Tuesday, November 22, 2016

General Flynn and Islam - the Young Turks are NOT Happy!

If you are too stupid to know that the "Young Turks" (Cenk Uygur) are Civilization, Marxist/Jihadis . . . You see there is no conflict between Marxists and Islamists, they have the same goals and use the same methods, that of subversion, brainwashing, and violence . . . so if you are too stupid to know that, I can't help you. I say this because hundreds of "Libertarians" have cursed me claiming that the "Young Turks" are about "Liberty." Yes, they were HUGE Ron Paul fans, when Ron Paul was being financed by the Muslim Brotherhood. (Bet you did not know that, did you?)

But knowing they are "Civilization Jihadis," you can judge the reality of Donald Trump, by his National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn - and we can know Flynn, not just by his own clear words, but by the Jihadis' reaction to his words.

BTW, someone contact the Young Turk (Cenk Uygur) and ask him about "Christian Sharia Law" - like 

what is it? 
where is it written?
how did it come to be? 

what does it say about non-believers? 
what does it say about apostates?

Now Muslim Sharia, is derived from the Koran, the Sura and the Hadiths, it is codified in a book called, "The Way of the Traveller" (also printed in English), I've read it through twice. I know there is no Christian corollary, AND Cenk Uyger, the Muslim Civilization Jihadi knows full well there is no Christian corollary. Yet there he is saying it. "I don't want Muslim Sharia, but I don't want Christian Sharia either." AND SOME OF YOU STUPID PEOPLE TAKE THIS LYING IDIOCY, LITERALLY.

Cenk's little whore side-kick claims that anti-abortion laws are "Christian Sharia."  No, sweetheart. Anti-Abortion laws, honor the promise of the American Declaration of Independence, which states that ALL men are created equal, and endowed by our Creator with certain INALIENABLE Rights, among which (not limited to) are LIFE, Liberty and Property.  Anti-Abortion is RIGHT TO LIFE.  Each human being, conceived with a unique human DNA, not a match to another human in all of history, has the RIGHT TO LIFE.  Compare this "protection of life" with the death cults that are Marxism and Islam.




This is hard-hitting "stuff." It is about the Satanic ties of the Clintons and Gang. It was published two days before the election and shows why the investigations of the Clinton Crime family and their cohorts have to continue. Let me give you a hint, we are potentially on the verge of proving that the DEEP STATE and Luciferianism are ONE. WE have KNOWN IT for some time, but we are on the verge of DOCUMENTING IT. That being so, every effort will be used to bury this story, but we will not allow that to happen. This same Luciferian Cult has been exposed in Canada, Great Britain, and Australia, and this is just the mist on top of the swamp.



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