Monday, December 3, 2012

Anger, Grief and Outrage - Eugenics - Genocide - Sex

I challenge every person of faith, and even persons of simple goodwill, those who care about our culture and generations next to say a prayer and view this documentary about the evil work of Dr Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, Bloomington.

A friend shared this documentary today and of course recognizing the name and knowing that Dr Kinsey was the pioneer sex researcher I initially thought this documentary would be about sex. But h
aving viewed the 3 hour documentary beginning to end, all I can say is, there are times that if you are not stirred to anger in your core, against Satan and all his twisted minions, you are lost and have no concept of life and death, health and sickness, liberty and slavery.

Halfway into this documentary I realized that Kinsey's work wasn't about sex at all; it was about destruction and death. The first victims of this "liberation" died en masse in the great A.I.D.S. epidemic, and generations other are doomed to live sickly lives and most likely premature deaths being H.I.V. carriers. Then there are those who have ended in suicide having destroyed in themselves the simple love of living, through the destruction of every fence against that choice. Then there are the rape victims, those lost in human trafficking, and generations rob of the joy of innocent childhood.

Kinsey claimed for his research the status of "science" merely a pragmatic, utilitarian view of the sexual attributes of the human beast, and approached the subject as if everything is being explored in the open and renegotiated according to reasonable hypothesis and conclusions; the point being to liberate the beast from the burden of the centuries of sexual repression created by our evil Judeo/Christian heritage.

However, this debauchery isn't about sex, as Blessed John Paul II said, it is "a war of the powerful against the weak" "a conspiracy against life."  What is the opposite of cherishing LIFE and protecting innocent life? This is the opposite, the very work of Dr Kinsey is opposite; it is about genocide, it is about eugenics and the destruction of the vulnerable classes. At this point in time that is any person not a member of the ruling elite. It must have given the elite class great pleasure to see the destruction of the family, the harm to children from broken homes, the massive increase in children raised by the government and of course the 60 million who didn't get to breath their first breath. 

When I write about "movable morality" being deadly, it is not hyperbole, I am speaking of death in its literal meaning - the destruction and demise of human beings.   "Some theorists go so far as to say that issues pertaining to the ultimate value and importance of human life should not even be discussed, that the state has no business taking such considerations into account, and that citizens should not attempt to impose a particular view of justice unless it is based on what Kent Greenawalt calls 'shared forms of reasoning.' In other words, there is no objective right and wrong, good and evil - only what we agree at a given time to call right and wrong." -
Cardinal Dolan.

his video can stand as a monumental example of what Greenawalt's words mean, (and he knows it - that is the point) the common denominator of what men may agree as right and wrong, can be quite deadly. Our society lionizes Kinsey and hails the seeds he planted in the 1940s for the sexual revolution of the 1960s, and his institute has spent hundreds of millions over the years in federal money and private "foundation" monies. Of course we support it - literally with tax dollars, just like we support all the other Frankensteinian weirdness of abortion, infanticide, eugenics, the misuse of artificial reproductive technologies, euthanasia, immoral D.N.A. manipulations and even now the creation of various forms of chimeras.

As long as we are not exposing and condemning The Culture of Death, which Secular Humanism/Darwinian Naturalism has created in Western Civilization, we are participating in it, with our silence. If we are silent we participate by consent and by silence at the very least.  And all too many of us have participated to a much greater degree, by partaking. Who of us of the 60s generation can say not?

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