Saturday, November 17, 2012

ISRAEL The Evil Aggressor

My Mosque - I have a message for Mohammed.

11/17/2012 - Tensions high in Israel and Gaza, people are dying.

Notice the constantly repeated line in the media, concerning the situation in Israel and Gaza, "Violence has escalated in the region after Israel killed a Hamas military leader on Wednesday." Do you see what is patently a lie?

The Hamas military leader was taken out because of the escalation of rocket attacks on Israel coming from Gaza. Israel is always pictured as the aggressor, the one who "escalates violence." To keep from being pummeled in the international press they have absorbed THOUSANDS of rocket attacks aimed at anyone who happens to be in the way of the rockets.

Dhimmis like Shepherd Smith on Fox say, "They have to hit something to harm anybody," as if the Hamas heavily armed TERRORIST, using Kadafi's arsenal, thanks to the Brothers Mohammed Obama and Mohammed Morsi, are just naughty little boy tossing rocks in the air.  

Israel finally answers with targeted military attacks, targeting Hamas militants, trying to keep civilian casualties to a minimum and Israel is the aggressor, causing "escalation of tensions." How, by daring to take out one of the people attacking them with rockets.

It is the same Taqiya practiced by Political Islam, and the American Dhimmi media.  Someone sneezes in the West, wipes their mouth with the wrong hand and Muslims turn violent. Obviously, those in the West just don't understand what the poor Sharia-enslaved Muslims suffer from such an act. 

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