Friday, November 25, 2016

Donald Trump vs the Globalists

This Macedonian Author, Krum Velkov, has been reading my blog. He is the first writer to articulate exactly what I have been telling you for 8 years on my blogs and Facebook, as the events have unfolded.

The next few days, (not even the next few weeks, but mere days) is going to tell us which Donald Trump we elected.
(1) He faces powerful foes, he may or may not conquer, and
(2) he may or may not be the bold America First-Anti Globalist, whose image he built during the election.

I'm hoping against hope he is that America First-Anti Globalist. But this analysis is as CLEAR and Dispassionate as you will ever read. It gives a clear picture of what we are about to see played out before our eyes. And yeah if you have been reading my writing the language will sound VERY, in fact unusually, familiar. Hell, maybe Krum and I are Russian propagandists? The fact is we are a world apart and seeing the same reality. - Archpriest Symeon Elias.

Krum Velkov

Krum Velkov is professional freelancing journalist, analyst, author; in 2002-2003 founder and Editor-of-chief of the Manifest magazine, the first known regular geopolitical and antiglobalistic publication in Macedonia; before, journalist and editor in different papers, performing a constant struggle against unipolarity; his work is a foundation for later development of the antiglobalistic and multipolar tendencies in Macedonia.

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