Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some Think This Was A Fake Election

Mark America says that his evidence of the coup d'etat is thin, vis a vis this election cycle. But he presents a very cogent anatomizing of the political intrigue that seemed to control the results. 


The Role of the GOP Establishment in the 2012 Disaster - by Mark America

His evidence is thin, even speculative and a lot of people share his understanding. The evidence is thin because he is not viewing the "actual coup" but the aftermath of it.  He thinks that the coup happened in the course of this election cycle.  What he describes is merely the manipulation of the fake election cycle.

Mark is looking in the wrong decade and administration.  None of this has any context without the reminder that it was George W Bush, who subsumed dictatorial powers under the Emergency Powers Act, Suspended the Constitution and through legislation gutted the Bill of Rights, and handed dictatorial power to Obama who has been ruling like the tyrant he is, LEGALLY.

All the screaming about Obama's "unconstitutional and illegals actions" is pure lie. How can I say that when he has ruled from day one without regard to the Constitution, violating it again and again?  I can say that because the Republican President and the Republican Congress passed the laws, invoked the National Emergency and set Obama loose on an unsuspecting and (stupefied) Population.  Returning the same power structure that took down our Constitutional Representative Republic would have accomplished, WHAT?

Mark does realize that the return of those empowered by the NeoCons would have accomplished nothing, however Mark is speaking in an anachronistic paradigm, as if in July of 2011 the Congress of the United States was anything more than a show body, a mere rubber stamp for the agenda of the Dictatorship.

People don't realize, won't realize that the great "culling" is happening in the public AND private sectors. The government and American institutions have become Dhimmi. Anyone who is willing to stand against the Muslim Brotherhood and their agent in the White House is targeted, some are being destroyed by character assassination, others paid off, some blackmailed, and when that fails some have been killed. The only thing the Ruling Elite are battling for now is the smell of legitimacy, and for that they have to control public opinion. This is the reality of what is happen, and the nature of the war.

The only thing that can resist the NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Alliance that is now in control of the levers of power is the Christian Right and the few secularists who are genuinely "conservative." And we are to that point where RESISTANCE is our only tool.  The Libertarians are part of the Muslim Brotherhood plan, financed by them, taking their stand on Political Islam straight from the Muslim Brotherhood's playbook. What is more MANY so-called Conservative groups, including the Republican Party have become "dhimmi," that is willing accomplices to the agenda of Political Islam. We are long passed the Right View/Left View battle, this is a matter of Liberty vs Sharia Slavery.

Tyranny in America - For Dummies:

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