Sunday, November 6, 2016

EVENT HORIZON - honestly we are there.

When I first ran into Rex Christi, he was doing the Rex and Tex show, or Tex and Rex show, fuming away about the travesty that was the FAKE 2012 election. Tex lost heart I think - Chris Shipler joined Rex. Chris had much to learn but was a fast learner. Yet, even Chris Shipler lost heart 19 months ago and I Throttled Him. He hasn't been able to speak to me since. But he learned his lesson as tonight's episode proves.

I approached them almost four years ago with all the information they shared on this episode - which is a historic episode. Of course, what I knew was partly by investigation mostly by experience, and partly spiritual discernment. As we talked over these last four years many times one or the other has said to me (about various subjects) "We really cannot go down that rabbit hole without losing our audience." And they were RIGHT. The circumstance did not exist to break the hypnotic hold, but hypnotic walls are CRUMBLING now.

Well, tonight, Sunday, November 6th, 2016, they dove DEEPLY down the largest rabbit hole and exposed the underbelly of the Globalist Oligarchs. It is a lesson YOU need to hear. I said to Rex Christi:

"Rex, without the horrible struggle with evil, causing the exposure of it, were you to have played the clip last year, you played in the last half of the second hour, and your comments before it, everyone would have labelled you an insane and superstitious man, and all credibility would have been destroyed. Hard as this is to understand, the horrors of this past week, these revelations of the sick Satanist Psyches of the Clinton Cartel, it is a GREAT VICTORY."

I jokingly call Rex and Trog (Chris) my trained monkeys, because I have taught them much. But all real relationships are symbiotic, and their dogged contemporary research (and they are BOTH dogged researchers) has helped me give contemporary context to my writing that without them would be mostly philosophical and theological, AND political, but NOT connected to the irony of the Psy-Opts meme of the day, which they have provided and I have taken advantage. I have benefited from their work, and they have benefited from mine. And after years, and 700 hours of broadcast time, it produced this episode they rightly name "EVENT HORIZON." This show is important enough that I am tagging my family and saying, "Please download, listen on your various devices, because regardless of the outcome of the election on Tuesday, this information is VITAL for your survival.

Event Horizon

"Saint Michael and the Celestial Choir of Dominations, may it please God, to grant us the Grace, to have dominion over our senses and to correct our depraved passions."

How many of you know that this prayer of the Roman Catholic Church is for the purpose of the following statement of Jesus Christ, "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." What earth did you expect to inherit but the earth that is YOU? Instead of accepting your inheritance, and having dominion over the "earth you possess" you have rented it and leased it to a thousand passions, and have lost control of it.

The above paragraphs describe the slavery of the Gay Agenda, and the slavery of a thousand other depraved passions. The fact is, IF you are making your arguments from the basis of enslaved passions, you are INSANE and do not control even the 100 plus pounds of earth that is YOU.

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