Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ass Clowns on Fox More Deadly than Vipers

FOX and FRIENDS - the REAL crew is just as much, Ass-Clowns as these people.

I watched fifteen minutes of Fox and Friends this morning to discover the BIG headline that "Anarchy Comes to America." Some Soros organized scripted, financed demonstrations are not ANARCHY, coming to America, they are merely some Soros funded and organized events. READ IT AGAIN.

Every single statement in that fifteen minutes was a lie or based upon a lie. The anti-Nationalist, anti-America FIRST, Pro-Globalist - Pro-Cultural Marxist Psychological Agenda continues and STUPID PEOPLE are still lapping it up. Even some Pro-Trump people who had claimed to be awake, who had gotten away from the CIAmerican Media, realizing the game they were playing against Trump have returned to it, like dogs to their own vomit, and are lapping the Globalist/Cultural Marxist Psy-Ops up, and allowing them to tell them what to think and how to feel.

Are you so ignorant that you do not understand the concept of reverse psychology? Whether your emotions are heightened because you believe what the CIAmerican Media is spinning, or your emotions are heightened because you disagree wth what they are spinning, in both instances means you are in THEIR Mind Control, THEY are framing the Dialectic and YOU are cooperating and letting them. This is the mechanism of the Hegelian Dialectic. This is what it is. They give you a FAKE problem - in this instance Soros Produced Events, and Call it ANARCHY IN AMERICA, as if the wheels of our society are coming off and everything is about to implode, unless, We and Donald Trump "modify our positions" and kowtow to their demands. You are all busy engaged in countering that demand, You are being MIND CONTROLLED. It is time you learn to dismiss the FAKE and Contrived and NOT respond to it.

They walked you around with a ring in your stupid noses for almost a year, over ONE SINGLE self-defense case, Zimmerman/Travon Martin. They have given you hundreds of other "shiny objects" to divert your attention from the ONE THINK NEEDFUL, the return the Liberty, the acquisition of TRUTH, and the restoration of personal CHARACTER, capable of perceiving, speaking and acting on TRUTH.

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