Monday, November 12, 2012

The Real Axis of Evil - The NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Axis.

Please understand that when I speak of the NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Axis, it isn't a fanciful statement. We are presently in the hands of a Dictatorship that is financed by International Money and operates through this Axis of Evil.

They have already agreed to make of America a Dhimmi Nation and are much further along in their agenda than people realize, having suspended the constitution and gutted the Bill of Rights under the pretense of "security."   This Benghazi thing is just another symptom and proof of it.

Here is the playbook of this Axis of Evil's Arab Spring, soon to be exported to and duplicated in the Far East with equally devastating consequences.

(1) First they foment the cause of Freedom and Democracy,
(2) they use the pro-democracy movements to take down existing heads of state,
(3) then with a combination of Marxism and Sharia - according to the complexity of the particular state, they place the country under the domination of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In merely the last two years they have placed under the MB's domination, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Turkey and soon to follow Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. We spent SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS to place Iraq under Sharia. The True Axis of Evil is cooperating with the Iranians even across the Sunni/Shia divide for the purpose of Sharia World Domination. The present driving force of the monumental changes in the world is the American Government, The United Nations, The Organization of Islamic States (Obama's 57 states) and the international banking establishment that has already become Sharia Compliant; together using covert and overt political and military power they are destroying western civilization from within and expanding Islamic influence world wide.

In this, by this fact, by these actions the U.S. has become an enemy of Liberty both here and abroad.  These people are willing to kill any number of people needed to complete their goal.

Catherine Herridge Lastest Bombshell concerning our nations callous disregard for the safety of those in Benghazi. This is not incompetence, this is part of the agenda - you need to know the context, which is the NeoCon/Marxist/Muslim Axis.

Take ten days or ten weeks if you need to view this Ten Hour Course. Take NOTES, learn this material if you care about one day defeating this Axis of Evil and Restoring Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. We have to be smarter than they are, and at this point few Americans are.

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