Tuesday, December 4, 2012

True Freedom: Protecting Human Dignity and Religious Freedom

By Cardinal Timothy M Dolan

Heavily influenced by Blessed John Paul II's Pro-life Encyclica "Vitae Evangelium" (The Gospel of Life) this is an awesome book, written in the summer of 2012, I think in reaction to the Obama Administration's heavy handed dealings with the Roman Catholic Church.  Frankly there is nothing in this book that I have not written myself in my own words many times over the last two decades.

If you want to understand the source and strength of Human Dignity and Human Liberty, and thoroughly understand of what Human Dignity and Liberty consists, and why these are our unalienable, inviolable rights this is a must read.

I hope that many Protestants will take the time to read this little book. The core flame of the Gospel message is still very alive in Dolan's message and his words are succinct, thoughts cogent as he develops the message we have to take to ourselves if we plan to have any influence in this present Culture of Death. He literally creates a dialectic of LIFE, that is capable of blunting and ultimately replacing the present dialectic of Death.

If you as a Christian witness to secular humanist unbelievers, and "liberal Christians" or are one who states the truth about the death cult that is Islam, this book is armor and ammo for the engagement.   - Archpriest Symeon Elias.

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