Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Fraud - The Greater Meaning.

Romney and Rove making voting in Ohio very convenient for early voters. Only one early voting place allowed per county and waiting time for some, on SUNDAY 11/4/2012, was four hour plus, most of it standing in the cold. Isn't that convenient and doesn't it feed into the common fear the left has of right-wing voter suppression? 

Most anyone reading this will be very familiar with all the stories on FOX and right-wing radio about massive voter fraud, voter abuse, suppressing the vote, etc, by the LEFT.  After months of Boycotting lame stream media, and yes that includes FOX and the right wing radio talking heads, three weeks ago I started watching about two hours of CNN and MSNBC every day. I discovered there were as many stories in the Left media about the Right stealing the election as in the Right-wing media about the L
eft!  This was surprising to me. And each side states that the fear of the other side is "paranoia" or "propaganda." In other words each side sees only the other side a dishonest, freedom threatening and dangerous.  

One story they showed in detail with plenty of visuals of people standing in lines blocks long waiting to vote early on yesterday, Sunday 11/4/12 in Ohio is truly shameful and Romney/Rove caused. I saw the head of the Ohio Republican Party, in a relaxed and non-pressured interview on CNN admit this. The Democrats filed suit, to simply restore the previous practice prior to Romney and Rove coercing the state Republican establish to change it. We saw this sort of thing repeated many times in the primaries where the Romney/Rove machine caused individual states to change laws at the last minute, even changing the qualifications for candidates and write-in votes and the deadlines for filing, etc.  

I had to ask myself, (1) Has our society become so corrupt, so absent honest people that honest elections are no longer possible?
Call me Pollyanna, but I don't believe that.

(2) What if "1" is the Saul Alinsky lie and the dueling stories, even actual events of voter suppression and abuse are for another unstated purpose?
Call me paranoid if you wish, but I believe this to be the case.

It became very obvious to me that the Elite are setting us up for something akin to civil war, or more accurately: systematic fundamental structural change. They have been increasingly rubbing the "broken system" in our faces, as they plunged us into massive generation debt slavery.

No matter which hand-picked establishment candidate wins, whether it is Obama or Romney, the credibility of the process has been destroyed so that the losing side will NEVER except the result as legitimate. It will leave the country nearly ungovernable. It is one more layer of angst placed upon the American common psyche, another "proof" that nothing is working and it is "the system's fault." We are helpless, someone has to save us, so the pretense goes.

In point of fact the systematic fundamental structural change has already happen and we are living under a dictatorship of the ruling elites. Liberty has been lost and the normal legislative and judicial processes of our former Republic are no longer FREE to function.  They function on a daily basis in local, state and federal government, but each at crucial times is overridden by something holding the real power, as we saw with the G.M. Bailout as "bankruptcy law" was created out of thin air, or rather by "executive order"; laws that were created contrary to Constitutional Principle and all previous body of contract law of our history, where the investors were robbed of their rightful investments, where privately owned business (dealerships) were legally destroyed, etc.

If you doubt this state of tyranny in America I invite you to read the one paragraph of this link and disprove a single FACT stated in it. I would LOVE to be wrong about this. Please prove me wrong. 

Tyranny in America - For Dummies:

What is so sad is that we continually play into the elite's hands by refusing to think critically. It is a fact that a great portion of what troubles the people on the LEFT, troubles the people on the RIGHT as well. Each clinging to cores ideology, they are pressed by fear into polarization and manipulated to their mutual enslavement. 

I'm am not saying that clinging to core principles is wrong. But if we cannot come to understand our "mutual ground" our "mutual enemy" outside our core differences, our country is doomed to whatever the elite have planned for us, which is already crushing debt slavery that amounts to forty-eight thousand dollars ($48,000.00) per breathing soul in America, from the infant born last hour to the bed-ridden geriatric patient. That reflects just the national debt of 16 Trillion dollars.  IF we add the cost of unfunded mandates, it means that the debt load for those same individuals would amount to over One and One half MILLION dollars per person ($1,500,000.00). 

Both Right and Left know this is unsustainable.
The Left are willing to accept the debt and massive socialism and poverty the result.

The Right is willing to accept the debt and what?
The economy cannot be grown fast enough to handle the debt. It will be handled by hyper-inflation, the destruction of the value of currency. For my great grand children, if they survive the upheaval a cup of coffee will cost 50 bucks, if the NeoCon Right gets its way. The debt problem will be solved by those on the Right by destroying the life savings of the Baby Boom generation, thrusting an elderly generation into abysmal poverty. These are the only two scenarios that are possible. And both scenarios are happening at the same time. We have just taken on massive new socialism and plunged ourselves into massive new debt, which HAS TO trigger hyper inflation. This is all "the establishment" has for us.

But THE PEOPLE have a third choice:
The fact is we don't have to pay the robbers.
The Right and the LEFT could agree on the Iceland Model, abolishing the national debt and returning the power of our government to the people.  We have that choice.

What Can 20 BILLION DOLLARS Purchase?
 A comparison between the cost of Hurricane Sandy and the money blown on Iraq, Bush Bailout, Obama Stimulus, Q.E.1, 2, and 3, (14.7 Trillion Dollars, {$14,700,000,000,000.00 } or in billions of dollars, 14,700 Billion or in millions of dollars, 14,700,000 million dollars.


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