loses on both the Jewish and Muslim sides is ALL upon the head of Barack Obama, upon the head of his Cairo Speech, upon the head of his fomenting democracy movements where  illiteracy reigns and mobs are irrational and easily co-opted by the Militant and Deadly Muslim Brotherhood,(which is very well educated and very well funded). This is on Obama's head for fomenting Kadafi's defeat, and placing Kadafi's huge arsenal in the hands of Hamas in Gaza.

If you want to know the twist of the Benghazi massacre, the twist that Obama and GANG are dancing around, it is that it was a weapons running operation funneling Libyan armaments to Gaza for the destruction of Israel. When they tried to slow the movement of weapons they were double crossed by the Muslim Brotherhood and were taken down. But make no mistake, it was the intention of the American Government in the radical Obama Pro-Muslim Brotherhood administration to create what we are seeing and about to see.

The O-man calls Morsi’s election a “milestone” in Egypt’s “transformation to Democracy”

Obama's foreign policy (one which, by the way, Mitt Romney supported fully) has been cruel, displacing Millions of Christians and Muslims in several countries, and tens of thousands of deaths, leaving hundreds of thousands in "concentration camps" in foreign countries, subsisting day to day. The barbarism we have witnessed, the slaughter of people in the street, crucified and run over by the ARMY in Egypt, killed like dogs, is actually barbarism - a witness of the civility of Political Islam - where the name came from. People wrongly think that the term barbarism come from the pagan hordes who attacked ancient Rome - the barbarians. No barbarism comes from the brutal warlords of the Barbary Coast, from Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt.

Map of the Barbary Coast: 
File:Guillaume Delisle North West Africa 1707.jpg

These jihadis in Gaza are the descendants of the Barbary Pirates. They are the Arab-Muslim Slavers of Africa who have never stopped the slave trade, except when under the heel of Western Colonial Powers. 

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