Tuesday, November 15, 2016

National Emergency U.S. vs National Emergency France

Our prayers remain with the People of France, who have had to endure not just the actual Jihadi attacks, but the police-state circumstances of the last year, that show no signs of changing, de facto martial law probably from now on that is as much to blame for the dissemination of the French Tourist Trade, as the actual threat of terror. The sight of soldiers and police with AKs strapped to their chest is not a tourist draw and has reduced Paris to the atmosphere of Baghdad.

I find it almost laughable (were it not so sad, and did not expose such brainwashed ignorance) that Americans and others in Europe have been critical of France's "State of National Emergency" realizing that it is de facto martial law.   Yet, the same people here in America, where we live under 30 plus open "Declarations of Nation Emergency," where we live in a perpetual "State of National Emergency" cannot connect the dots, and realize that is de facto martial law. 

When you try to explain it to them many will mock you, call you a conspiracy theorist and nutjob. This reflects the depth of their Media and School Brainwashing, what is clear and easy to see in France, is a total blank to them in the U.S. They will say things like, "That's not possible in a Constitutional Republic" when the Constitutional Republic has been superseded by the National Emergency State for 39 years . . . THIRTY NINE YEARS, as of yesterday. Yes, for 39 years, we have lived under de facto, martial law.


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