Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Foundation of Happiness

When St. Brendan one of St. Ida's students and later fellow worker ask her "What are the three things which most please and displease God. St. Ida answered, "A pure heart with faith in God. A simple spiritual life. Generous acts of charity." Then she added the three most offensive to God, "A mouth full of hate, A heart of resentment, the worship of material things."

Celtic Orthodox Christianity held the Keys of the Kingdom, with the most simplicity yet profound wisdom. It is little wonder that the Scholastic Philosophers and Franco Latin Warlords of Europe feared Her, and systematically over centuries set about to destroy her. Why? Because, it is only in the inexplicable simplicity of all things that true wisdom is discovered. You see, the most complex of everything, is but a multiplicity - a redundancy actually, of The One simple thing - "the power of God to hold and lead, his eye to watch, his might to stay, his ear to hearken to our need. The wisdom of our God to teach, his hand to guide, his shield to ward; the Word of God to give us speech, his heavenly host to be our guard":  the power of God's immanence manifesting all things, coursing existence into being nano-second by nano-second, never absent from a single fraction of it all.

In that river of Love is LIFE, outside that river of Love is death, and that river is Love, Life and Liberty; outside it is hatred, death and slavery.  Honest it is that simple.  

I would love an hour, maybe just half an hour with the power brokers of our country and the New World Order, to expound the wisdom of these statements.  They would dismiss me as a fool, or if they took me seriously would have me killed. If they did not succeed with one plan or the other then Islam would be mortally wounded, and so would American Greed: license parading as liberty, insanity parading as enlightenment, greed and acquisition parading as the pursuit of happiness.

The old English source word Hell, means becoming isolated in hatred and delusion, wall in with ones own delusions.   

O Lord, see the walled in hell America is creating for herself and the world.
O Lord, see the walled in hell Political Islam is creating for herself and the world.
O Lord, see the walled in hell Marxism/Socialism is creating for herself and the world.
O Lord, see the walled in hell world Institutional Christianity, false religions and cults are creating for themselves, sinking in a sea of slavery, and apostasy.
O Lord, see the walled in hell the Darwinist fantasy of Naturalism is creating for herself and the world.
O Lord, see hell here on earth, here in this century, here in these past two centuries, which created mountains of human bodies stacked upon these foolish philosophies of men and now millions of men, women and children, displace roaming like beasts with no home or help, ignored by the United Nations and the world, while they instead concentrate their efforts, redoubled circling like vultures to destroy Israel and complete Hitler's feeble efforts. 

O Lord, deliver us from Hell.
O Lord, deliver us from Hell.
O Lord, deliver us from Hell.

I pray in the name of the Father, the giver of all good gifts; and in the name of the Son, our redeemer and sacrifice; and in the name of the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life, without whom no man may see YOU, in all things now, or in the hereafter - Amen. 

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