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Natural Law Requires and Natural Law Giver.

Good governance is not strictly Christian though the Christian example - America's first 200 years is the clearest example of wise governance and the first Western culture to recognize the inviolable state of Human Rights, flowing from Human Dignity granted by Nature's Law and Nature's Creator and Law-Giver. Even the ancient high Pagan traditions understood this; this isn't strictly and uniquely Christian, it includes all people of good will, but make no mistake it culminated and is seen most clearly in the Christian Tradition, in Christ's Church and the lives, practices and teachings of her Saint, Theologians and Ordinary practitioners of "The Way."


Confucius the Icon of Confucianism said, "What is ordained in heaven is called the essential nature of man. The following of this essential nature is called the natural law. And the cultivation and refinement of natural law is called culture." Would that post-modern, post-human Secular Humanists held even the wisdom of the ancient pagan, Confucius. 

Lao Tsu a contemporary of Confucius and the Icon of Taoism painted a picture of the devolution of society, in the example of the moral devolution of men. He said:

"A man of the highest virtue does not keep to virtue and that is why he has virtue.
(that is, he acts unconscious of virtue - naturally choosing what is good and life engendering at any moment)

"A man of lowest virtue never strays from virtue and that is why he is without virtue.
(He just described the Utopian seekers, ignoring the "gift of humanity" and acting on abstract principles obtained and created in human pride.)
"The former never acts yet leaves nothing undone. The latter acts but there are things left undone.

"A man of highest benevolence acts, but from no ulterior motive. A man of the highest rectitude acts, but from ulterior motives.

(The words above had a huge impact upon me. This is the opposite of the sickness of religion or slavery to philosophy.  It is the willingness to live, and the acceptance of every day AS IT IS. People look at me shocked when I tell them that I don't care anything about my personal salvation. What? They exclaim! Shouldn't our goal be our personal salvation? Shouldn't our goal be to become a saint!?
Maybe - I don't care.  Nor do I care if someone views me as a genius or a fool, a saint or purely evil, all this is meaningless.  What I care is if in each moment I act from the reality of who I am, never
 acting - that is pretending for the benefit of anyone.)

"A man most conversant in the rites acts, but when no one responds rolls up his sleeves and resorts to persuasion by force.
Hence, when The Way was lost there was virtue;
 when virtue was lost there was benevolence;
When benevolence was lost there was rectitude;
when rectitude was lost there were the rites.
The rites are wearing thin of loyalty and good faith and the beginning of disorder."

Could Lao Tsu have imagined this time, when the religious resort to bombs and mass killings, suicide bombs and all the rest, following a narrow ritual of five prayers a day and follow the low righteousness of a serial murderer, pedophile and mad man-Mohammed?

Or could he have imagined the 20th century, where more people were martyred for their religion, by religionists than had been "martyred" in every previous century since his own life?  (I include the "atheist/secular humanists/communists/darwinian-naturalists" all as "religionists." They all have certainly "rolled up their sleeves and resorted to conversion by force, ethnic cleansing and ideological genocide.) 

Knowing the history of Human Dignity and the failure of governments to properly protect the unalienable rights of ordinary people, that is, we who are gifted with human dignity, Saint Robert Bellarmine, taking some ideas from Saint Thomas Aquinas and expanding upon them, actually created our form of Government, the Representative Republic with three branches, balance of powers and checks and balances, etc - (1) Executive (2) Legislative (3) Judicial. He did this, centuries before our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written.  Of course, the 'executive branch' was envisioned by Saint Bellarmine as a monarch with limited powers. The founding fathers were familiar and gave George Washington the opportunity to be "King."  Did you know that? Washington thought better of it and declined. By the way, this Saint Bellarmine is the same fellow maligned in history by the Secular Humanists in the Galileo heresy affair. The Secular Humanists always slander him.

All said - From Confucius & Lao Tsu, to Isaiah, and other Old Testament writers who developed the dignity of the individual, to Greek philosophers, to the early, middle and late Church fathers -  This is our rich heritage and each generation has to LEARN IT, so that they may claim it anew and preserve and protect this precious GIFT.

What is the lazy alternative?

If, on the other hand, you agree to be governed without the principles of inviolable objective natural law (derived from the natural law giver) and rather accept in any given era, by relativistic morality and situational ethics, what may be mutually agreed by the majority or the elite, according to the convenience of pragmatism and utilitarianism, don't be surprised when you, yourself, are endangered, having become inconvenient and of little use, like in the womb, or sick, or disabled, or old or one holding a troubling contrary opinion.

In such a society, Russia/Ukraine in the Communist Soviet Union era, millions of Ukrainian middle-class landowners, actually the "bread basket of Russia" became "inconvenient" for the soviet state.  Millions of the landowners were starved to death, or lead off to death camps to be executed by the cold. Tens of million of the peasants working on their lands were starved to death, in what has become known as the Great Holodomor. Two decades later the Soviet Union could not feed itself, and America actually had to loan them money so they could purchase grain from American Mid-Western Farmers.

Americans believe this sort of thing cannot happen to them, but the ground work is already set for something similar to happen here and soon.  We see the propaganda at work: Anyone who does not accept the "new morality" and the "new government system, collectivism, internationalism and Sharia compliance" is viewed as evil and a potential terrorist.  So, Christians are evil if they hold their faith inviolate. We are viewed as "irrational, dangerous and violent" if we hold the knowledge contained in the first three paragraphs of this article.  You see, each generation has to fight for their Liberty anew; it is not handed to us on a platter for free.  And if we fail to press our unalienable rights in the public square, next comes the slaughter. This is what history teaches. In this there is no middle ground. We are not talking about right vs left, Conservative vs Liberal, NeoCon vs Marxist, but Liberty vs Slavery. In this, as I say, there is no middle ground, no area of compromise. 

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