Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Sad Case of Orthodox Christian Dhimmi

Arabs Christians who have convinced themselves that they are Palestinian and Christian and own especial knowledge concerning Jews are a pitiable lot.......  Here are the words of one attacking me because I dare point out his perpetual Dhimmi status - his from BIRTH Dhimmi status. 

Amir Khoury speaking.  " - Fake? listen you hick. My people have been in Palestine for over 2000 years. My family traces it's Christian roots to the first century A.D you face red neck bible thumping christians are zionist thugs, brain washed by a moder day nationalistic racist and atheist ideology called zionism, invented by theodore herzel an atheist from Vienna Austria. Learn some history you crazy old man. Call me fake, call me what ever you want. I oppose Islam, as I do Christian like you and Judaism. Arab and Palestinian Christians are the real christians, the living stoned, Greek orthodox, Antiochan orthodox, melkites, Syrian orthodox, Armenian orthodox."

<smile> I actually believe that last line - a typo I am sure - - "living stoned" is close to the truth. Actually, they are close to the living experience of being literally stoned with rock, or beheaded by their Muslim Masters.  - for surely these Arab Christians who hold their Antisemitism as a point of righteous enlightenment, expose there hearts.

Kory you are a DHIMMI.  You have never breathed a breath of Christian Liberty in your LIFE.

 Here was Amir Khoury's reaction:
"Amir Khoury You are a joke and a rabid shabos goy. Take your head out of your ass old man. I was born and raised in the u.s.a old man. I am an atheist. You are an evangelical Christian, a true orthodox christian would not support Zionism and Israeli apartheid. I don't give two shits about Islam. Talk about Islam all you want it has no meaning to me. You are a senile, creepy, and brain washed bum. Theres no need in debating one can't reason with a wacked out fundamentalist christian. Your annoying and too far gone."

What does this say about Amir Khoury?  Is his ranting attached to truth or hate filled. Because I have seen my sixth decade or maybe seventh or maybe eight, does that make my assessment of his Dhimmi mentality wrong? 

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