Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A History Lesson: Please Take Time to Read and THEN listen to the video.

My favorite senator and family friend, Senator Herman Talmadge, explains in two short speeches July 29 and August the 1st 1975, the destruction of subsidiarity which was the design of the U.S. Constitution, the very opposite of the centralization of power, Soviet Style, which we have seen from the Socialist Roosevelt Administration, through the Coup d 'etat of November 1963, to the Emergency Powers State, which began in 1977 and continues to this day.

Subsidiarity is the premise that what can and should be done by families, should be left to families, and what can and should be done by communities, should be left to the communities; likewise with villages, towns, cities, counties, states. According to the rules of Subsidiarity, as Codified in the Constitution, only that which needs to be done, but cannot be accomplished by these lower structures should be done by a centralized national power.

Senator Talmadge speaks of the complete loss of Subsidiarity, and his office being covered up with requests from local people seeking answers to problems that are "local" most times "individual" the CITIZENS turned into Plebs. He clearly perceived the symptoms, articulating them well and if you listen closely he says some frightening things, like as a senator knowing there was "nothing he could do about it" and "being powerless." In other words, already some other power than the visible government had taken CONTROL.

He was battling the agenda of the DEEP STATE, which had begun collecting power prior to World War One and was completely in control and unchallenged since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Unless one understands the Soviet Style Centralization of power in the U.S., by the DEEP STATE, one cannot understand the New Civil War that is just beginning. When you see the Cultural Marxists in the streets as we have for the last two weeks, and the assassinations of police, that is not "anarchy" as the DEEP STATE's media claims, but rather the "domestic force" of the DEEP STATE, trying to use RAW POLITICAL POWER, to counter the TRUMP MOVEMENT's REVOLUTION which happened at the ballot box, where contrary to all prediction WE BEAT THE CHEAT and took control of the visible "Shallow" Government. This is HUGE, but this is not VICTORY. This win has only given us a "platform" whereupon we may battle the DEEP STATE.

I offer Senator Talmadge's lament, that is what it is a lament, lamenting the complete loss of Constitutional Governance, as he ticks off the symptoms, but is Clueless of the Disease, unable to grasp that the Marxists of the Roosevelt Socialist State, together with the Globalists of Wall Street, had already formed the DEEP STATE with the Dulles Crime Family, together with the Bush Crime Family, who formed the CIA, and the Huxley Crime Family, and the Rockefeller Crime Family, who formed the United Nations, in league with the Rothschild Crime Family, who together with the Rockefellers controlled the Federal Reserve and all international banking - This DEEP STATE control mechanism by 1975 when the Senator was lamenting, had already taken control of at least ninety-percent of the media, the CIA owning outright a great portions of it and the rest controlling through the various Crime Families.

Herman Talmadge was a good man, and as this video shows spoke honestly about the symptoms, the loss of the Republic, that some of you have YET to grasp has happened. He says, "In this, they have completely altered our form of government" speaking of the Soviet Style Centralization of Power in Washington D.C.

When we in the freedom and liberty movement talk about "The Restoration of the Republic" we are not using colorful language but speaking in literal terms.

BTW, the Free Enterprise System Herman describes in the last two minutes of the video has been destroyed by International Corporate Monopolies, like Walmart, the substitution of Crony Capitalism for Free Enterprise, only possible in a Globalist system. 


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