Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Ain't Your Daddy's Skies - What are they dumping on us and why?

Following are photographs I've taken with my phone/camera as I've walked my dogs.

I caught this classic example of a ChemTrail and a normal ConTrail in the same picture. 

You skeptics, who seem incapable of tilting your heads up a few degrees each day and looking at the sky, try to explain these next three photos by "natural
By the way - having watched the planes doing the dumping, there were huge bomber like jets, and fly at, at least 30 thousand feet. 


 Just a reminder of what a natural sky day looks like. 

The next series of photos are screen captures from the weather channel, as they killed a hurricane that was headed for Los Angeles. Notice the tic tac toe pattern in the upper left hand square of the picture.  Really makes me wonder why there was no attempt to kill the hurricane that his New York and New Jersey. 

Below - natural sky day. 

Below UN-natural sky day. 
Captured below is another example of a natural ConTrail, visible to the right of the ChemTrail on the left.  

 The next four were taken just this past Sunday, 11.25.2012

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