Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PC-ism the Festering Sore

Donald Trump's campaign exposed the Lying, Psy-Opts Media. Donald Trump's Election ripped the scab off of the festering sore known a Political Correctness, (Cultural Marxism). It exposed the Demonic Spiritualty of the "light and life people" who were, OH SO SENSITIVE, now ready to MURDER YOU, or at least scream murderous curses at you, and beat you, and yes they have killed several people. This new round of unprovoked attacks on police is certainly part of it.

To Grasp the concept of what is REAL vs what is FALSE, or as I outlined using the Dutch words, FIET vs COUNTERFEIT in a recent "Letters From the Gulag" Post, is not easy for some. And in this paradigm of what is Real vs what is FALSE, is the concept of Real Love vs False Love - the latter often APPEARS sweeter than the first, certainly, more APPARENTLY tolerant than the former, though grossly less "giving." However, rip the scab off the Demonic Light and Life Deception and it is hate-filled violence underneath, an abiding malice that seeks ONLY to destroy humans. This is the uncomfortable reality of all that is counterfeit, it is DEATH in disguise.

When the P.C. police try to guilt trip you into supporting the Jihadi Trojan Horse migrants or any other un-vetted and illegal immigrants into the U.S. remember this:

In one sentence - "WE DO NOT ACCEPT the bastardization of the idea of God's 'unconditional love' as explicated by the Godless, Secular Humanists/Cultural Marxists/Politically Correct/Multi-Culturalists, or the Homosexual Lobby, or the Feminist Lobby, or from the mouths of Civilization Jihadis, rather we are instructed to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove." And if additional explanation is required, "Christ admonished his followers to be attentive to the protection of the innocent. One does not have to endanger family, community, and country, and submit to Islamic aggression to both protect the innocent here and help the Refugees, there."

We have a duty to REJECT, to utterly REJECT, those who bastardize the Gospel. Islam invokes the name of Jesus and teaches pure historical fantasy about him. We have the DUTY, to account those who believe such mythology as to us, accursed, that is utterly REJECTED.

I wrote the following a year ago, and we have seen it played out before our eyes in the last weeks and months.

It took the IGNORANCE of the so-called Enlightenment Movement, to create a culture that embraced the concept of "niceness" as a virtue. The entire Cultural Marxist verbal ideology, you know as Political Correctness, is based on the perversion of "niceness."

nice (adj.)
late 13c., "foolish, stupid, senseless," from Old French nice (12c.) "careless, clumsy; weak; poor, needy; simple, stupid, silly, foolish," from Latin nescius "ignorant, unaware," literally "not-knowing," from ne- "not" (see un-) + stem of scire "to know".

Acting wisely, prudently, and intelligently is the very opposite of being "nice." Niceness is capable of tolerating hell and calling it good, it is capable of tolerating and ingesting shite and calling it gourmet fare. It will accept ANY EVIL, that masquerades as "peaceful." WAKE UP!

False Love vs Divine Love.

Nothing is more misunderstood and misused for heresy, apostasy, and carnage, than the “Gospel of Love” truncated into humanism, thus becoming a killing mechanism. The Cultural Marxists have become experts at (1) harnessing the killing power of this love, actually creating Genocide based on it, 1.7 Billion abortions worldwide, just since 1990, not to mention the ethnic cleansings, purposeful starvations, artificial droughts, soft and hard genocides and constant war. And (2) Beating us up for rejecting their "humane" "tolerant" LOVE.

If this is not the Tribulation what could be? More people were slaughtered in the 20th century than ALL the last twenty centuries combined. More Christian martyrs in the 20th than all previous years of the Church’s history combined and the trend has since increased.

These Cultural Marxists condemn anyone as “unloving” and “hate-filled” who rejects this false paradigm of their culture of death. We see this same killing mechanism making claim on the “Gospel of Love” in the humanistic philosophy of Pacifism, where insanity rules, where neither God’s wisdom nor Christ’s life is present, where to hobble us, to take us out of the battle, only the righteous, only those holding real and proper love are called to be passive. We have witnessed this lie in the preaching of Jihadis to Christians, reminding Christians that they are supposed to submit, since martyrdom is "our" crown, and we must love and forgive to be good Christians – meaning surrender to barbarism, degradation, and persecution, leave your children defenseless to slavers and rapists. We see the same use of this false “Gospel of Love” in the Gay propaganda and agenda, where exposing our children to Sodom, as education, is just GREAT, and parades in the public square in the U.S. is “loving” and not CHILD ABUSE, but Vladimir Putin’s laws against Gay Propaganda in the public square, and to the nation's youth in Russia is hate filled.

Saint Maria of Paris talked about two types of love. It is instructive:

In this world, there are two kinds of love: one that takes and one that gives. This is common to all types of love — not only love for man. One can love a friend, one’s family, children, scholarship, art, the motherland, one’s own ideas, oneself — and even God — from either of these two points of view. Even those forms of love, which by common consent are the highest, can exhibit this dual character.”

What? Doesn’t the magic word LOVE explain it all? Doesn’t the modern form paralyze good people from acting for the good, in fear they may be seen as “unloving.”

“Take, for example, maternal love. A mother can often forget herself, sacrifice herself for her children. Yet this does not as yet warrant recognition as Christian love for her children. One needs to ask the question: what is it that she loves in them? She may love her own reflection, her second youth, an expansion of her own “I” into other “I”s which become separated from the rest of the world as “we.” She may love in them her own flesh that she sees in them, the traits of her own character, the reflections of her own tastes, the continuation of her family. Then it becomes unclear where is the fundamental difference between an egotistical love of self and a seemingly sacrificial love of one’s children, between “I” and “we.” All this amounts to a passionate love of one’s own, which blinds one’s vision, forcing one to ignore the rest of the world — what is not one’s own.

“Such a mother will imagine that the merit of her own child is not comparable with the merit of other children, that his mishaps and illnesses are more severe than those of others, and, finally, that at times the well-being and success of other children can be sacrificed for the sake of the well-being and success of her own. She will think that the whole world (herself included) is called to serve her child, to feed him, quench his thirst, train him, make smooth all paths before him, deflect all obstacles and all rivals. This is a kind of passion-filled maternal love. Only that maternal love is truly Christian which sees in the child a true image of God, which is inherent not only in him but in all people, but given to her in trust, as her responsibility, as something she must develop and strengthen in him in preparation for the unavoidable life of sacrifice along the Christian path, for that cross-bearing challenge which faces every Christian. Only such a mother loves her child with truly Christian love. With this kind of love she will be more aware of other children’s misfortunes, she will be more attentive toward them when they are neglected. As the result of the presence of Christian love in her heart, her relationship with the rest of humanity will be a relationship in Christ. This is, of course, a very poignant example.”

As a prison chaplain, I have seen the extreme examples of selfish maternal love, the broken men, and women, locked in perpetual adolescent emotional and mental development, some still battling and manipulating their parent even from prison. Some of them were enormously talented and skilled, yet, even into their thirties and forties, still not an autonomous adult, every action is done for effect on the other. Murderers, rapists, robbers and thieves, dangerous, deadly yet still momma’s boy. And I witnessed the other side, the mothers of monsters, telling me how precious their boy was, how, misunderstood he was. A very public example was Jeffery Dahmer’s mother, who stated on “60 Minutes” that Jeffery was a “good boy and misunderstood and that people had failed to help him because he was different” after he had killed seventeen boys and young men and eaten parts of them. Speaking of a poignant example, if you have the stomach for it, click this link, and see the reality of his homosexual fetishism and cannibalism.

Warning very, very graphic images. (You will have to cut and paste address to your browser - the site is too graphic for BlogSpot to allow - linked).


Selfish Love can create monsters.

I have no doubt that Jeffery’s mother, genuinely loved him, in a selfish maternal way that destroyed him. You know from reason that her view was a psychosis, a mental sickness, an emotional, rational and spiritual blindness.

Please excuse me for the rawness of this lesson but I want to put a sharper edge on Mother Maria’s words when she says the following:

“There can be no doubt but that love for anything that exists is divided into these two types. One may passionately love one’s motherland, working to make sure that it develops gloriously and victoriously, overcoming and destroying all its enemies. Or one can love it in a Christian manner, working to see that the face of Christ’s truth is revealed more and more clearly within it. One can passionately love knowledge and art, seeking to express oneself, to flaunt oneself in them. Or one can love them while remaining conscious of one’s service through them, of one’s responsibility for the exercise of God’s gifts in these spheres.”

I love composing music. For me, most of my music is like a prayer and some of it is just fun. A great bit of it was composed in empty churches, or in empty symphony halls, as I tested work I had done on wonderful grand pianos.

I understand to my gut, what she is saying about loving art and music, not as a narcissistic expression of ego, but an exercise of God’s gifts. The greatest pleasure when I released my first original compositions was the large box of “fan mail” it produced over the next two years, where people wrote and told me truly marvelous stories of healing, mostly healing of the emotions, of the soul that they experienced in the peace of the music. My oil paintings hang on the walls of our home, not because I am a “show off” but because they are beautiful and my sisters-in-law love them; I think more than my wife does, though she has some favorite pieces.

I have a beautiful Icon of Saint John Maximovitch, which I painted, not drew, not using the proper stylized form of the Iconographers, but still it was done prayerfully. I treasure it, not because it was a product of my “ego” but because it is beautiful and an especial link to that precious saint.

The reason I am sharing this, is to point out that The Way is not sterile, it is not just against things, it is not some ZEN spirituality of negations, zooming out of consciousness into twilight sleep, or meditation. The Way is REAL. It has hard work, play, art and music and poetry and literature and all the good expressions of the full range of natural human emotions. While we as spiritual warriors train in the knowledge of the cunning evil one, (to be wise as the serpent) we are also called upon to seek what is beautiful. Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” When we love those around us, these are the things we want to share, an economy in the joy of living.

False love, mere selfish emotional love, for ourselves, or anything else, can harm us, can even kill us, or makes us monsters. If you doubt it, go back up to the Dahmer link and see what selfish love can produce for yourself.

We have seen the display of the selfish “love of the motherland” give carte blanc to the psychopathic, genocidal plans of the eugenicist Julian Huxley first Director of the United Nation Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (read for yourself here (http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0006/000681/068197eo.pdf) and the New World Order of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They do not have love for the motherland, but they have used blind love for the motherland held by the majority of Americans to create chaos in the world, that rivals the work of other Utopian Madmen of history. Herman Goering explained how you tap into this enormous power for destruction.

“Naturally the common people don’t want war, neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. It is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in every country.”

Christendom – all people claiming the name Christian – have been grossly naïve in this regard, failing to follow Jesus’ instructions to be “wise as serpents” - that’s hard to do, when your religion is based on selfish sweet self-centeredness. To dare go down the viper’s pit and examine the methods of the evil one disturbs one’s Sweet Centered Peace. Don’t dare mention what is NOT nice! Remember Saint Maria’s words for the purpose of walking The Way, that is to GET REAL, “The Church tells those who are at peace and asleep: ‘Go to church, because there you will feel real anguish for your sins, for your perdition, for the world’s sins and perdition. There you will feel an unappeasable hunger for Christ’s truth.” Upon the way the Holy Spirit walks with us, guides us, emboldens us, for PURPOSE, to comfort us IN the battle, not to remove us from the battle. Jesus said, Matthew 10:34 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” And Matthew 10:36 “And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.” And Luke 12:49 “I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?”

Goering paints the picture as the only resisters to war being “pacifists.” He does not take into account Christian people who believe in “Just War.” The trick has been to convince the Christian people that wars purposely created by the Luciferians, the Globalist Utopians, have been just wars, when in fact all wars fought by the U.S. in the last century, have been wars of conquest and aggression with the possible exception of World War Two. The rest have been grand deceptions, able to fool Christian populations by the means just as Goering suggested, by False Flags, the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor (which was a set-up), the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and 9/11. This is a very simplistic overview, because the incidents of these false flags go back in history past Nero’s burning of Rome, because he wanted property cleared for a new palace, and knew he could blame the Christian for his crimes.

I am painting a more stark, and graphic picture of the “Two Loves” than Mother Maria painted, removing them from the weak language of “psychology” to the very real ramifications in human suffering. Selfish love, un-regenerated love is deadly and can be used by Satan as a powerful tool of deception. I don’t know how many murderers I have held their hands and prayed with, who had tears streaming down their faces, still feeling deep love for the woman they murdered. Women they loved with such selfish passion, that if they could not have her, no one else could. Some wept not out of guilt for their horrible act of murder, but because they still truly missed her and as horrible as the grief was, missing her, having murdered her, there selfishness still made that less painful than the thought of suffering her absence while her living life with someone else mocked him.

Real Life, Real Love:

Those who picture The Way in Zen-like spiritual terms, merely as the path to create, "personal spiritual growth" fail to grasp it at all. It is the ROAD of BATTLE, the battlefield as it were challenging everything that is false, false in us, and in the world. There is no evil that is not false when measured by the Icon of Christ in the heart, the love that is not egotistical, but rather ego-all, taking pleasure in the victories, accomplishments, skills, talents, healing and growth of others. Grieving with their hurts and losses equally.

I wrote in the 1970s this line, “Lord, am I egoless in the morning, ego-all at noon, egotistical in the evening when ego-all should bloom?” As an old man now, I hope I take pleasure, as if it were me, in every good accomplishment by everyone I love, and pleasure in the good fortune of friends and relatives, and strangers. This is what real love demands.

“One can also love the idea of one’s own life simply because it is one’s own — and enviously and jealously set it over against all other ideas. Or one can see in it too a gift granted to one by God for the service of his eternal truth during the time of one’s path on earth. One can love life itself both passionately and sacrificially. One can even relate to death in two different ways. And one can direct two kinds of love toward God. One of these will look on him as the heavenly protector of “my” or “our” earthly passions and desires. Another kind of love, however, will humbly and sacrificially offer one’s tiny human soul into his hands. And apart from their name — love — and apart from their outward appearance, these two forms of love will have nothing in common.” – Saint Maria

Indeed they do not have anything in common, because one love is of the fallen creation, part of the world that is winding down, that has been compromised to sin, that has and is producing death, that has to be regenerated and created anew, and the other is regenerated and redeemed, fired at its core not from the selfishness of the Id, but the broken and bleeding heart Jesus created to connect us INDEED (in DEED) to the God whose essence is love. There is no static and passive way, or “spiritual” as in removed from ACTIONS way to experience this, IT HAS TO BE LIVED. It has to be WORKED, as Saint Paul said, “with fear and trembling” in the view of the awesome fearful God, who has the power to allow us to wither and cease to be, or hold us closely and eternally. We have to choose moment by moment.

Saint Maria asks, “(is) an asceticism which puts one’s own soul at the center of everything, which looks for its salvation, fencing it off from the world, and within its own narrow limits . . . spiritual self-centeredness and a fear of dissipating, (remember me speaking of Martha as fearing silence, because she battled with the constant fear of simply disappearing?) of wasting one’s energies, even though it be through love? — this is not Christian asceticism.”

Now we know why it is impossible to BE a solitary Christian, to damn the world and seek our salvation. It cannot work. We are talking about real love here. No Christian “anchorite” (hermit) ever manages a solitary hermitage, at least not for long, because the moment he reached near crystal clear witness of Jesus Christ people would beat a path to his cave, or cell, and knock down the doors. And even those not yet fully prepared did not dare turn the seekers away, but instead always ready to risk their own soul for the healing of others. Stepping out in healing love, is not just the possible sacrifice of the body. We all have clear images of that, but when we start attacking evil, or as Lao Tsu said, “When one is called to chop wood for the master, one has to be careful not to damage ones own hands.” We put our soul at risk out of love.

(μείζονα ταύτης ἀγάπην οὐδεὶς ἔχει, ἵνα τις τὴν ψυχὴν αὐτοῦ θῇ ὑπὲρ τῶν φίλων αὐτοῦ.) Ask any Greek scholar, it says SOUL (psyche) not Life, which has far greater significance than merely a hero’s sacrificial death. John 15:13 – KJV - Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life SOUL for his friends. Are you willing to risk “soul damage” for the good of another? Are you willing to sacrifice your Sweet Centered Peace? and your spiritual feelings? Are you willing to face without mask every evil? Are you willing to risk reputation damage? Are you willing to risk appearing and maybe actually being the fool for someone else’s good? Wasn’t Saint Paul expressing this love when he wrote, Romans 9:3 “For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh:”

In the Cultural Marxist assault on America’s “Christian Culture” they coined the word, “do-gooder” which parodied all Christian societies of charity. The people of those societies, in literature and movies, were always sexually repressed, uptight, Victorian moralists, full of judgment, who always acted out of their self-righteous superiority complex, masking their own weakness, moral depravity, and hypocrisy, in sugar coated meaningless acts of charity. The cartoonist, Al Capp, of Eastern European Jewish heritage, invented a little creature he called a Shmoo. Shmoos wanted more than anything just to sacrifice their lives for someone. If you showed interest in a Shmoo, if you just looked at it the wrong way, it would immediately start preparing itself to be your dinner. This was a subtle mockery of the Eucharist, Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, and every Christian who wishes to serve others. “Shmoos are delicious to eat, and are eager to be eaten. If a human looks at one hungrily, it will happily immolate itself — either by jumping into a frying pan, after which they taste like chicken, or into a broiling pan, after which they taste like steak. When roasted they taste like pork, and when baked they taste like catfish. Raw, they taste like oysters on the half-shell.” When Capp introduced the little Shmoo characters, he had Lil’ Abner an Appalachian Hillbilly fall into the valley of Shmoos. There, against the frantic protestations of a naked, heavily bearded old man who shepherds the shmoos, Abner befriends the strange and charming creatures. "Shmoos," the old man warns, "is the greatest menace to hoomanity th' world has evah known!"

"Thass becuz they is so bad, huh?" asks Li'l Abner.

"No, stupid", answers the man — and then encapsulates one of life's profound paradoxes: "It's because they's so good!!"

Do you think it is Jesus’ evilness that still to this day has people wishing to crucify him? Do you think it is because Christians are bad that Ted Turner would stand before the 1995 U.N. Human Rights Conference in Beijing, China and announce that Christianity was “the single greatest threat to world peace”?

Gaining this love, the willingness to do what is right regardless of appearance or consequences to yourself, that is to always do what LOVE demands, without regard to how it makes you look, will not make you popular. And if you DO righteousness and DO love and DO pure religion, undefiled before God, (that is serving the least of the least, risking your soul for the depraved as well as the innocent) don’t think the end will make you a hero. If you truly enter this path, you will give up the care for your image and reputation.

“Christianity should ascend the Cross on behalf of the world. It should incarnate Christ himself in the world. Even if this Cross, eternally raised again and again on high, be foolishness for our new Greeks and a stumbling block for our new Jews, for us it will still be “the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:24).” Saint Maria of Paris.

Note: Christian love and Christian sacrifice is not mindless Shmooism. We don't wish to sacrifice for the sake of sacrificing. Neither do we want to sacrifice for "merit" for the selfish benefit of the sacrifice itself. (what meaning if you give all you have and your body to be burned) and so surely we do not want to do it for "merit." We are willing to use all of our powers, talents, and abilities, breaths and heartbeats of our living, up to and including the sacrifice of our souls AND our bodies, to reveal to the WORLD, TRUTH, who is a Person. Truth that is LIFE. TRUTH that is The Way. Why because True LOVE and True LIFE cannot be separated. I stated it in that first equation, "Christianity is the LIFESTYLE created by gaining a relationship with a Person and with many people." But it isn't just any person, but TRUTH, LIFE, and LOVE, without which there is only bondage, illusion, delusion and death.

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