Wednesday, November 9, 2016

No Time For Foolish Victory Mythology

First time I've written these words about Sundance, at Conservative Tree House, but it is true. In this, he is being naive. 

Yes, this election is a seminal shift. However, Sundance counting out certain centers of policial power saying, "The entire political era of Romney, Bush and Clinton are kaput" is beyond naive, it is factual lunacy. 

(1) Romney is just the puppet, the public face of the huge Criminal Mormon Corporate Cartel, linked at the hip with the Shadow Government, "mafia" the CIA and it remains intact, and the creation of the next Mormon Puppet is easy.

(2) Surely the amputation of the Clinton Crime family from the Globalist establishment, which it had to sacrifice to save itself, is a huge blow to their present progress but means NOTHING to their base of POWER, and merely means they will be using other means to project their power.

(3) The Bush Crime family is "kaput" as a political entity, but NOT finished as a center of Criminal Luciferian Globalist Power. They are not valuable as public puppets, but they are tied incestuously to the ROOTS of the Globalist Power Structure. All of these entities will be alternately trying to figure out how to benefit from Trump's actions, stymie and retard his actions, and ultimately how to derail his presidency and ruin him. It will be a 24/7 vicious Psy-Opt program in the media that THEY, the deep Shadow, Corporate/Government OWN.

I understand the exuberance at this victory, but it is MERELY the first beachhead, just like D-Day, it was a bloody scramble onto the beach and now we have to battle our way up the hill, so that when we get there we can conduct the WAR. We have to remain prayerful and engaged in the battle. IF we take our guard down or fail to storm the battlefield with sufficient FORCE, we will lose, and the coming tyranny will be seven times worse.

Cliff Notes . . . Post Election Night Thoughts

(Archpriest Symeon Elias - The Orthodox Philosopher)
My life in Christ: "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." - Charles Peguy (Provincial Letter)
Some call me brash, some call me bellicose and a fool. Those experiencing healing call me friend. A grandson called me a "contrarian" - I like that.

"Christ as the light of the world, as light on the world, makes the believer see things differently, even contrarily." George H Niederauer - RC Archbishop of San Francisco, 2007)

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