Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Never Enter A Battle Disarmed! - The Sad Case of Eric Bell

I am watching something that is becoming sadly comical. The secular humanist, Eric Bell, who was shocked awake by an honest study of Islam, and turned from "anti-Islamophobe" to "anti-Jihadi" has deigned to teach on the subject of Islam and now on the subject of "religion in general" and Christianity in particular. The problem is he is doing so unarmed as all secular humanists do. Lately he has been making anti-christian comments, and using the usual "moral/theological/historical equivalence" arguments, when comparing Islam and Christianity. Today he is suggesting we take the time to listen to the least intellectual seudo-scientist Atheist in pop-culture - the Idiot Sam Harris.

The secular jew, Dr David Berlinski, blows Harris out of the water exposing his ignorance and stupidity - he actually calls him stupid in his book "The Devil's Delusion - Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions."

Cousin Peter Robinson's interview with David Berlinski.

A Secular Humanist has as much chance of effectively battling Political Islam as he does of creating a just and liberty loving society.  In both cases he is without foundation and armor. From his view point of 'multi-culturalism' it is irrational to battle Islam; what right does he have to claim that his view of human rights and civil rights has superiority to Islam's Sharia? NONE, is the correct answer, though the Secular Humanist will mumble about relative concepts and foundationless abstractions, while fighting with everything in himself to ignore the actual history of the development of the ideals of Liberty, which are SOLELY, Judeo-Christian. The French and others have proved it, reverting to the Pagan model of Liberty drawn from the Greek Philosophers, which was outside of Moral restraints; they discovered that Liberty turns ugly and deadly, and becomes License, just as it did in Greece and Rome. 

Libertarians are "secular humanist conservatives." They are all about conservatism, except social issues and cannot for the life of themselves understand why old-style conservatives tie the moral basis of our Judeo-Christian Heritage together with conservative political principles. When I tell the Libertarians that they do not comprehend the meaning of the constitution I use the analogy of understanding the difference between an engine and the fuel that runs it. They know all about the mechanism, called the constitution (some are real constitutional experts - at present an anachronistic skill) but are clueless what fueled it. When I ask them, "Well, okay that is what the constitution or particular amendment says, but why should anyone honor it?" There basic answer is "just because."  So for Eric Bell, people should battle Political Islam, "just because" and Sharia dominance of the U.S. and Western Civilization is unacceptable, "just because." 

Without the knowledge of the energy, which is the Spirit of LIFE reflected in the ideals of Liberty, which are uniquely part of Western Civilization, and reflected brightest in the teachings of many of the early church fathers and Christian voices across the centuries the constitution is just dead paper and ink. I explain to them that their humanism (not to be mistaken with humanitarianism) removed the spirit - the fuel - the energy from the constitution and left it worthless, just a dead engine with no fuel. Until they learn to energize it with something besides death which secular humanism engenders, our only future is license mistaken as liberty, oppressive collectivist slavery and death. What is so sad is that the energy was outlined for them in the Declaration of Independence, the constitution was just a mechanism to express that energy.
"Even if you could snap your fingers and instantly solve every single political, governmental, and economic problem we face, if you leave the moral crisis of the people themselves unaddressed, it wouldn't be long at all until you would find yourself right back in the same mess. On the other hand, if you deal with the moral crisis, meeting the material challenges is, relatively-speaking, a piece of cake." - Tom Hoefling. 

Charlie Daniels and Bill Allgood.
A friend, symphony musician, sound engineer, producer and college professor William "Bill" Allgood said to me. "If tomorrow a single cure were discovered, and it were cheap, and cured all of man's diseases, within six months people would come down with new and deadlier diseases. Why? Because people have need of them."

Secular Humanism - under all its varied names is a moral disease: Why?
Tom is right, people in this country have lost the moral ability (common sense) to seek what is good for themselves and their posterity. They are creating, in this society, the disease of which they have need. I don't think it will get better until, to quote Edgar Allan Poe - one of the first writers to document the hopelessness of "naturalism" - "Finally the blessed spirit of sheer desperation arrived, fear gripped me and I at least began to struggle." This is where Mr Bell finds himself. Islam and The Obama administration and accompanying threats, to security, to liberty, to religious freedom, to freedom of conscience, has at least sparked the blessed spirit of sheer desperation in some, who have newly awakened and joined the struggle. Things will have to get a lot worse before even the struggling dullards awaken, and discover that without foundation and armor, the struggle is useless.

The foundation is our Judeo-Christian Heritage, the armor is making of that heritage, our own, or rather coming to the Faith of our Forefathers.  Without it, we rest in a sea of competing lies and distortions, and when it comes to Political Islam, the lies and distortions of Secular Humanism, under all its various names is losing to Islam. Everyday we see it. This last election proves it. The last four decades clearly tell the story.  It is not a "Christian America" that is losing, it is the Secular Humanist America that disdains, mocks and ridicules people of Faith and Christians in particular that is losing.   

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