Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chris Christie Kafir (Dhimmi) Governor of New Jersey

 Halloween was the perfect day for it. A pagan celebration the perfect time for it. New Jersey in ruins the third day of Hurricane Sandy's carnage, and after offering effusive praise of Obama for him actually showing up and signing some papers when told, that third day Chris Christie went on a parade-athon with Chair and Chief, Barack Obama creating a video show for the D.N.C., and the Obamaphile Media, six days before the election.

Make no mistake, Chris Christie is one of the biggest Muslim Brotherhood success stories, second only to Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood is losing control of the dialectic and stands a real chance of losing much power, if Obama leaves office. At least that is the story they are portraying for you. The fact is Political Islam NEVER panics, they assess and calculate. "Never let a crises go to waste," is not just a Marxist/Saul Alinsky tactic, it is a practiced method of Political Islam for fourteen centuries. They do not think in terms of four year elections cycles, but in generational gains and gains marked in centuries.

The Muslim Brotherhood Has Lost Control of the Narrative

What are the kindest things you can say about Republican Governor, Chris Christie?

(1) He does not believe in E Pluribus Unum (Latin for, "Out of Many, One") which has been one pillar of America's former success as a society, the power to create an American culture different and distinct from the cultures of the Old Countries of immigrants, making America the great "melting pot" of cultures of the world. Political Islam found it impossible to gain a foothold in such a culture created upon an open Christian worldview.  Rather, Christie believes in "Multiculturalism" which is the Humanist counterfeit of the melting pot. Multiculturalism is all about group rights, that is, empowering competing groups, instead of protecting the rights of individuals.  The nasty secret of "multiculturalism" is that the most cunning group or groups gain the power. Such a culture creates Dictatorship, powered by "groups." We are presently experiencing that Dictatorship.

Political Islam had to create multiculturalism in the U.S. to provide cover for the importation of Islamism. They started generations ago financing every cause and institution of Multiculturalism, even managing by subversion to keep the various Ethnic Orthodox Churches (Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Antiochian etc) of the old countries, from forming a convincing unified American Orthodox Church.  Never mind the hypocrisy of the non-multicultural societies represented by Islamic Nations, which are homogeneously Islamic.  Try constructing a Church or operating a Christian ministry in Saudi Arabia, Syria, and a host of others Islamic dominated countries. There are 57 states in the world that are under Islamic domination to one degree or another, the greater the Islamic domination the less tolerant of anything other than Islamism. 

This domination by Political Islam is happening in our country much faster than most unsuspecting and naive American citizens realize.  In fact, Political Islam is winning.

(2) Christie believes in the power of the executive office and when needed its exercise over the power of the legislative and judicial. Is this so radical?  He believes that the use of executive power is what preserved the "American Way of Life."  Is this so radical? Is this true?  What is the proper function of "Executive Power"?  Certainly not to aid the foreign philosophy of multi-culturalism, Islamism, or Sharia Law.

(3) Christie believes that those who are concerned about the explosive insurgency of Political Islam in the U.S. and those who understand that Political Islam and American Constitutional Governance, cannot co-exist are ignorant bigots and islamophobes. This is the official stance of Political Islam. That position is powerful for two reasons as Dr Bill Warner rightly relates,  "Official Islam preaches that if you don't believe its dogma, then you are vilified as a racist bigot. So" (people)"have two fears - a secret fear of Islamic violence and a fear of being called a bigot."  This is the official position oft repeated by every American Muslim group. It is Chris Christie's position also.

(4) Christie defends Muslim Brotherhood sponsored Imams. And vis a vis Sharia Law, he goes one step further than not being concerned about it, he actually defends it and promotes it, as is seen with his recent judicial appointments. 


(5) Christie celebrated Iftar at the Governor's Mansion, just like Obama does in the White House, which is an Islamic 'high holy celebration' part of the annual liturgical practice of Islam.

(6) He practices giving preference on "religious grounds" for hiring in New Jersey, and this stated before a Muslim audience at an Iftar celebration in the Governor's Mansion.

(7) This man was the keynote speaker of the Republican Convention. You remember the convention the perfectly demonstrates the "dictatorship of groups." It was conducted like a session of the old S
oviet Politburo, totally for show, where every attempt to open it to traditional party democratic practices was violently squashed when needed, where it would work by intimidation and the threat. The mere treat of having ones credentials voided was enough for some to capitulate. Those who would not capitulate were held miles away by pretense and last minute substitutes mouthed their votes for the Muslim Brotherhood's Republican pick, Mitt Romney. As the Republican Party has proved, even the courtesy of democratic process inside a political party cannot survive the influence of Political Islam. 

 If you doubt where Chris Christie stands vis a vis Political Islam here is Christie in his own words.

Robert Spencer: Christie capitulates to Islamic supremacist

Many conservatives are finding it easy after four years of Obama outrages and abuses to understand and accept the fact of the Marxist/Muslim Axis.  They are having a harder time understanding that some of their heroic conservative figures and institutions are thoroughly compromised as well and are in fact part of the NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Axis that is presently destroying this country. The Groups in Control, (1) The NeoCons, represented by the Republican power structure, (2) The Marxists, represented by the Democrat power structure, both financed directly or indirectly by Political Islam.

The Groups in charge:
Tyranny in America - For Dummies:

We have a Marxist/Muslim President and anyone who thinks differently is just asleep or has their head in the sand. My old-line democrats will tell you privately this is true.  What conservative cannot grasp is that the Right is just a infiltrated with Muslim Brotherhood operatives as the left.

The Left, Bought by Islamists and not the Right, Too?

Except for some miracle of God, we will continue with a Muslim President, or endure eight years of the next best thing, an active and compliant dhimmi in the White House, just as George Bush was, just as Clinton was, just as Bush the elder was.  Romney is a man who could utter these words of a dhimmi, and it says that he accepts the dogma of Political Islam:
"If you want my views on Islam, it's quite straightforward. Islam is one of the world's great religions and the great majority of people in Islam want peace for themselves and peace with their maker. They want to raise families and have a bright future. There is, however, a movement in the world known as jihadism. They call themselves jihadists and I use the same term. And this jihadist movement is intent on causing the collapse of moderate Muslim states and the assassination of moderate Muslim leaders. It is also intent on causing collapse of other nations in the world. It's by no means a branch of Islam. It is instead an entirely different entity. In no way do I suggest it is a part of Islam." -MITT ROMNEY (2009) If you have any doubts that he is this compliant and willing to spread the Islamic Political Correctness wade through this entire speech at the Heritage Foundation  and you will lose your doubts. Also you may read about it in a subsequent report in U.S. New and World Report. Here is the tape of the Heritage Foundation speech.

If you have the wish to see freedom again it will require that you become familiar with Political Islam.  Here is the link for study materials every thinking American should know.
 Link for The Center for the Study of Political Islam

If you have any doubt about the insurgency by Political Islam on the Right or the Left, the Center For Security Policy is a must.

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