Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our FAKE Crises - The experience of hell, when paradise was the option.

There are no shortages.
There are NO shortages. 

Let it sink in - There ARE no shortages.
There are NO shortages.
There are no SHORTAGES. 
This is fact, everything else is fiction.

Peak ANYTHING is a lie of the Luciferian/Eugenicists who seek your destruction. Do you know what the Paleo Hebrew symbol (very, very ancient Hebrew) for Satan is? HE WHO DESTROYS LIFE. 

The energy, present on this planet, with present knowledge is capable of sustaining a population of a thousand times the present world population of humans.  In fact, what I am about to share with you, is the REAL ecology movement of the planet. It is the real "back to nature" movement of the planet.  Is has the capability of unseating the New World Order - the Luciferian/Malthusian Death cults that seeks our destruction.  

What if you lived a life and actually knew Ayan Rand's John Galt?

The man who created the "energy machine."

If the federal government had not suppressed this technology - Yours truly, with a tiny investment, would have been a multi-billionaire by this point in time.  WAKE UP!  WAKE UP!  WAKE UP!  All the language of PEAK anything is a murderous, genocidal LIE.

Joseph Newman speaking in 1997.  This amazing man with a 9th grade education stood the world of Physics on its ear.  As I say, the reality we have been forced to live since the discover of this technology is FAKE - a dark and ugly imitation of what this world should be.

The "inventor and his family" who was forced to go into hiding for a while that Bearden mentions, I'm most sure was Joseph Newman. Notice also Col. Bearden accurately predicting the economic collapse of 2009, twenty years before. And he is also very accurate about the present instabilities and dangers. We are living in a period that make the cold war look like a safe and silly game.   

Lt. Col Tom Bearden speaking about his research many years later.

Like all technology Scalar Wave Technology has great power for good and great power for evil.

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